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Create an online memorial with messages from family, friends & coworkers - wherever they are in the world. Celebrate your memories together in a unique way.

Get started in 1 minute. Pay only when you're ready to send.

Get friends, family and colleagues together to share memories of a loved one.

Unlimited messages can include photos, videos, or GIFs.

Create a board full of fond memories for everyone to view forever.

Just create your Thankbox…

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Set up your Thankbox for free - say who it’s from and who it’s for, decide a style, and select whether you want to collect for a gift. Get started with a feature-rich Classic Thankbox for just $5.99. You only need to pay when you're happy to send.

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Image showing how to share a Thankbox with your group.

…share it with your group…

Image showing how to share a Thankbox with your group.

Share it with your group or team. Everyone adds their own messages, photos, videos or GIFs of choice. They can optionally add money to the gift collection.

…and send to your recipient!

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Click 'send' and it'll wing its way to the recipient's email inbox. Any collected funds can be claimed as a prepaid card or gift card for any one of 700+ retailers.

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Creating and adding messages to your Thankbox is free. A classic Thankbox costs just $5.99 to send or schedule.

The easier way to celebrate someone

Just because you’re not together doesn’t mean you can’t make someone feel special. Thankbox is perfect for any occasion where lots of lovely people want to celebrate one lucky person.

Our sustainability pledge

We care deeply about the planet, and we want to do our bit to preserve it for future generations. The more people use us, the more we can do, so each month:

We plant a tree for every 10 Thankboxes sold, via Treepoints.
To date we've planted a woodland the size of 3 Trafalgar Squares in London!

Celebrate a life and share memories with a Thankbox memorial board

Illustration of a bird character and many written messages.

Easy to create, easy to share

Honouring someone’s life is easy with a Thankbox. Create in seconds, invite anyone, anywhere to add messages and send. Simple. Unlimited messages and everyone included makes memories more cherished.

Illustration of a postbox with love hearts showering a person

Share memories in style

Memories of a loved one departed are personal. More so with custom backgrounds, fonts and icons. Recall precious moments with photos, videos and GIFs. When it’s 100% personal it's more valued.

An illustration of a red rose and envelope with a heart seal

A memorial to last forever

A Thankbox holds memories to treasure forever. Always just a click away, the warmth and comfort from personal messages, photos, and videos are forever. A permanent memorial of a life well-lived.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have more on our support page, so check that too if you can't find your answer here.

How do online memorial boards work?

An online memorial board is a wonderful way to share memories of a person and celebrate their life. It is also far easier and more inclusive than a traditional memory board. Everyone is invited to share a memory (or two or more) wherever they are in the world. All that’s needed is an internet connection.
Creating a Thankbox online, or virtual, memorial board is easy. Inviting everyone to leave messages is quick and contributions can be collected in a very short time. 

The following simple steps are all it takes for ultimate online memorial board:

  1. Create. Get started with one click.
  2. Add the honouree’s name and give the board a title e.g. “In memory of [name] - a great person who lived for others”.  Say who it’s from and decide to pay now or later. 
  3. Choose whether to include a collection for a gift at this point - you can also elect to pay for your Thankbox from the gift collection amount.
  4. Share. Email the unique Thankbox link to all those you want to contribute a memory. 
  5. Customise. While everyone is adding their message, as the organiser you can change the background, icon, or edit the details. 
  6. Send. When all messages are gathered, decide whether to send to a partner (or family member) or leave as a permanent memorial for all to view.
  7. Share. Everyone who has contributed will be informed when the memorial board is live and can share the unique board link with others.

That’s it. A few easy steps for everyone to honour someone special.

How easy is it to manage and customise my Thankbox online memorial board?

It’s extremely easy.

A Thankbox saves everyone a huge amount of time and hassle.  Managing, upgrading and editing a Thankbox memorial board is simple and swift - anytime right up to the point of sending. 

As the organiser you can:
  • Customise your Thankbox - backgrounds, titles, icons. Upgrading to Premium allows more customisation.  Video in messages; raised collection pot ceiling; handcrafted backgrounds and a host of user uploaded customisations.
  • Change the Thankbox send date.
  • If there is a collection pot decide who sees the amount collected.
  • Create reminders. To set up a Thankbox and add reminders for any relevant future dates..
  • See the memories shared by viewing what messages look like as the recipient.
  • Copy and share the Thankbox sharing link to all those you want to help remember the life of the person departed.

All contributors to a Thankbox can:
  • Change their message, add another even
  • Change any GIF, photo or video (if Premium)
  • Change their choice of font
  • Add to collection contributions

Plus, everyone is kept in the loop of progress all along and all get to rejoice in the celebration of life by viewing everyone’s memories on the board.

What are the advantages of an online memorial board?

