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  • Create a virtual congratulations card in seconds.
  • Invite family, friends and colleagues to add messages with GIFs, photos & videos.
  • Add a collection for a congrats gift in one click.

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Sample message image for message from Val

Congratulations Stephen! What a 5 years! Woo. Amazing that we survived some of the challenges we were faced with!


Sample message image for message from Cath

Happy Anniversary Steve!! Thanks for all of the great work - and all the cat & dog stuff! 😂


Sample message image for message from Cillian

Big congrats Stephen for your 5th anniversary at Flagstaff! We love it you're here. Now it's cake 🍻


Sample message image for message from Poli

Congratulations, Stephen! It's awesome to work with you! I wish you another 5 amazing years!


How Thankbox Congratulations Ecards Work

Create step image


Quickly create & personalise your Thankbox. Select a background style and add an icon. Collect for a gift, too.

Share step image


Share your link. Send to everyone you want to join via email, messaging apps, social media or directly from your Thankbox dashboard.

Send step image


Schedule to arrive on the day of celebration or send when ready. If a gift collection was included the recipient chooses a digital gift card.

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 I am pretty awful at IT things, but this was so straightforward and easy to use.  

— Michelle

What makes Thankbox virtual congratulations cards special?

Group of people dancing emoji

Anyone, anywhere can celebrate

Everyone is invited, wherever they are in the world. A congratulations group card is the fastest and easiest way to celebrate someone’s achievement.

Celebration banners emoji

Celebrate with no limits

Each Thankbox is unique. Customise with our handcrafted backgrounds (or add your own). There are no limits to how many people can add messages.

Paper plane emoji

Send when you choose

Schedule to send at the moment of celebration or at a time of your choosing. Everyone who has added a message is told when the Thankbox is sent and opened.

Tree in hand emoji

It’s celebrating the sustainable way

Thankbox greeting cards are digital so there’s no plastic, no paper, no waste, no delivery miles, no CO2 emitted. We plant a tree for every 10th Thankbox sold.

Love letter emoji

Congratulations made personal

Thankbox lets everyone say ‘congrats’ their way. Contributors can change fonts, add GIFs, photos and videos, and write as much as they like for a fully personalised ecard.

Gift emoji

Collect for a congratulations gift

Add a collection for a gift when you create your Thankbox. Everyone can instantly contribute money when they add their message. Simple, easy and quick.

The easiest way to celebrate someone

Just because you’re not together doesn’t mean you can’t make someone feel special. Thankbox is perfect for any occasion when lots of lovely people want to celebrate one lucky person.

Your mighty congratulations card packed with lots of features

Setup your congratulations Thankbox in one minute and start collecting messages & contributions immediately. You can split the cost with everyone and pay from the collection pot. We think it's fair to share.

For more info, visit our pricing page.

Get started for FREE and only pay when you're ready to send.

Classic Thankbox $5.99

Congrats cards and gifting made easy. Fast. Simple. Personal.

  • Unlimited messages
  • Add photos & GIFs
  • Scheduled sending
  • Collection pot included
  • No account required
Image of a recipient claiming their Thankbox gift, showing the diffent options they can choose.

Send the perfect congratulations present

Thankbox is the easiest way to collect money for a gift to celebrate someone’s achievement. In one click a secure collection gets added to your Thankbox. It’s slick too - everyone can add money for the gift at the same time they leave a message. Pay for your Thankbox from the amount collected too.

Digital gift cards

Thankbox recipients can redeem for a digital gift card of their choice from our catalogue of hundreds.

Send flowers

UK Thankbox users can easily add flowers directly to their order. Schedule them to arrive at the same time as the Thankbox to add some congratulations sparkle.

Digital gift cards

Thankbox recipients can redeem for a digital gift card of their choice from our catalogue of hundreds.

Send flowers

UK Thankbox users can easily add flowers directly to their order. Schedule them to arrive at the same time as the Thankbox to add some congratulations sparkle.

Start your congratulations instantly

Create your Thankbox and in seconds invite colleagues, family and friends from all over the world to add messages of congratulations. Add a collection for a gift to pop the corks on the celebration.

Create a Thankbox

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide more answers on our support page, so check that too if you can't find what you are looking for here.

How do online congratulations cards work?

The best way for everyone to share their personal congratulations and best wishes is with an online card. Whether called virtual, digital, group, or group greeting cards they have huge advantages over a paper card.

As an online card and gift collection, it is very easy to create a Thankbox and invite everyone to leave messages and contribute to a collection. 

Follow these simple steps for the ultimate online congratulations card:

  1. Create. Get started with one click 
  2. Add the recipients details and give the card a title e.g. “You did it - congratulations!'. Say who it’s from and decide to pay now or later. 
  3. Choose whether to include a collection for a gift at this point - you can also elect to pay for your Thankbox from the gift collection amount.
  4. Share. Email the unique Thankbox link to all those you want to contribute. 
  5. Customise. While everyone is adding their message, as the organiser you can change the background, icon, or edit the details. 
  6. Send. When everyone has added their message, check the recipient’s email address and send - immediately or schedule for a later date.

That’s it. A few easy steps for everyone to make someone feel proud and successful.

How easy is it to customise and manage my Thankbox congratulations card?

Thankbox is designed from a customer viewpoint. So making changes, upgrading and managing your Thankbox is super easy - anytime right up to the point of sending. 

