Icon representing Send a group leaving card online

Send a group leaving card online

Discreetly passing a paper card around the office for everyone to sign is a hassle. With Thankbox you can do it all online, wherever in the world you are.

Get started in 1 minute. Pay only when you're ready to send.

Group together to say farewell to a colleague in style.

Messages can include photos, GIFs and videos. Add a gift collection, too.

The happy recipient gets an e-card full of messages and choice of gift card or prepaid card.

How it works

It couldn't be simpler. Just create  share  send.

Get started in 1 minute. No need to register.

Create a Thankbox image

Set up your Thankbox - say who it’s from and who it’s for, decide a style, and select whether you want to collect for a gift card.

Sharing a Thankbox image

Share it with your group or team. Everyone adds their own messages, photos, videos or GIFs of choice. They can optionally add money to the gift card collection.

Sending a Thankbox image

Click 'send' and it'll wing its way to the lucky recipient's email inbox. Any collected funds can be claimed as a gift card for any one of 700+ retailers.


Get started with a feature rich classic Thankbox for just $5.99. Creating and adding messages to your Thankbox is free. You only need to pay once you’re ready to send or schedule.

Our sustainability pledge

We care deeply about the planet, and we want to do our bit to preserve it for future generations. The more people use us, the more we can do, so each month:

We plant a tree for every 10 Thankboxes sold, via Treepoints.
To date we've planted a woodland the size of 3 Trafalgar Squares in London!

Say goodbye with a unique group e-card

Postbox with hearts coming out of it

Wish your coworker farewell in style.

With more and more people now working from home, the old routine of discreetly passing a goodbye card around the office has become a little trickier. That’s where Thankbox comes in: a virtual goodbye card that you email around the virtual office. Your colleagues can add messages, images, videos, gifs and even cash to create a unique personalised group going away card.

A letter with a rose flying

A memorable gift, wherever they are

Once you’ve gathered all your messages and contributions, simply enter the email address of the lucky recipient and they’ll receive a delightful email featuring all the messages and images from their coworkers. If you’ve opted to collect funds, they’ll have the opportunity to redeem the funds in the form of a gift card from a huge range of popular retailers or a prepaid card.

The easier way to celebrate someone

Just because you’re not together doesn’t mean you can’t make someone feel special. Thankbox is perfect for any occasion where lots of lovely people want to celebrate one lucky person.

Try Thankbox now!

Try it now

Create your Thankbox in just a minute - no need to register. Pay only once you're ready to send it.