Let Thankbox chase others to sign the card for you

Let’s get rid of the “I never knew there was a card” excuse. Use Thankbox to send email invites to everyone. Set a closing date and anyone who hasn’t added a message will get an automatic nudge.

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Thankbox was easy to use & straightforward with quick steps. I chose a design, put in my message then added the team’s email addresses in order for them to contribute. All I needed to do was schedule the card for the recipient. Sorted!

Chris - Logistics Expert

How Thankbox automatic invites work

Setup your Thankbox in a minute and enter your recipient details. Then pop open the invite option and enter the emails of everyone you want to add a message.

We’ll send them an invite and keep you up to date with who’s contributed.

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You can do much more with Thankbox

Thankbox is an all-inclusive appreciation platform for all of your card & gifting needs.

 Makes sharing celebrations a whole lot easier.  

— Jess

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Make organising cards at work a breeze with Thankbox

The days of chasing others round the office to sign a card are over. Thankbox helps you focus on what each card is supposed to be - a thoughtful gesture of appreciation - not an annoying chore.

Automate your next card with Thankbox

Take the hassle out of organising cards with Thankbox. Create a beautiful card & gift collection and let us worry about getting everyone to contribute.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide more answers on our support page, so check that too if you can't find what you are looking for here.

Are there any limits to the number of people who can add a message?

No! A Thankbox is a digital group card so there are no restrictions on how many people can contribute messages or money to a gift collection.

Plus each message can be as long or as short as any contributor wants. No limit to character or personality.

Can I see who has added a message to the card?

Yes, you get a notification every time a new message is added. If you’ve used our invite system you can always stay up to date with who has contributed and who is yet to add a message.

Can new messages be added after the Thankbox has been sent?

Yes, unless if you’ve locked the Thankbox, new messages can continue to be added for up to 30 days after it’s been sent.

Are there other ways to invite people to contribute to a Thankbox?

When you create your Thankbox we’ll email you instructions which contain a link to the card. You can send it to your team in your own internal chat. 

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