Send flowers along with your Thankbox

Surprise your recipient with a beautiful bouquet alongside their Thankbox. Make them feel special with a memorable ecard and stunning flowers.

Photo of Emma - Office Manager
On my 3rd day off work recovering from surgery I received a Thankbox from my team. I was still reading their lovely messages when a knock on the door delivered a gorgeous bouquet - from them as well! It immediately brought a smile (and tears!) to my face as I knew they were thinking of me.

Emma - Office Manager

Add a little sparkle to any of these occasions by sending flowers

Image of a few popular gift options

Share the cost with a Thankbox gift collection

Make it a group effort by adding a gift collection to your Thankbox. Everyone can contribute cash at the same time as they leave their message.

Use the funds to order flowers and the remaining amount can be claimed as a gift card by the recipient - extra sweet!

How sending flowers with Thankbox works

Create your Thankbox in just a minute and invite everyone to add messages & contributions. Pick a bouquet and then just enter the delivery details.

We’ll make sure they get both their lovely surprises - flowers & card - on the same day!

Woman smiling down at her laptop after receiving a Thankbox

You can do much more with Thankbox

Thankbox is an all-inclusive appreciation platform for all of your card & gifting needs.

 My card was a wonderful keepsake that I will treasure forever.  

— Debby

Group of coworkers at a table

Make your employee’s day with flowers and a Thankbox

Thankbox cards are the easiest way to celebrate and recognise occasions in your team. Whether they’ve just had a baby or are recovering from illness - send everyone’s good wishes with a special bouquet delivered right to them.

Your zero hassle card & flowers

Time to make an occasion extra special. Create your Thankbox in just a minute, add your chosen flowers and make their day!

Create a Thankbox

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide more answers on our support page, so check that too if you can't find what you are looking for here.

Which countries can I send flowers to?

Currently only UK-based recipients can receive flowers. We are working on adding more countries to our list.

Where do my Thankbox flowers come from?

We only partner with organisations that share our values. That’s why we work with Bloom & Wild to fulfil all our flower orders. They are the UK’s leading florist and source all their flowers responsibly and sustainably. 

Can I schedule the flowers and ecard to arrive on the same day?

Absolutely - for the best surprise we make it really easy to schedule both your Thankbox and the flowers to be delivered on the same day. The recipient gets an awesome card in their inbox and a beautiful bouquet in their living room - double win!

Will I get notified when the flowers are delivered?

We’ll keep you up to date during the entire process. You’ll get notified when the courier picks up the flowers and right after they’re delivered.

Can I pay for my flowers from the Thankbox gift collection?

Yes - it’s the best way to share the cost with everyone. You can use all or part of the collected funds to order a beautiful bouquet and the rest can be claimed as a gift card by the recipient.
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