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Collect money online for a group gift

  • Create a stylish card with an integrated gift collection.
  • Collect money and messages from everyone at the same time.
  • Recipients choose a digital gift card from hundreds available worldwide.

Get started in 1 minute. Pay only when ready to send.

Sample message image for message from Brian

Hey Sarah, now I get that window seat 😂 Ok, ok I will miss you too, haha. All the very best, you'll be amazing 😁


Sample message image for message from Harry K.

Good luck Sarah, take care! You will be missed a lot. You'll also be a star. Adios xxxx

Harry K.

Sample message image for message from Mishal

Enjoy your travels and new job Sarah, here's a beautiful place. I hope you see many more like it. All the best 👋


Sample message image for message from Jimmy P.

My favourite coffee bud! What am I gonna do without you 😢! All the very best at the new place, take care!

Jimmy P.

How Gift Collections Work

Create step image


Create your Thankbox group greeting card in seconds. Decide whether you want a collection for a gift included.

Share step image


Invite everyone to add messages to your Thankbox and contribute to the pot. They do both at the same time - simple, swift and hassle-free.

Send step image


Send your card and gift collection to the lucky recipient. They can exchange their collected funds for a digital gift card.

Used for collections in thousands of organisations, including

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 So easy to set up and send the link to everyone  

— Emma

Perfect for these occasions

Example Leaving card & gift image

Craft the ultimate farewell with a Thankbox leaving card and gift collection. Say goodbye in style and leave lasting memories!

Leaving card & gift
Example Birthday card & gift image

Celebrate their birthday with a group card & gift collection all in one. Easy for you, unforgettable for them!

Birthday card & gift
Example Congrats card & gift image

Send the ultimate congrats card and gift with Thankbox. Perfect for celebrating every achievement, big or small!

Congrats card & gift

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The simplest way to organise a group gift

Piggy bank emoji

Hassle free group gifting

Gift collections make it easier for people anywhere to contribute money and add their messages by sharing one link.

Money emoji

Collect money online, from all over the world

Anyone, anywhere can contribute to the collection pot with a debit/credit card, in GBP, USD or EUR.

Letterbox emoji

You choose when to send

Your group card & gift collection can be sent whenever you’re ready or scheduled for a specific date & time.

Finger snap emoji

Pay from the collection pot

It’s fair to share, right? You can pay for your Thankbox from the collected contributions in the money pot. That’s fair for everyone.

Person receiving a gift emoji

More choice for recipients

The lucky recipient can choose to redeem the gift collection for a digital gift voucher. We have hundreds available, including VISA gift cards and Mastercard gift cards.

Medal emoji

Add a one-time contribution

Want to give money to the recipient, but don't want to ask others to chip in? No problem! We allow one-time contributions from whoever is setting up the Thankbox.

Your mighty group card and collection all in one

Try before you buy. Setup your gift collection in one minute and start collecting contributions immediately. You can split the cost with everyone and pay from the collection pot. We think it's fair to share.

For more info, visit our pricing page.

Get started for FREE and only pay when you're ready to send.

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Gifting made easy. Fast. Simple. Personal.

  • Easily collect contributions from everyone
  • Unlimited messages with GIFs & photos
  • Scheduled sending
  • Hundreds of gift options
  • No account required
Image of a recipient claiming their Thankbox gift, showing the diffent options they can choose.

The perfect gift for everyone, everywhere

When you collect money for a gift with Thankbox you include everyone, wherever they are on the planet.

Everyone can contribute money and messages, and the recipient can redeem for a digital gift card. With over 1,000 retail partners worldwide in our catalogue, we have the whole world covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide more answers on our support page, so check that too if you can't find what you are looking for here.

My team is international - can they all contribute cash to the Thankbox?

Yes! You only have to set the currency you want the collection in. 

For example - if your recipient lives in the UK, you can select the currency to be GBP. Then your international team members can add their contributions in GBP using their own debit/credit cards, no matter what currency those cards are in.

The recipient also has the option of converting their collected amount to any of the 3 major currencies we support: USD, GBP or EUR.

If you are collecting for someone outside of the UK, EU or USA then it's best to set your currency as USD. That will allow the recipient to convert the amount to their local options (if available) or claim it as a prepaid USD Visa debit card.

What is the limit of a Thankbox gift collection?

You can collect a  maximum of £400/$400/€400 in a Classic Thankbox.
Upgrade to a Premium Thankbox and the ceiling rises to £1,000/$1,000/€1,000.

For either, a single Thankbox message cannot contribute more than £300/$300/€300 to a Thankbox. 

If you need to collect more than that amount (lucky recipient!) then you can create another Thankbox to handle the extra contributions.

Can I pay for my Thankbox from the collection pot?

100% you can!

It's a great way to split the cost of sending the Thankbox between all the contributors. Just pick the Pay from your gift collection balance option when checking out.

Check out our support page for more info.

What gift card choices does the recipient have?

There are hundreds of redemption options. We work with the world’s leading gift card provider so there is plenty of choice for everyone, wherever they are in the world. Recipients can choose to redeem for:
  • A gift card to a retailer of their choice. Amazon, Walmart, Nike, John Lewis gift cards plus over 1,000 other shops are available.
  • A prepaid virtual or physical Mastercard (available for EUR and GBP collections).
  • A prepaid international virtual Visa card with no currency fees. Used anywhere in the world that accepts Visa.

How easy is it to customise and manage my Thankbox?

Thankbox is designed from a customer viewpoint. So making changes, upgrading and managing your virtual card is super easy - anytime right up to the point of sending. 

From your dashboard as the organiser you can:
  • Customise your Thankbox - backgrounds, titles, icons. Upgrading to Premium allows more customisation.  Video in messages; raised gift collection ceiling; handcrafted backgrounds and a host of user uploaded customisations.
  • Change the Thankbox send date.
  • Decide who sees the collected amount.
  • Create reminders. To either set up a Thankbox and for specific annual events.
  • See what all those fab messages look like as the recipient.
  • Copy and share the Thankbox sharing link.

Because it’s digital, contributors to a Thankbox card can
  • Change their message
  • Change any GIF, photo or video
  • Change their choice of font
  • Add to collection contributions

And throughout the life of a Thankbox everyone is kept informed of progress all along.

Are payment details handled safely?

Thankbox uses Stripe as our payment provider. They are the gold standard for internet payments, used by companies such as Airbnb, Lyft and Booking.com. They handle all of the payment details, including security. 

All collected digital gift card funds are stored in a dedicated secure bank account with restricted access.
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