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Great for any occasion

Unlimited messages Add photos to messages Add GIFs to messages Scheduled sending Split the cost $400.00 gift card collection limit


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All Classic features

Premium feature Video messages Premium feature Premium backgrounds Premium feature Custom message fonts Premium feature Custom backgrounds Premium feature Custom icons $900.00 gift card collection limit


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Save yourself both time and money with an annual pack you can share with others in your team, too! The bigger the pack, the more you save!

Pack of 5 Thankboxes

5 Prepaid Thankboxes

Add & manage team members

Option to upgrade individual Thankboxes to Premium

Pack valid for 1 year

Save 10%



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Pack of 10 Thankboxes

10 Prepaid Thankboxes

Add & manage team members

Option to upgrade individual Thankboxes to Premium

Pack valid for 1 year

Save 15%



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+1 tree planted with this plan!

Pack of 25 Thankboxes

25 Prepaid Thankboxes

Add & manage team members

Option to upgrade individual Thankboxes to Premium

Pack valid for 1 year

Save 25%



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+2 trees planted with this plan!

Need a bespoke solution for larger teams? Contact us and we'll happily create one for you.


Pricing & Packs FAQs

We have more info on our support page, so check that too if you can't find your answer here.

Can I pay for my Thankbox from the collection pot?

100% you can!

It's a great way to split the cost of sending the Thankbox between all the contributors. Just pick the Pay from your gift collection balance option when checking out.

Check out our support page for more info.

How safe are creator and contributor payment details?

Thankbox uses Stripe as our payment provider. They are the gold standard for internet payments, used by companies such as Airbnb, Lyft and They handle all of the payment details, including security. Our system actually never even gets to see any card details and we do not store them.

We make sure all funds collected for gift cards are stored in a separate dedicated company bank account with limited access.

Can I start off with a classic Thankbox and upgrade to premium later?

Absolutely! Just head to the management page of your Thankbox and click the Upgrade to premium button. 

If the Thankbox isn’t paid then it’ll immediately be upgraded and you’ll pay the full premium price when sending. 

If it was already paid then you’ll be asked to pay the premium upgrade difference.

Is there a processing fee for adding to a gift collection?

Yes - our payment provider charges us for all transactions so we add a small fee to each collection contribution to cover part of this cost.

This amount varies depending on the currency you are collecting in:
🇬🇧 GBP collections are charged at 1% + £0.15. e.g. contributing £10 means you'll pay £10.25
🇪🇺 EUR collections are charged at 2.5% + €0.16. e.g. contributing €10 means you'll pay €10.41
🇺🇸 USD collections are charged at 2.9% + $0.18. e.g. contributing $10 means you'll pay $10.47

We do not profit from this fee. It is used to cover part of our processing fees & fraud checks.

Does buying a Thankbox pack apply it to existing unpaid Thankboxes?

Yes! As soon as you purchase a Thankbox pack it will get applied to any unpaid, classic Thankboxes you have in progress.

Can I purchase a pack of premium Thankboxes?

Yes! Just email us at [email protected] with the quantity of cards you want in your pack and we can set it up for you right away. 
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