Birthday reminders made easy

  • Use our reminder tool to stay on top of all upcoming birthdays.
  • Easily add birthday card reminders in advance - single or in bulk.
  • Automatically create cards and set up birthday gift collections.

How To Use Our Birthday Reminders

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Schedule reminders

Use our reminder tool to add everyone’s birthdays. Add many at once using our CSV upload function. Get an annual reminder for future years.

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Get reminded

You'll receive a birthday reminder notification a week before the event. Plenty of time to create your Thankbox so no rush or last minute panic!

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Create your card

Invite people to contribute to the birthday Thankbox. Send invites directly from the dashboard or share your unique link via email or messaging apps.

Celebrating birthdays in thousands of organisations, including

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 It couldn’t have been easier to use, and it was such a meaningful surprise. My wife was brought to tears reading her messages.  

— Matt

Thankbox is the ultimate birthday reminder app

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Easy to organise and manage

Creating a Thankbox is easy. Time-saving features eliminate hassle. Set reminders to create and never miss a birthday, send bulk email invites, and organise a gift in an instant.

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Keep track of everyone's birthday

The CSV upload feature is perfect for work teams, large families and friend groups. Simply fill in the spreadsheet with a list of birthday dates and names. We take care of the rest.

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Everyone can contribute

Our birthday ecards have unlimited invites, messages and message size. Anyone, anywhere in the world can contribute, and it only takes a minute.

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Completely personalised

Every Thankbox is unique. Change backgrounds, icons, fonts. Add GIFs, images, videos and unlimited characters for a truly personalised card.

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Remember the gift

It's simple to collect money for a gift. We have a huge collection of digital gift cards that the recipient can exchange their gift pot for.

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Save even more with packs

Save money by purchasing a Thankbox pack. Perfect for large teams and organisations. The larger the pack, the larger the savings.

The easiest way to celebrate a someone

Make someone feel special regardless of where you both are. Thankbox is perfect for any occasion - work or personal, big or small.

Image of a recipient claiming their Thankbox gift, showing the diffent options they can choose.

Give the gift that’s personal

Last minute, underwhelming presents are a thing of the past. With Thankbox, the recipient can redeem their funds for a digital gift card from our catalogue of hundreds worldwide.

Digital gift cards

A huge selection of online gift cards to choose from. Let them choose a gift they'll truly love.

Send flowers

Users in the UK can easily schedule a birthday bouquet to arrive at the same time as their Thankbox.

Digital gift cards

A huge selection of online gift cards to choose from. Let them choose a gift they'll truly love.

Send flowers

Users in the UK can easily schedule a birthday bouquet to arrive at the same time as their Thankbox.

Hassle-free birthday ecards and reminders.

Create your birthdy reminder in seconds and get notified in time to create a beautiful, personal card for the recipient. Include everyone and make it personal. You spread joy - let us do the heavy-lifting.

Create a Reminder

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide more answers on our support page, so check that too if you can't find what you are looking for here.

How far in advance will I be reminded about the upcoming birthday?

It's your choice. The default reminder comes a week before the date but you can also set it up for a month before or the day before. 

Are there any limits to the number of people who can add a birthday greeting?

No! A Thankbox is a digital, online card so there are no restrictions on how many messages there are or contributions to the gift collection.

Plus each message can be as long or as short as any contributor wants. No limit to character or personality.

Can I upload my own video and photo?

Absolutely. The more personal and relevant the more sunshine spread around. Add videos to messages with a Premium Thankbox. Organisers can also add a custom background image and icon.

How easy is it to customise and manage my Thankbox?

Thankbox is designed from a customer viewpoint. So making changes, upgrading and managing your virtual card is super easy - anytime right up to the point of sending. 

From your dashboard as the organiser you can:
  • Customise your Thankbox - backgrounds, titles, icons. Choose whether to show it as a board or a card. Upgrading to Premium allows more customisation.  Video in messages; raised gift collection ceiling; handcrafted backgrounds and a host of user uploaded customisations.
  • Change the Thankbox send date.
  • Decide who sees the collected amount.
  • Create reminders. To either set up a Thankbox and for specific annual events.
  • See what all those fab messages look like as the recipient.
  • Copy and share the Thankbox sharing link.

Because it’s digital, contributors to a Thankbox card can
  • Change their message
  • Change any GIF, photo or video
  • Change their choice of font
  • Add to collection contributions

And throughout the life of a Thankbox everyone is kept informed of progress all along.

Can I organise a collection for a birthday gift with a Thankbox?


Any Thankbox virtual birthday card has an optional collection included as standard. When you create the Thankbox click the Add a gift card collection button and you’re all set.

Everyone invited to leave a birthday message can chip in to the collection pot at the same time - saving everyone time and hassle.

Not all online group card services provide an integrated collection for a birthday gift. And online collection pot services don't include a group or virtual greeting card.
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