An animation showing how video messages look on a Thankbox card.

Bring your messages to life with videos

An animation showing how video messages look on a Thankbox card.

Turn your words into memorable moments with Thankbox video messages! For celebrating a colleague, thanking a client, or for showing off your awesome dance moves on a friend’s birthday card - say it with a video.

Photo of Laila - Awesome Daughter
For Dad’s 50th, I used Thankbox to gather birthday video messages from all his friends and our family. It was brilliant - everyone shared their funniest stories and some really touching words. Seeing Dad watch these, laughing one minute and then properly tearing up the next, was just amazing.

Laila - Awesome Daughter

How Thankbox video messages work

Setup your Thankbox video card in a minute, customise it and share the link to everyone to start collecting your messages & videos.

Collect as many videos as you want - there’s no limit! Send the Thankbox to the recipient or schedule it to go out on the special day. They can download and cherish their video messages forever.

Make all of these occasions into true celebrations by adding videos

Example Leaving card image

Craft the best video leaving card by having the whole team record their special farewell message.

Leaving card
Example Birthday cards image

Celebrate their birthday with a card full of heartfelt video messages from everyone.

Birthday cards
Example Congratulations cards image

Make it a moment to remember with congratulation video messages. Perfect for celebrating those big achievements.

Congratulations cards

Discover more

Woman smiling down at her laptop after receiving a Thankbox

You can do much more with Thankbox

Thankbox is an all-inclusive appreciation platform for all of your card & gifting needs.

 The whole process works so smoothly  

— Hamish

Make unforgettable memories with Thankbox

Create your own Thankbox in just a minute and start collecting heartwarming, funny & memorable videos to make your recipient’s day!

Create a Thankbox

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide more answers on our support page, so check that too if you can't find what you are looking for here.

Are there any limits to the number of people who can add a video message to the ecard?

No! A Thankbox is a digital group card so there are no restrictions on how many people can contribute messages or money to a gift collection.

Plus each message can be as long or as short as any contributor wants. No limit to character or personality.

Are both landscape and portrait videos supported?

Yes, absolutely. You can upload either a landscape or a portrait video and they’ll both look great on your Thankbox message.

Are video messages included in Thankbox packs?

Yes - Thankbox packs come packed (pardon the pun) with all of our premium features, including video messages. 

Packs are a great choice if you’re planning on sending multiple cards to celebrate more people.

Can the recipient download the card and videos as a keepsake?

Of course! When they receive their Thankbox card, the recipient will be able to download it as a PDF alongside all the videos included in it. 

What is the length limit of a message video?

Videos can be up to 60 seconds long. Don’t worry about cropping them - we’ll do that automatically for you. You can also upload multiple videos if you wish.
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