An image of a few different occasions why someone might receive a Thankbox

One platform for the many reasons to celebrate your people

An image of a few different occasions why someone might receive a Thankbox

You don’t need a complicated solution for making people feel valued. From birthday celebrations to marking milestones - ramp up the joy in your team with Thankbox.

Personal events

Your colleagues deserve more than a passing “happy birthday” or “congrats” chat message. Make them feel seen with a Thankbox sent on their special days.

Photo of Amanda - Project Lead

Just after my son was born, I got an email with a Thankbox from my team. It was filled with touching messages and adorable GIFs, celebrating his arrival. I felt so cherished and connected - it was the 4th time I cried happy tears that day.

Amanda - Project Lead

A mat that says "Welcome on board"


Welcome your new members with open arms and a personalised Thankbox. Kickstart their journey with motivating messages and insights from the team, making their onboarding experience unique, memorable, and truly engaging.

100x more personal than a 👋  emoji.

increased new hire productivity in teams with a strong onboarding process

first-year retention increase in companies with engaging onboarding

3-year retention increase for employees who experienced great onboarding

Farewells & Offboarding

Bid farewell in a way that leaves a lasting impression. They’ll remember the personalised messages and shared memories - not a generic thank-you-for-your-service email.

Photo of Harry - Developer

I loved getting my Thankbox when I left my team. So many people in all different countries had left messages, photos and memes. I was then able to download the whole card as a keepsake. The voucher they contributed to was easy to redeem with a great selection. Can't wait to put it towards something special!

Harry - Developer

Rewards & recognition image

Rewards & recognition

Recognise them with more than just a random voucher in their inbox. Bring genuine recognition with a personal card & gift from management. Reward exceptional individual performance in a way they won’t forget.

lower turnover rates in companies with strong recognition culture

increase in extra effort when a genuine thank you from management received

increase in morale for employees who are recognised more often at work

Milestones & shoutouts

Spotlight team achievements and personal triumphs with Thankbox. Elevate key milestones and give shoutouts for smashing through key company objectives. Make every accomplishment a shared victory, not just another checked-off task.

Photo of Isabella - People & Culture Lead

After each major deliverable, we set up a shoutout board for the team. Everyone - from management, to devs & QA join in. After months of effort it’s a great way to look back and appreciate the hard work everyone’s done. Thankbox has become the birthplace of many-an inside joke.

Isabella - People & Culture Lead

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Boost your appreciation efforts & staff productivity with Thankbox. Book a demo with us and we’ll help you bring about meaningful change today, not some day.

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 Very easy and efficient service with lots of customisations and peace of mind on security, too.  

— John

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