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Desi is our frontline warrior when it comes to customer support. She always goes above and beyond to help our customers and make their Thankbox experience more joyful. When she’s not behind her laptop, writing emails left and right, you can find her baking delicious pastries and traveling around the world, so she can fill her scrapbook with precious memories.

Working in a Silo? Here’s How To Overcome It

Stressed woman working alone in the office

Teams that collaborate well are undoubtedly more productive and connected than those that don’t. If you find various individuals within your company are isolated from one another, that’s probably bad news. Join us as we explore how teams can improve their collaboration to avoid working in silos.

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How To Set Actionable Career Goals: Our 8 Steps to Advance Your Career

Smiling woman holding a document

Whether you're just starting out in your career or looking to make a significant pivot, having clear goals can guide your decisions and help keep you motivated when you feel like you’re drifting. Join us as we share practical steps to set clear, achievable career goals aligned with your aspirations.

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Soft Skills vs Hard Skills: What’s the Real Difference?

Smiling woman sitting by a window

Have you ever wondered what sets apart those colleagues who easily climb the career ladder from those who just tread water? The answer may surprise you—it’s not just about who brings the best biscuits! Enter the world of soft skills versus hard skills.

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How to Give Effective Manager Feedback (+ 60 Examples)

Photo of Desislava Cholakova Desislava Cholakova 18 April 2024
Two businessmen talking

What goes around comes around. Providing feedback to managers transforms the workplace, sparking positivity, boosting team spirit, and nurturing innovation, creating a cycle of appreciation and growth.

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Our Top 14 Wellness Program Ideas for Employees in 2024

Photo of Desislava Cholakova Desislava Cholakova 12 April 2024
Female office worker relaxing with her feet on a table

Workplace stress is at an all-time high, so companies need to take employee well-being seriously. While what your employees do outside of work is not up to you, companies can still try to ensure that work is not a dreadful place. So join us as we share our ideas for great employee wellness programs.

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Quiet Quitting Explained: Everything You Need To Know To Prevent It

Photo of Desislava Cholakova Desislava Cholakova 08 April 2024
Tired woman rests her head on a pile of books

The “quiet quitting” trend is spreading like wildfire on social media, but that doesn’t mean it’s not real. We’re starting to uncover that millions of employees may not enjoy being at work, and this is not good news for many companies. So, how can you combat this? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

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10 Strategies We Use to Foster Workplace Transparency

Photo of Desislava Cholakova Desislava Cholakova 24 March 2024
Group of people on their phones while seated by a window

Transparency at work is more than setting out clear instructions—it’s open, two-way communication between management and employees. The goal is to express expectations, feedback, and setbacks honestly and respectfully. Join us as we share our 10 suggestions for creating a more trustworthy workplace.

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Staying On Track: 10 Key HR Metrics We Recommend Tracking

Photo of Desislava Cholakova Desislava Cholakova 18 March 2024
Laptop screen with data analysis graphs and charts

Want to understand how your HR processes and initiatives actually impact your organization? Enter HR metrics—your tool for measuring and tracking the success of your HR efforts. In this blog, we’ll discuss 10 essential HR metrics you should be tracking to make sure you’re meeting your goals.

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How to Make Your Employees Feel Valued at Work: Our Top 13 Tips

Photo of Desislava Cholakova Desislava Cholakova 09 March 2024
Employees raising their hands while smiling

If you think telling your employees “well done” is enough on its own to show appreciation, then you’re sadly mistaken! You need to build a culture of appreciation that’s genuine and thoughtful. It’s the key ingredient for creating a team that’s strong and united. Join us as we share our 13 ideas.

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Happy at Work: 12 Ways We Create a Happier Workplace

Photo of Desislava Cholakova Desislava Cholakova 01 March 2024
Woman in blue suit jacket

Let’s face it–the workplace isn’t often associated with happiness. Yet, it’s where your employees spend a lot of their time. Happiness at work isn’t just a win for employees, it ensures the company is operating at its full potential. So, join us as we share 12 tips for creating a happier workplace.

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