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The easy way to send a card

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We’ve got you covered - from sending a single card to organising hundreds. In the office or personal use.

Create your Thankbox and start collecting messages & contributions for free. Only pay when you're happy to send it.

Classic Thankbox $5.99

Cards and gifting made easy. Fast. Simple. Personal.

  • Unlimited messages
  • Scheduled sending
  • Add GIFs & photos
  • Classic fonts & backgrounds
  • Gift collection limit $400.00
Premium star icon Premium Thankbox $9.99

Spoil your recipient with a feature-packed Premium card!

Everything in Classic, PLUS…

  • Premium fonts & backgrounds
  • Add your own background & branding
  • Add videos
  • Gift collection limit $1,000.00

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Decide what’s best for the occasion. You can upgrade to a pack or premium Thankbox at any time.


Great for
any occasion

Premium & Packs

Make your recipient
feel extra special

Messages & media
Unlimited messages
Add photos to messages
Add GIFs to messages
3 classic fonts to choose from
Add videos to messages
18 premium fonts to choose from
Layout & customisation
Board layout option
Card layout option
100+ classic backgrounds
180+ icon library
Reposition messages
50+ premium backgrounds
Add your own custom background
Add your own custom icon
Customise the title font
Gifting & collections
Add a gift card collection
Split the cost
Send flowers to recipient
Gift collection limit
$400.00 $1,000.00
Invite others via link
Invite others via email
Automatic email chasers
Scheduled sending
Add new messages after sending
Download Thankbox as a PDF
Reply to thank contributors
Never expires
Annual reminders

Pricing & Packs FAQs

We have more info on our support page, so check that too if you can't find your answer here.

Can I pay for my Thankbox from the collection pot?

100% you can!

It's a great way to split the cost of sending the Thankbox between all the contributors. Just pick the Pay from your gift collection balance option when checking out.

Check out our support page for more info.

Are payment details handled safely?

Thankbox uses Stripe as our payment provider. They are the gold standard for internet payments, used by companies such as Airbnb, Lyft and They handle all of the payment details, including security. 

All collected digital gift card funds are stored in a dedicated secure bank account with restricted access.

How long do I have to use the credits in my Thankbox pack?

Thankbox pack durations vary by size - with larger packs having a longer duration. The minimum one is 12 months. 

If you buy a pack with 12 months expiration that means you have that time from the date of purchase to set up the cards included in your pack.

That doesn't mean you have to send them all within that time frame - just to create them. You'll continue to have access and be able to manage any Thankboxes made from your pack after it has expired.

Does adding to an online gift card collection have any fees?

We add a small fee to each gift contribution to cover our payment processing & fraud check costs.

This amount varies depending on the currency you are collecting in:
🇬🇧 GBP collections are charged at 1.1% + £0.17. e.g. contributing £10 means you'll pay £10.28
🇪🇺 EUR collections are charged at 2.5% + €0.17. e.g. contributing €10 means you'll pay €10.42
🇺🇸 USD collections are charged at 2.9% + $0.19. e.g. contributing $10 means you'll pay $10.48

The fee is always clearly and explicitly stated whenever someone leaves a contribution.

Does buying a Thankbox pack apply it to existing unpaid Thankboxes?

Yes! As soon as you purchase a Thankbox pack it will get applied to any unpaid Thankboxes you have in progress.
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