A traditional paper card has limited value when celebrating someone’s life. It does let an intimate (and immediate) one-to-one message be shared at an ‘in memoriam’ event or church service. It is of very limited use when a group - family, friends, coworkers, community members, sports or hobby groups, the church - all want to collaborate on a permanent collection of personal memories.

An online, or virtual, memorial board is the perfect way to allow everyone to honour someone. It is:

  • Inclusive - everyone, anywhere in the world can add a message. An internet connection is all that's required. With nobody excluded, the memorial board is so much more meaningful and valued.
  • Efficient - click, create, share, customise, send. It takes seconds to invite people to add messages and contribute to the collection. Virtual memory boards save a huge amount of time and hassle.
  • Unrestricted - there is no limit to the number of contributors or the length of their messages. No cramming tiny writing into what’s left of the space in a card. The Sir David Attenborough birthday public Thankbox is a great example. Thousands of people signed and shared their love and appreciation.
  • Personal - a Thankbox features photos, videos and GIFs, different fonts and emojis. There is no restriction on anyone’s creativity. All guaranteed to make the photo or memorial board so much more sincere, personal and memorable.
  • Flexible - messages can be edited, and collection pot contributions added to right up to the last second before sending.
  • Forever - the unique Thankbox link to the memorial board is always live. An option to download as a PDF is available too.
  • Great value - one payment opens up a world of possibilities and creativity for online group cards. No sending fees, no extra costs. And with a Thankbox a collection pot comes as standard so no added organisation or duplication of effort - even pay for the board from the collected amount. 
  • Environmentally friendly -  a Thankbox board of memories is good for the planet. No emissions. 100% renewable electricity. No offices, no delivery or commute miles. No paper means no wasted energy, water, or chemical disposal. We also plant a tree for every 10 Thankboxes sold 🌲.

Only a Thankbox allows everyone, anywhere in the world to contribute personal messages, recall treasured memories and add to a collection.

What to write in your online memorial board?

When everyone spread all over the country (or planet!) a traditional paper card isn’t fit for purpose for a group to share their congratulations. It is impractical - not everyone can sign. Even if they can, it is restrictive - there’s not much space to express yourself.

Online, or virtual, memory boards like Thankbox have unlimited space and options. This is a huge advantage. It can, however, be daunting for many to know how to use all that creative freedom and what to write. This is even more the case for memorial boards and messages. Don’t forget too, a Thankbox is forever, so what you write will always be a single click away for everyone. No pressure then!

If you’re new to online boards or cards, or in need of a little guidance, here are some general tips on what and how to write a sincere and personal memorial message:

  • Don’t panic. Firstly, unlike a paper card and pen, with a Thankbox, you can edit, add and amend your message right up to the very second before sending. 
  • No rights or wrongs. Rest assured, there are no do’s and don’ts for an online memorial board. The normal rules of life apply though - be conscious of the board’s purpose, who else is likely to be signing and so best avoid anything controversial and keep to the subject!
  • Add warmth. A warm, sincere and heartfelt message is always a winner. Especially so for memorial boards. Show your personal side to make a real difference and add to the rich tapestry of memories. Make sure to fully use Thankbox’s video, image and GIF features and add real personality. 
  • Be yourself. A Thankbox lets everyone say what they want and how they want. It allows for real personal expression so don’t feel there are any conventions. Recall your memories of the loved one in your style and from the times you shared together. It will make the final board so much richer and valued.
  • Be funny. Even at times of sadness, a laugh and sense of humour is appropriate. Remembering fun times with plenty of smiles is a great way to honour someone.

Remember, whatever you say will be warmly welcomed by others sharing their recollections and fond memories. Take heart that all the contributions to the Thankbox will cherish the person and be available for all to revisit forever.

Is a collection for a gift included with my Thankbox?

Yes it is.

Every Thankbox has a gift collection option included as standard. 

It's optional because for some occasions it may not be appropriate. For others it absolutely is. For example a farewell card for a coworker will always need a collection. It makes no sense to go elsewhere for the collection. 

  • When you create your Thankbox all you do is click the ‘Add a gift card collection’ button and you’re all set. 
  • Decide too if you want to pay for the Thankbox from the collection pot.
  • Everyone invited to leave a message can add to the collection pot at the same time. Saves everyone time and hassle
  • Not all online group card services provide a collection service. 
  • The majority of online cash collection services don't include a group or virtual greeting card.

Is my Thankbox secure and private?


Only people with the sharing link can access a Thankbox and only to leave a message. Thankbox links are not visible to search engines.

Thankbox servers and software are secure and compliant with best practice security protocols. Online payment systems are compliant with regulatory standards.

Thankbox never shares any customer data collected with any external organisation. We've partnered with the best payment processing service to ensure maximum security of payment card details
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