Deliver appreciation to your remote team

Boost morale and belonging by celebrating all moments, both big and small, with Thankbox. The card & gifting platform built for remote teams.

A few sample messages sent for different employee occasions like farewells or birthdays.

You’re in good company - thousands of organisations are already using Thankbox to recognise & appreciate staff all around the world.

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These are just some of the ways Thankbox can boost your team:

Photo of Jen - Better Place Coordinator
Thankbox is our lifeline for virtual office banter! It's been an absolute game-changer, allowing us to stay connected with colleagues and keep the birthday celebrations going with funny GIFs and messages. We love its sustainability pledge and promote its use across all eight of our offices for various occasions, particularly making use of the convenient gift collection option.

Jen - Better Place Coordinator

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Photo of Rebecca - Chief People Officer
We use Thankbox regularly for our team birthdays & events and love it because everyone can sign the cards - no matter where they are in the world. As the organiser of around 50 cards a year it takes no time at all to set them up, customise them and share the link with everyone. I always use the scheduling option so I don’t forget to send them! The team especially loves the library of funny GIFs and pictures.

Rebecca - Chief People Officer

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Photo of Carol Frost - Office Manager
We’ve been using Thankbox since 2021 and we absolutely love it! It’s a quick and simple way to create and personalise a card for any occasion. It’s easy to invite others to add their own personalised message and is a joy to receive! Cards are always delivered on time and if you have any query the Thankbox team always help and respond quickly. Thankbox is my favourite way to share a little bit of sparkle which makes such a difference.

Carol Frost - Office Manager

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of workers say being recognised regularly keeps them motivated

increase in financial results when peer-to-peer recognition is used

of employees feel more trusted by their managers after receiving recognition

🚀 The #1 choice of remote and hybrid organisations

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Fastest way to gather messages

Anyone, anywhere in the world can add a message to a Thankbox. Just send them a link. No account needed.

Love letter emojki

Online, but personal

Let personality shine with unlimited messages which can be as long as you like. Add your favourite GIFs or upload your own photos & videos.

Color widget emoji

Add your own flair

Customise each Thankbox with your own brand image & colours. Or make a special background with your recipient photoshopped on a beach 🏖️

Calendar emoji

Reminders included

Never miss a birthday or work anniversary by adding reminders for important dates.

Share icon

Shared team access

Share your Thankbox pack with your team. Make it easy for everyone to send cards & appreciation to each other.

Gift with heart emoji

Add a gift card in one click

Surprise your colleagues with a gift card which can be claimed for over 1,000 retailer options in 150+ countries.

 Very easy and efficient service with lots of customisations and peace of mind on security, too.  

— John

A photo of someone holding a tablet that's showing their received Thankbox card on it.

10x quicker than a traditional card,
100x more personal than a chat message

We know the day-to-day management of people takes a lot of effort & care - especially when everyone is spread out. Let Thankbox do the heavy lifting for you in an easy way that scales up as you need it.

An illustration of a happy globe

Sustainability with Thankbox - helping your business reach net zero

Thankbox directly contributes to your business’ carbon offsetting efforts. Our tree planting initiative, waste and carbon footprint reduction efforts align with UN sustainability objectives.

Commit your business to paperless and offset 44 kg of CO2 with each Thankbox you send.

Celebrate your people. Celebrate the planet.

Image of a recipient claiming their Thankbox gift, showing the diffent options they can choose.

Add a gift - hassle free

Whether you want to add a gift from management or let the whole team chip in - Thankbox has you covered. Simply add a gift collection at the same time you create your Thankbox.

Digital gift cards

Thankbox recipients redeem for a digital gift card. A global catalogue of hundreds means anyone, anywhere on the planet can choose a gift that’s perfect for their life and style.

Send flowers

For those special occasions UK Thankboxers can easily add a Bloom & Wild bouquet directly to their order. Schedule to arrive at the same time as the Thankbox.

Digital gift cards

Thankbox recipients redeem for a digital gift card. A global catalogue of hundreds means anyone, anywhere on the planet can choose a gift that’s perfect for their life and style.

Send flowers

For those special occasions UK Thankboxers can easily add a Bloom & Wild bouquet directly to their order. Schedule to arrive at the same time as the Thankbox.

Ramp up the good times in your company - contact us for a demo

Boost your appreciation efforts & staff productivity with Thankbox. Book a demo with us and we’ll help you bring about meaningful change today, not some day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide more answers on our support page, so check that too if you can't find what you are looking for here.

Are there any limits to the number of people who can add a message?

No! A Thankbox is a digital group card so there are no restrictions on how many people can contribute messages or money to a gift collection.

Plus each message can be as long or as short as any contributor wants. No limit to character or personality.

Are there any discounts for regular business users of online thank you cards?

Short answer, ‘yes’!

Thankbox Packs are packs of Premium Thankboxes. They deliver great value to regular Thankbox users - whether business or personal. 

The bigger the pack, the greater the value. Find out more about Thankbox Packs

How easy is it to customise and manage my Thankbox?

Thankbox is designed from a customer viewpoint. So making changes, upgrading and managing your virtual card is super easy - anytime right up to the point of sending. 

From your dashboard as the organiser you can:
  • Customise your Thankbox - backgrounds, titles, icons. Choose whether to show it as a board or a card. Upgrading to Premium allows more customisation.  Video in messages; raised gift collection ceiling; handcrafted backgrounds and a host of user uploaded customisations.
  • Change the Thankbox send date.
  • Decide who sees the collected amount.
  • Create reminders. To either set up a Thankbox and for specific annual events.
  • See what all those fab messages look like as the recipient.
  • Copy and share the Thankbox sharing link.

Because it’s digital, contributors to a Thankbox card can
  • Change their message
  • Change any GIF, photo or video
  • Change their choice of font
  • Add to collection contributions

And throughout the life of a Thankbox everyone is kept informed of progress all along.

How are Thankboxes used in the workplace?

Many Thankbox customers are businesses, public sector and not-for-profit organisations. Of all shapes and sizes.

A Thankbox is highly flexible and use-cases within the workplace are many and varied. The most common are:
  • Celebrating a valued colleague who is leaving for a new department or (shock!) company, has gained a promotion, or is retiring.
  • As a team ‘thank you’ to appreciate someone for a great job or going that extra mile on a project.
  • To congratulate a coworker.  For professional qualifications and continued professional development.
  • In HR teams to welcome a new start as part of a comprehensive onboarding programme.
  • Celebrating personal milestones - birthdays, engagements and weddings, becoming a parent.
  • Celebrating work anniversaries is common. It is more personal with a Thankbox compared to any system generated message.

Using a group ecard includes everyone so strengthens team bonds and boosts individual self-esteem.

Business customers also benefit from a number of handy tools to make the experience of creating multiple Thankboxes, setting reminders and managing the process even more slick and hassle free.

Are Thankbox ecards for business secure and private?


Only people with the sharing link can access a Thankbox. Only they leave a message. Thankbox links are also invisible to search engines.

Thankbox servers and software are secure and compliant with best practice security protocols. We've partnered with the most secure payment processing service to ensure maximum safety of payment details.

Thankbox never shares any sensitive customer data with external organisations. 
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