Sir David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough's
96th Birthday Card

Sir David has now been sent his birthday card. From Thankbox and FFI, please accept our heartfelt thank you to anyone who contributed to the celebration of this inspiring man's life!

Sir David Attenborough at the Great Barrier Reef

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We would like to thank everyone at Thankbox - and to all who signed the online card - for their generosity. Their donations will contribute to our work with local communities around the world to protect and restore nature.

- Jonny Wright, Senior Director, Communications & Fundraising at FFI

Fauna and Flora International Logo

Fauna & Flora International (FFI) is the world’s oldest international wildlife conservation organisation.

Quietly shaping and influencing conservation practice since 1903. Sir David joined FFI in 1959 and has been a Vice President since 1979.

Thanks to everyone's involvement we managed to raise £5,007 for FFI, giving endangered species a helping hand and honouring Sir David’s work.

An image of a Sumatran tiger

Image by Jeremy Holden, FFI

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