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Sustainable Group Cards with Thankbox

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Thankbox is a modern & carbon negative alternative to the traditional paper card. Whether you are a business or individual - by choosing Thankbox, you are making an eco-friendly choice and are contributing to a brighter and more sustainable future for all.

  • Green tick No paper waste
  • Green tick No plastic wrapping
  • Leaves We plant a tree for every 10th sale
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The problem with paper cards

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Traditional paper cards may seem harmless, but they contribute to significant environmental issues. Over 300,000 trees are cut down just to cover the 1 billion Christmas cards the UK sends each year. Sending one of these cards produces on average about 140 grams of CO2.

Cards which include glitter, foil or plastic components cannot be recycled. They end up in landfills and contribute to microplastic pollution.

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Why Thankbox is a sustainable alternative

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At Thankbox, we are committed to providing a sustainable solution for group cards and gifts. Thankbox is a fully digital card service, eliminating the need for paper or plastic production, and CO2 emissions.

Our delightful digital cards are easily created, customised and sent online. It’s easy for groups to celebrate special occasions while minimising their environmental impact.

Our tree planting pledge

We are a carbon negative business - we want to reduce the already huge amount of CO2 in our atmosphere. That’s why we plant a tree for every 10th Thankbox sold - in partnership with Treepoints.

By sending a Thankbox you are helping vital tree planting projects such as Eden Reforestation and Trees for the future. All trees are strategically planted where they’ll have the most impact to the environment and local communities.

The trees we’ve planted would stretch across 22 football fields!

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Helping your business reach Net Zero

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Thankbox directly contributes to your business’ carbon offsetting efforts. Our tree planting initiative, waste and carbon footprint reduction efforts align with UN sustainability objectives.

Commit your business to paperless and offset 44 kg of CO2 with each Thankbox you send.

Celebrate your staff. Celebrate the planet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Be sure to check out our dedicated support page where we cover more questions around how Thankbox works.

What are the UN sustainability objectives and how does Thankbox align with them?

The United Nations has identified 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aimed at promoting sustainability and reducing global challenges such as poverty, inequality, and climate change.

At Thankbox, we are committed to aligning our sustainable practices with the UN SDGs. Our tree planting initiative, fully digital approach to greeting cards, and waste reduction efforts align with several SDGs, including Climate Action (SDG 13), Life on Land (SDG 15), and Responsible Consumption and Production (SDG 12). 

By using Thankbox, you can support these important global sustainability goals and contribute to a brighter future for all.

What steps has Thankbox taken to reduce its own carbon footprint?

In addition to our tree planting initiative, Thankbox is committed to reducing our carbon footprint in every way possible.

One of the biggest steps we've taken is to ensure that our servers are hosted in a data center powered by 100% renewable energy. This means that every time you use Thankbox, you can be confident that you're not contributing to the climate crisis.

How does the Thankbox tree planting initiative work?

We have an automatic integration with our partner, Treepoints. Once a month we pay them to plant a number of trees based on how many cards were sold. In turn, Treepoints transfers the donation to one of their reforestation partners where it gets immediately deployed.
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