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Gifting made easy

Everyone can contribute to a collection when they add their message to a Thankbox group card - it's easy, quick and secure.

The recipient receives their collection and Thankbox at the same time. They redeem for a gift card of their choice. No need to worry about what to get them.

Create a Thankbox

How it works

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Create the Thankbox

Start your card & collection in seconds. Personalise it and start collecting messages and cash immediately.

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Invite your team

Invite your group to add messages, photos and videos. Everyone can optionally pitch in to the gift collection.

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Deliver the surprise

Send the Thankbox to your recipient and surprise them with a flexible gift card redeemable at multiple stores.

Their favourite store is on our list

Wow your recipient with a gift card they can redeem in over 150 currencies and 700 retailers worldwide, or give them the freedom to spend as they please with a prepaid Visa.

Our most popular gift card options:

 I love the ease of use & the ability to get our entire team involved and collecting funds for a gift card.  

— Cori

Frequently Asked Questions

Be sure to check out our dedicated support page where we cover more questions around gift cards and collections.

What currencies are supported?

You can open a Thankbox collection in GBP, USD or EUR.

The recipient can convert their collection to any other currency.

Is there a fee for adding to a gift collection?

We add a small fee to each gift contribution to cover our payment processing & fraud check costs.

This amount varies depending on the currency you are collecting in:
🇬🇧 GBP collections are charged at 1.1% + £0.17. e.g. contributing £10 means you'll pay £10.28
🇪🇺 EUR collections are charged at 2.5% + €0.17. e.g. contributing €10 means you'll pay €10.42
🇺🇸 USD collections are charged at 2.9% + $0.19. e.g. contributing $10 means you'll pay $10.48

The fee is always clearly and explicitly stated whenever someone leaves a contribution.

Can I use the collected funds in the Thankbox to purchase a gift myself?

Thankbox cannot be used to send funds directly to a bank account.

Thankbox collected funds are claimed by the recipient by issuing them as a gift card or prepaid card.
Once the Thankbox is sent the recipient gets a secure link to complete this self-issue process.

How safe are creator and contributor payment details?

Thankbox uses Stripe as our payment provider. They are the gold standard for internet payments, used by companies such as Airbnb, Lyft and They handle all of the payment details, including security. 

All collected gift card funds are stored in a dedicated secure bank account with limited access.

Is there a limit to how much cash can be collected for a gift card?

You can collect a maximum of £400/$400/€400 in a Classic Thankbox.

This limit is increased to £900/$900/€900 for a Premium Thankbox.

If you need to collect more than that amount (lucky recipient!) then you can create another Thankbox to handle the additional contributions. 

Can I pay for my Thankbox from the collected amount?

100% you can!

It's a great way to split the cost of sending the Thankbox between all the contributors. Just pick the Pay from your gift collection balance option when checking out.

Check out our support page for more info.
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