From your dashboard as the organiser you can:
  • Customise your Thankbox - backgrounds, titles, icons. Upgrading to Premium allows more customisation.  Video in messages; raised gift collection ceiling; handcrafted backgrounds and a host of user uploaded customisations.
  • Change the Thankbox send date.
  • Decide who sees the collected amount.
  • Create reminders. To either set up a Thankbox and for specific annual events.
  • See what all those fab messages look like as the recipient.
  • Copy and share the Thankbox sharing link.

Because it’s digital, contributors to a Thankbox congratulations card can:
  • Edit their message
  • Change any GIF, photo or video
  • Change their choice of font
  • Add to collection contributions

And throughout the life of a Thankbox everyone is kept informed of progress all along.

What to write in your online congratulations card?

When everyone is spread all over the country (or planet!) a traditional paper card isn’t fit for purpose for a group to share their congratulations. It is impractical - not everyone can sign. Even if they can, it is restrictive - there’s not much space to express yourself.

An online, or virtual, card like a Thankbox has unlimited space and options. This a huge advantage, though it can be a bit daunting for many to know how to use all that creative freedom and what to write. And, given a Thankbox is forever, what you write will always be a single click away. No pressure.

If you’re new to online cards or in need of a little guidance, here are some broad tips on what and how to write a personal and heartfelt congratulations message:

  • No rights or wrongs. Rest assured, there are no do’s and don’ts for an online card compared to a paper one. The normal rules of life apply though - be conscious of who is signing so best avoid anything controversial and keep to the subject!
  • Add warmth. A warm, sincere and heartfelt message is always a winner. Show your personal side to make a real difference to the individual who deserves your congratulations. Make full use of Thankbox’s video, images and GIFs features to let them know why what they’ve achieved is so great. 
  • Be yourself. A Thankbox lets everyone say what they want and how they want. It allows for real personal expression so don’t hold back. Break free from a simple ‘congratulations’ and share real feelings and why you want to add your congratulations.
  • Be funny. Everyone loves a laugh. Does the achievement remind you of anything? For example if it’s a driving test pass relate to how they approach driving. Either nervously or over-confidently, there are bound to be some memories, events and incidents that can be immortalised forever and ensure everyone smiles on reflection.  
  • Don’t panic. With a Thankbox, you can edit, add and amend your message right up to the very second before sending. 

See a sample Thankbox congratulations card

Remember, whatever you say will be warmly welcomed. Memories are made and kept forever with a Thankbox. 

What are the advantages of an online congratulations card compared to a traditional paper one?

Traditional cards are great on a one-to-one level. Anything more than that and they run into big limitations. 

When a group - work team, friendship group, extended family, social clubs, church, voluntary group - wants to share best wishes, congratulations or any personal message a Thankbox is the best option.

Online, or virtual, cards are:

  • Inclusive - everyone, anywhere in the world can add a message. An internet connection is all that's required. With nobody excluded, the  card is so much more meaningful and valued.
  • Efficient - click, create, share, customise, send. It takes seconds to invite people to add messages and contribute to the collection. A virtual card saves a huge amount of time and hassle.
  • Unrestricted. No limit on contributions - there is no limit to the number of contributors or the length of their messages. No cramming tiny writing into what’s left of the space in a card. The Sir David Attenborough birthday public Thankbox is a great example. Thousands of people signed and shared their love and appreciation.
  • Fun. A Thankbox features photos, GIFs and videos, different fonts and emojis. There is no restriction on anyone’s creativity. All guaranteed to make anyone feel brighter.
  • Flexible. Messages can be edited, and collection pot contributions added to right up to the last second before sending.
  • Forever. The unique Thankbox link is always live. An option to download as a PDF is available.
  • Great value. One payment opens up a world of possibilities and creativity for online group cards. No sending fees, no extra costs. And with a Thankbox a collection pot comes as standard so no added organisation or duplication of effort. 
  • Share the cost. A Thankbox can be paid for from the gift collection amount if one is enabled. Fair to share.
  • Environmentally friendly.  A Thankbox is good for the planet. No emissions. 100% renewable electricity. No offices, no delivery or commute miles. No paper means no wasted energy, water, or chemical disposal. We also plant a tree for every 10 Thankboxes sold 🌲.

Only a Thankbox allows everyone, anywhere in the world to send personal messages, add to a collection and all without limits.

Is a collection for a congratulations gift included with my Thankbox?

Yes it is.

Every Thankbox has a gift collection option included as standard. 

It's optional because for some occasions it may not be appropriate. For others it absolutely is. For example a farewell card for a coworker will always need a collection. It makes no sense to go elsewhere for the collection. 

  • When you create your Thankbox all you do is click the ‘Add a gift card collection’ button and you’re all set. 
  • Decide too if you want to pay for the Thankbox from the collected amount.
  • Everyone invited to leave a message can add to the collection pot at the same time. Saves everyone time and hassle
  • Not all online group card services provide a collection service. 
  • The majority of online cash collection services don't include a group or virtual greeting card.

Is my Thankbox secure and private?


Only people with the sharing link can access a Thankbox and only to leave a message. Thankbox links are not visible to search engines.

Thankbox servers and software are secure and compliant with best practice security protocols. We've partnered with the best payment processing service to ensure maximum security of payment details.

Thankbox never shares any sensitive customer data with external organisations. 
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