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Photo of Andy Cakebread Andy Cakebread 20 June 2022

What to Write in a Leaving Card

Life is full of milestones, and changing jobs is certainly one of them. If you work in an office you’ll face a situation of a leaving card at some point. Traditionally, someone would hand you a paper card with statements and other co-workers’ signatures on it. No more.

What to Write in Your Teacher Appreciation Card

Photo of Andy Cakebread Andy Cakebread 14 June 2022
A teacher reading to a primary school class

The vast majority of the public value teachers. Well-written thank you cards for teachers are well-received and highly appreciated. Here are a few tips on what to write and what makes the ideal teacher appreciation card.

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Creative Graduation Gift Giving Tips

Photo of Valentin Hinov Valentin Hinov 09 June 2022
An image of a class celebrating its graduation.

With summer around the corner, it means only one thing — graduation season! How to celebrate when friends and family are spread around the globe? Here are a few practical and creative ideas.

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The Best Way to Collect Money for a Gift

Photo of Andy Cakebread Andy Cakebread 06 June 2022
A wrapped gift with a Just for you card as a personalised celebration

There are so many life events and occasions for people - coworkers, friends or family - to celebrate a worthy person with a card and collection pot for a gift. But what is the best way that guarantees everybody has the chance to contribute? Here is some useful insight...

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The Best Birthday Wishes for a Teacher

Photo of Andy Cakebread Andy Cakebread 03 May 2022
Teachers playing with happy young children in class.

Teachers are an inspiration, so when it's time to send them birthday wishes, it’s important you get things right. However, it can seem much harder to find the right thing to send to a teacher versus a family member or a friend. See our most popular and original teacher birthday birthday wishes.

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Best Things to Write in a Housewarming Card

Photo of Valentin Hinov Valentin Hinov 03 May 2022
Young couple moving into their new home

While housewarming might be an unspoken rule in many neighbourhoods and areas around the world, it can often be hard to find what to write on a card. Here's a great big curated list of message ideas from long to short via funny, with some appropriate endings too.

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The Best Non-Baby Gifts for New Parents.

Photo of Andy Cakebread Andy Cakebread 26 April 2022
An image of a lady in a state of blissful sleep with a memory foam pillow

Although new parents deserve congratulations and support with a new baby, small gifts can quickly grow overwhelming. After all, the baby isn’t the only one dealing with something new – parenting can be a quick change for couples, and sometimes they’ll need a little something special.

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Thoughtful & Easy Last-minute Wedding Gifts

Photo of Valentin Hinov Valentin Hinov 18 April 2022
Image of a peach covered wedding gift box with ribbon

With COVID restrictions loosening up and the wedding season almost at the front door, couples are rushing to plan their special day. And, weddings that were postponed can now go ahead. Scouting for last-minute gifts? Thankbox is here to provide a list of thoughtful last-minute wedding gift ideas.

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Sir David Attenborough - Happy 96th Birthday!

Photo of Andy Cakebread Andy Cakebread 11 April 2022
David Attenborough at the Great Barrier Reef presenting.

He’s an inspiration. David Attenborough has done more than anyone to show the world why we need to care for planet Earth. For the first time, anyone, anywhere in the world, can send him their birthday wishes. And directly help the charity he is a VP of protect Earth's most vulnerable residents.

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Best Appreciation Gifts For Remote Employees.

Photo of Valentin Hinov Valentin Hinov 04 April 2022
A home office with plants on desk and in surroundings

It can be easy to take the work of remote employees for granted. After all, you don't see them face-to-face every day. If you want to show your appreciation for all that remote employees do, the Thankbox team has put together this list of inexpensive gifts and virtual thank-you ideas.

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