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How it works

It couldn't be simpler. Just create > share > send.

How gift collections work Create a Thankbox

Step 1: Create the Thankbox

Step 1: Create the Thankbox

Say who it’s from and who it’s for, choose a title for it (you can change it later), and decide whether you want to collect money for a gift card. Fancy spoiling your recipient? Make it a Premium Thankbox to unlock custom font options, backgrounds and video messages.

Step 1: Create the Thankbox
Step 2: Share it with your group

Step 2: Share it with your group

Step 2: Share it with your group

Share it with your group or team via the sharing link we give you.

Everyone adds their own messages, photos, videos or GIFs of choice. They can optionally add funds to the gift card collection, or choose a custom font for their message (on premium Thankboxes).

Step 3: Customise the design

Step 3: Customise the design

Customize your Thankbox background & icon to best suit the recipient. There's hundreds of handcrafted designs to choose from. Upgrade to Premium to unlock custom fonts and handcrafted premium backgrounds. Want to fully customise it? You can add your own background & icon as well!

Step 3: Customise the design
Step 4: Pay and send it to the lucky recipient!

Step 4: Pay and send it to the lucky recipient!

Step 4: Pay and send it to the lucky recipient!

After you’ve created your masterpiece, hit the send button to send it on its way or schedule it to send at a later time. Continue to checkout and pay via our secure payment portal. A Classic Thankbox costs £4.99 while a Premium is £8.99.

Sit back and feel the warm fuzzies as your card wings its way to the recipient's email inbox.

After a Thankbox is opened…

What the recipient receives

The recipient has the following options:

  • Download the Thankbox
  • Reply to everyone who left a message with their email address
  • Share their Thankbox publicly
  • Claim their Gift Card (if there is one)

You can view our interactive sample Thankbox to see this part in action.

Gift icon

How gift collection works

With Thankbox, you can easily and securely collect cash as a gift for your recipient. Then they can choose to claim it as a gift card of their choice or receive a prepaid debit card.

Our supported currencies

You: Choose a collection currency

With Thankbox you can open a collection in USD, GBP or EUR. Anyone can contribute to the collection, regardless of where they are or what currency their payment card uses. A maximum collection limit applies.

Your group: Adds to the gift pot

The recipient and organizer do not see individual contributions - just the total collected amount. We add a small processing fee to each contribution to cover our payment provider costs.

The recipient: Claims the pot

They can convert their collected amount into a gift card for their favourite store or just claim it as a prepaid debit card.

Check out some of our supported gift card options:

Showing local options for United Kingdom.
You can check exact availability for your recipient's country here*

*Please confirm your recipient's country is supported before starting a collection.

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