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  • Easily create digital group cards for all occasions.
  • Unlimited messages and no message size limit.
  • Personalise with GIFs, photos, videos and fonts. Collect for a gift too.

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Sample message image for message from Brian

Hey Sarah, now I get that window seat 😂 Ok, ok I will miss you too, haha. All the very best, you'll be amazing 😁


Sample message image for message from Harry K.

Good luck Sarah, take care! You will be missed a lot. You'll also be a star. Adios xxxx

Harry K.

Sample message image for message from Mishal

Enjoy your travels and new job Sarah, here's a beautiful place. I hope you see many more like it. All the best 👋


Sample message image for message from Jimmy P.

My favourite coffee bud! What am I gonna do without you 😢! All the very best at the new place, take care!

Jimmy P.

How Thankbox Group Cards Work

Create step image


Quickly create & personalise your online group card. Select a background style and add an icon. Add a collection for a gift in one click.

Share step image


Send invites to everyone, everywhere to add messages. Share a unique link or email directly from your Thankbox dashboard. It’s slick and quick.

Send step image


Send your group card immediately or schedule for a specific date and time. If you had a collection - the recipient gets to choose a digital gift card.

Bringing joy to thousands of organisations, including

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 Definitely the most slick and stylish way to do a card & collection. Not only that, but the recipient gets to choose their own gift. Brilliant!  

— Davina

Perfect for these occasions

Example Leaving cards image

Craft the ultimate farewell with a Thankbox leaving card and gift collection. Say goodbye in style and leave lasting memories!

Leaving cards
Example Birthday cards image

Celebrate any age milestone with a personalized birthday card from Thankbox. Add a gift card for an extra special touch!

Birthday cards
Example Congratulations cards image

Send unlimited congrats with Thankbox. Perfect for celebrating every achievement, big or small!

Congratulations cards

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What makes Thankbox online group cards special?

Celebration emoji

Everyone’s invited & included

Thankbox group ecards are 100% inclusive. With unlimited invites, messages and message size, anyone, anywhere in the world can contribute.

Stack of cards for different occasions emoji

Group cards for every occasion

Thankboxes can be used for any occasion, with the most popular being group birthday cards, group leaving cards, and a whole host of other joyous events.

Love letter emoji

It’s fun and personal

Every Thankbox is unique. Change backgrounds, icons, fonts. Messages feature GIFs, images, videos & unlimited characters. The recipient will love their personalised card.

Gift with heart emoji

A gift collection is standard

Collecting money for a group gift is a standard option. Mark any occasion with a truly personal gift - with a digital gift card library of hundreds there’s something special for anyone.

Medal emoji

Save time, money & hassle

It takes seconds to create a Thankbox. Instantly invite contributors via a link or directly from your dashboard. Save a huge amount of time compared to passing around a paper card.

Hand with tree planted emoji

It's the sustainable choice

Thankboxes are environmentally friendly. There’s no plastic, no paper, no waste, no CO2 produced. We also plant a tree for every 10 Thankboxes sold.

Feature-rich group card for any occasion

Try before you buy. Setup your group card in one minute and start collecting messages & contributions immediately. You can split the cost with everyone and pay from the collection pot. We think it's fair to share.

For more info, visit our pricing page.

You can get started for FREE and only pay when you're ready to send.

Classic Thankbox $5.99

A group card and gift made easy. Fast. Simple. Personal.

  • Unlimited messages
  • Add photos & GIFs
  • Scheduled sending
  • Collection pot included
  • No account required
Image of a recipient claiming their Thankbox gift, showing the diffent options they can choose.

Give a gift that’s personal

A Thankbox takes personalisation to the next level. Instantly open an online collection for a group gift. Even pay for your Thankbox from the collection. That’s what we call fair.

Digital gift cards

With a catalogue of hundreds of stores anyone, anywhere on the planet can choose a digital gift card they'll love.

Send flowers

UK customers can add a beautiful bouquet directly to their order and schedule to arrive at the same time as the Thankbox.

Digital gift cards

With a catalogue of hundreds of stores anyone, anywhere on the planet can choose a digital gift card they'll love.

Send flowers

UK customers can add a beautiful bouquet directly to their order and schedule to arrive at the same time as the Thankbox.

Send group greeting cards the modern way.

Create a Thankbox in seconds, include everyone, and make someone's day a little brighter.

Create a Thankbox

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide more answers on our support page, so check that too if you can't find what you are looking for here.

Are there any limits to the number of people who can add a message?

No! A Thankbox is a digital group card so there are no restrictions on how many people can contribute messages or money to a gift collection.

Plus each message can be as long or as short as any contributor wants. No limit to character or personality.

Can I upload my own video and photo?

Absolutely. The more personal and relevant the more sunshine spread around. Add videos to messages with a Premium Thankbox. Organisers can also add a custom background image and icon.

How easy is it to customise and manage my Thankbox virtual group card?

Thankbox is designed for you. It’s personal, efficient and meant to be fun.

Making changes, upgrading and managing your group card is super easy - right up to the point of sending.

From your dashboard as the organiser you can:
  • Customise your Thankbox - backgrounds, titles, icons. Upgrading to Premium allows more customisation.  Video in messages; raised gift collection ceiling; handcrafted backgrounds and a host of user uploaded customisations.
  • Change the Thankbox send date.
  • Decide who sees the collected amount.
  • Create reminders. To either set up a Thankbox and for specific annual events.
  • See what all those fab messages look like as the recipient.
  • Copy and share the Thankbox sharing link.

Contributors to a Thankbox virtual group card card can:
  • Edit their message
  • Change any GIF, photo or video
  • Change their choice of font
  • Add to collection contributions

And throughout the life of a Thankbox everyone is kept informed of progress all along.

What are the advantages of an online group card compared to a traditional paper one?

Traditional cards are great on a one-to-one level. Anything more than that and they run into big limitations. 

When a group - work team, friendship group, extended family, social clubs, church, voluntary group - wants to share best wishes, congratulations or any personal message a Thankbox is the best option.

Online, or virtual, cards are:

  • Inclusive - everyone, anywhere in the world can add a message. An internet connection is all that's required. With nobody excluded, the  card is so much more meaningful and valued.
  • Efficient - click, create, share, customise, send. It takes seconds to invite people to add messages and contribute to the collection. A virtual card saves a huge amount of time and hassle.
  • Unrestricted. No limit on contributions - there is no limit to the number of contributors or the length of their messages. No cramming tiny writing into what’s left of the space in a card. The Sir David Attenborough birthday public Thankbox is a great example. Thousands of people signed and shared their love and appreciation.
  • Fun. A Thankbox features photos, GIFs and videos, different fonts and emojis. There is no restriction on anyone’s creativity. All guaranteed to make anyone feel brighter.
  • Flexible. Messages can be edited, and collection pot contributions added to right up to the last second before sending.
  • Forever. The unique Thankbox link is always live. An option to download as a PDF is available.
  • Great value. One payment opens up a world of possibilities and creativity for online group cards. No sending fees, no extra costs. And with a Thankbox a collection pot comes as standard so no added organisation or duplication of effort. 
  • Share the cost. A Thankbox can be paid for from the gift collection amount if one is enabled. Fair to share.
  • Environmentally friendly.  A Thankbox is good for the planet. No emissions. 100% renewable electricity. No offices, no delivery or commute miles. No paper means no wasted energy, water, or chemical disposal. We also plant a tree for every 10 Thankboxes sold 🌲.

Only a Thankbox allows everyone, anywhere in the world to send personal messages, add to a collection and all without limits.
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