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Photo of Tsvetelina Hinova Tsvetelina Hinova 28 September 2023

Let’s Party! 20 Virtual Birthday Bash Ideas for Your Coworkers

Who says you can’t throw confetti and have a blast in the virtual world? The distance between you and your coworkers shouldn’t dim the dazzle of birthday celebrations. Here are our 20 unforgettable virtual birthday bash ideas. 

Establishing Trust in Your Workplace: 12 Highly Effective Approaches

Photo of Andy Cakebread Andy Cakebread 25 September 2023
Happy ethnic woman sitting at table with laptop

Trust is the foundation that turns an ordinary group of coworkers into an effective team. A team that works together to improve staff morale and achieve common goals. Unfortunately, in the absence of trust, tensions emerge. Here are 12 effective strategies to strengthen trust in your workplace.

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Saying Thank You to Coworkers: 30 Messages That Hit the Mark

Photo of Valentin Hinov Valentin Hinov 22 September 2023
A Person Holding a Gray Thank You Signage

Imagine an office where everyone feels seen, valued, and most importantly, appreciated. It sounds like a perfect work environment, doesn’t it? Well, it’s easier to create than you might think through the magic of two words – “thank you.” Here are 30 tried-and-tested thank-you messages that work.

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Boost Your Remote Working Skills with These 15 Tips

Photo of Tsvetelina Hinova Tsvetelina Hinova 19 September 2023
Remote working - woman sat on sofa with laptop

The future of work is right in your living room. How do we turn our homes from comfort zones to bustling productivity hubs? We've got 15 tips that promise to elevate your remote work game. 

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20 Office Christmas Party Ideas to Brighten Up the Holiday Season

Photo of Andy Cakebread Andy Cakebread 15 September 2023
Employees Having a Christmas Party

It’s that time of year again! Yes, the office Christmas party. Add a hearty “Ho, ho, ho!” to your office festivities with our guide to sprinkling some festive fun into the run up to Christmas.

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The Art of Active Listening: Enhancing Communication and Understanding at Work

Photo of Tsvetelina Hinova Tsvetelina Hinova 13 September 2023
Colleagues in a meeting active listening

Have you ever been stuck in one of those meetings where everyone's playing a high-stakes game of “Who Can Pretend to Listen the Best?” Active listening plays a massive role in workplace dynamics. This article from Thankbox offers 20 techniques to improve your active listening skills.

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40 Leaving Message Ideas for Colleagues Who Are Changing Jobs

Photo of Valentin Hinov Valentin Hinov 11 September 2023
Woman waving for leaving messages blog

Good coworkers are the unsung superheroes of the workplace. When they leave, it's about more than an empty chair. What better way to commemorate special moments than with a heart-warming leaving message? Discover 40 brilliantly crafted messages that say goodbye in every style.

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20 Perks that Matter: Exploring the Benefits that Enhance Job Satisfaction

Photo of Andy Cakebread Andy Cakebread 08 September 2023
Coworkers smiling together

Beyond the salary, job benefits are delightful extras that enhance an employment package, fostering workplace harmony. And happy employees become your company's biggest advocates. Explore the top 20 benefits that are making employers the talk of the town. 

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Game On: 20 Fun Office Games to Lighten the Mood

Photo of Tsvetelina Hinova Tsvetelina Hinova 05 September 2023
Office games and fun with a chair

We've seen those dazzling offices of Silicon Valley, where workspaces look more like playgrounds. Who says you can't turn your office into a hub of fun? With a sprinkle of creativity and embracing the lighter side of work, you can transform your office into a lively place where work meets play.

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Unique Presents: 20 Personalised Gift Ideas That Will Stand Out

Photo of Valentin Hinov Valentin Hinov 03 September 2023
Brick wall - make people feel loved painted on it

We’ve all been in this situation. Standing in a shop, the minutes ticking away, staring blankly praying for a flash of inspiration for the perfect gift. Enter personalised gifts that say, “I know you and this present is as unique as you are.” Find some inspiration right here.

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