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Photo of Valentin Hinov Valentin Hinov 17 June 2024

From Start to Finish: How to Implement a Successful Succession Plan

If you’re a Succession fan, you know what happens when a successful company loses its CEO. Without a clear succession plan, the business falls into chaos. As unpleasant as that sounds, it’s a wake-up call about how succession planning secures business continuity and stability. Let’s change that.

How to Write a Convincing Employee Recommendation Letter: Our Complete Guide

Woman shaking hands with man

You need to write a letter of recommendation, and you can already feel your stress levels rising. It’s your first time writing one, so you’re wondering if you’re up to the task. Not to worry–with the right approach, you can craft a recommendation letter that says everything you want and more!

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We Share 10 Skills Every HR Manager Should Have in Their Toolbox

Woman sitting on a table and filling out papers

So, you’ve taken on the mantle of an HR manager? Congratulations! You’re now the go-to person for everything from hiring to resolving office drama. This job requires flexibility, wisdom, and patience. Ready to become a leader who can handle any situation with a smile? Read on to learn how…

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Here’s How to Create Employee Development Plans That Inspire & Drive Success

Photo of Tsvetelina Hinova Tsvetelina Hinova 06 June 2024
People standing near glass windows

The success of your business hangs on your employees. If they don’t have the right skills, thriving in today’s competitive landscape can be impossible. Even with innovative tech and ample resources, you still need a talented and motivated team. Here’s where employee development plans come into play.

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Thankbox Celebrates its 4th Birthday by raising £5,114 for Mental Health UK

Photo of Valentin Hinov Valentin Hinov 05 June 2024
Thankbox x Mental Health UK

Whether you've donated to our cause or not, we are proud to share our accomplishments through our partnership with Mental Health UK. Come along to learn all about the positive impact we aim to make in people's mental health journey.

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Take Your Work Performance to the Next Level with These 11 Tips

Smiling woman wearing grey suit

Whether you’re vying for a promotion, working to impress your boss, or just trying to improve your workday, we all have something to benefit from stepping up. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a workaholic to get there. Here are 11 simple tips you can use to instantly boost your work performance.

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We Share 8 Great Management Styles to Transform Your Team

Man standing beside his team in the office

Managing a team is no small feat. It requires a careful balance of guiding, inspiring, and occasionally nudging people positively. Your chosen management style can significantly impact your team’s morale and efficiency. Fortunately, you can find the perfect approach to lead your team to success!

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Our Guide to Managing Up: What Is It & How To Get The Results You Want

Photo of Valentin Hinov Valentin Hinov 27 May 2024
Smiling women sitting at a table

How do you provide value to your managers without overstepping the line? Well, managing up effectively is the key to becoming a successful employee and stepping up in your career. This article is a must-read for anyone wanting to expand their influence at work.

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We Explore 10 Best Practices for Developing a Winning HR Strategy

Multiethnic colleagues talking in the office

You know you need a successful HR strategy, but it can be tricky to know where to start. Crafting an HR strategy early can be the key to hiring talent at scale. Don’t miss out on our best practices and a great HR strategy sample to get you started!

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Working in a Silo? Here’s How To Overcome It

Stressed woman working alone in the office

Teams that collaborate well are undoubtedly more productive and connected than those that don’t. If you find various individuals within your company are isolated from one another, that’s probably bad news. Join us as we explore how teams can improve their collaboration to avoid working in silos.

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