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20 Leaving Present Ideas to Show Them They'll Be Missed

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With over 60% of workers considering switching jobs in 2023, bidding farewell to a beloved colleague or friend is becoming much more common. And even though goodbyes are never easy, there’s no reason they need to be a total bummer.

The bittersweet moment when a co-worker bids you adieu is the perfect opportunity for a bit of peer recognition that shows just how much you value their camaraderie. So, let’s turn those frowns upside down and send them off with a thoughtful farewell gift they’ll cherish forever!

That’s why, here at Thankbox, we’ll be helping you pick a gift that screams, “We get you!” So, if you’re looking for inspiration, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! We’ve got 20 awesome farewell gifts that are guaranteed to impress.

Let’s go!

Personalised gift ideas

1. Send a group leaving card and share the love with Thankbox

There’s no better way to honour a beloved team member than by creating something with all the friends they’ve made during their time at the company. Thankbox’s stylish online group leaving cards allow you and your colleagues to send heartfelt messages that they can look back on forever.

An example of a Thankbox for a colleague leaving

Through a user-friendly interface, Thankbox enables teammates to personalise their messages in a single e-card with fun GIFs, images, and videos to create a truly unique online farewell card

2. Effortless gifting with Thankbox’s group gift cards

Simplify the gifting process by letting everyone pitch in for a Thankbox group gift card collection. It’s fast, secure, and hassle-free! The lucky recipient will receive their Thankbox and gift card simultaneously – adding a personal touch to your monetary gift.

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Celebrate a fruitful working relationship with Thankbox gift cards! Contributing to the gift is a breeze for everyone on your team. 

With the ability to spend the money at over 700 popular retailers worldwide – including Amazon, ASOS, and John Lewis  – Thankbox gift cards are a brilliant option for a group gift that's hassle-free and always appreciated.


3. Personalised photo albums

A customised photo album brimming with memories is the perfect way to showcase shared experiences – no doubt you’ll have a lot to choose from! Fill the album with pictures of unforgettable moments, inside jokes, or team events to remind them of the great times you’ve shared.

4. Engraved jewellery

Strengthen your connection with a personalised piece of jewellery, such as a bracelet, necklace, or ring (…my precious!), by engraving their initials or a significant date.

5. Custom portraits

Turn to a talented artist to capture the essence of your departing colleague. A one-of-a-kind portrait immortalises their time with your company and makes for a beautiful decorative piece in their new space. 

A personalised portrait representation

6. Handwritten letters

Pour your heart out in a handwritten letter expressing your sentiments and appreciation. Consider framing this heartfelt piece of writing to create a lasting keepsake they can display on their wall or desk, constantly reminding them of the special bond you share.

Practical gift ideas

7. Passport covers

A chic, customised passport cover marries practicality with sentimentality. By protecting their most important travel document, you’re also gifting a stylish accessory that sparks memories every time it’s used.

8. Desk organisers

Make the transition to a new workspace smoother with a stunning desk organiser. A clutter-free environment will help them stay focused and productive while reminding them of their old colleagues and friends.

9. Stylish stationery

Nothing says “you’ll be missed” quite like elegant pens, notebooks, or planners. These sophisticated items are not only practical but also serve as a constant reminder of their time with your company.

10. Luggage tags

Surprise them with a personalised luggage tag — a thoughtful companion for their future escapades. Not only will it help them easily identify their belongings, but it also serves as a constant reminder of your friendship on their journeys.

A picture of luggage

Experience-based gifts

11. Cooking classes

For the budding Gordon Ramsay, a cooking class presents an excellent opportunity to discover new recipes and techniques. Gift them a class that aligns with their culinary interests.

12. Dance lessons

Help your colleague gain new experiences by gifting them with dance lessons in their favourite style (or something entirely new)!

13. Spa day

Everyone deserves a little pampering now and then. Gift your departing co-worker a rejuvenating spa day to help them unwind and recharge before embarking on their next journey.

14. Local attractions

Provide an opportunity to explore their new surroundings with vouchers for local attractions or activities. This thoughtful gift allows them to immerse themselves in the local culture.

Sentimental gifts

15. Customised playlist

Curate a playlist featuring songs that hold significance to your departing co-worker and capture the spirit of their time at your company.

A woman with headphones - customised playlist

16. Memory books

Compile heartfelt messages and memories from colleagues or friends into a memory book.

17. Signed mementoes from the team

Unite the entire team to create a lasting keepsake by signing a significant item like a picture or piece of artwork. As they look at the autographs and messages, they’ll be reminded of the special connections they share. 

18. Memory jar

Create a heart-warming keepsake by filling a jar with handwritten notes, anecdotes, or inside jokes from the entire team. Allowing them to dip in and out whenever the mood strikes.

Fun and quirky gifts

19. Funny t-shirts

Give them a good laugh with a humorous t-shirt featuring an inside joke or a witty message. This amusing gift will bring a smile to their face and remind them of the light moments they experienced in the workplace.

A woman laughing

20. Custom bobbleheads

Immortalise your co-worker with a custom bobblehead that resembles them. This light-hearted keepsake will add some fun to their new desk and is the perfect ice-breaker for meeting new people. 

Say the perfect goodbye with Thankbox

Whether you choose a practical, sentimental, humorous, or experience-based gift, the most important thing is to ensure that it reflects the unique bond you share with your departing colleague.

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With this in mind, Thankbox prides itself on turning a sombre goodbye into a celebration they’ll never forget with personalised messages, creative e-cards, and flexible gift cards.

Create a Thankbox today and say goodbye in the best possible way.

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