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with a 1-to-1 card

Whether you’re thanking an employee, client or a friend - deliver that gesture in an elegant package with a Thankbox card. Make it extra special by adding a gift card, too!

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I received a Thankbox as a Christmas card & gift from a client. The whole experience from start to finish was amazing and made me feel really valued. They even added a video message for more sincerity. It was unexpected and thoroughly appreciated.

Zack - Consultant

Thankbox 1-to-1 cards are perfect for all these occasions

Just because you’re not together doesn’t mean you can’t make someone feel special. A Thankbox card is fast to create and can be with them in an instant.

How a Thankbox 1-to-1 card works

Setup your 1-to-1 Thankbox in a minute & customise it to best match your recipient & occasion. Add a gift card if you really want to make an impression!

Then just add your message, photo or video and schedule it to go out on the special day.

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You can do much more with Thankbox

Thankbox is an all-inclusive appreciation platform for all of your card & gifting needs.

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Ramp up the joy at work with Thankbox

Thankbox 1-to-1 cards are the easiest way to celebrate and recognise achievements in your team. Regular appreciation can bring about a 40% increase in morale at work.

Whether it’s a work anniversary, birthday or other major milestone - mark the moment with a Thankbox.

Create your personalised 1-to-1 card in seconds

Ready to make your one-on-one message unforgettable? Start crafting your personalised digital card now with Thankbox.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide more answers on our support page, so check that too if you can't find what you are looking for here.

Can I start off with a 1-to-1 card and add more messages later?

Yes, you can add as many messages as you want to a Thankbox card. You can even decide to open it up and share the link to others and make it a group card!  

Can I add an image or video to my 1-to-1 card?

You can add GIFs, photos & videos to your 1-to-1 card message! Be as creative as you like - your recipient will appreciate it!

Can I create many single recipient cards in bulk?

Absolutely - you can use an Excel file to create as many cards as you need. Check out our guide on creating & scheduling Thankboxes in bulk. 

Is my Thankbox secure and private?


Only people with the sharing link can access a Thankbox and only to leave a message. Thankbox links are not visible to search engines.

Thankbox servers and software are secure and compliant with best practice security protocols. We've partnered with the best payment processing service to ensure maximum security of payment details.

Thankbox never shares any sensitive customer data with external organisations. 
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