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Send Them Off Right: 20 Retirement Gifts for Coworkers

Photo of Andy Cakebread Andy Cakebread 11 November 2023
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Ah, retirement – that moment when our trusty desk-mates trade in spreadsheets for sun hats and Monday meetings for Monday gardening. After years of sharing coffee breaks, project victories, and knowing eye-brow raises during team meetings, it’s only right that we send them off in style.

Think about it, how many times has that retiring colleague saved your day, made you laugh, or been there as a listening ear? Their departure isn’t just about them clocking out for good – it’s the end of an era for the team.

If you’re searching for the perfect farewell token, Thankbox has your back. We’ve gathered a list of 20 unique and thoughtful retirement gift ideas that’ll have them starting this new chapter with a grateful heart and a big ol’ smile.

To make things easier, we’ve split our list into the following sections: 

  • Personalised retirement gifts

  • Experience-based retirement gifts

  • Practical retirement gifts

  • Thoughtful retirement gifts

Let’s get started!

Personalised retirement gifts

1. Group e-cards

In an era driven by digital connections, group e-cards, particularly from platforms like Thankbox, are redefining how we celebrate milestones. Thankbox lets teams compile heartfelt messages, GIFs, images, and videos into one dynamic online retirement card.

Thankbox retirement sample page

Whether in a busy office or collaborating remotely, gathering messages becomes seamless. Everyone gets to pitch in, ensuring the retiring individual receives a collective token of appreciation. It’s an interactive memento they can revisit anytime, anywhere. If you’re stuck with what to write, check out these 40 heartfelt retirement messages.

2. Personalised calendar

A personalised calendar celebrates every month with snapshots of team milestones. From office celebrations to casual coffee breaks, it’s a daily stroll down memory lane, making the year ahead chock-full of fond recollections.

3. Customised keepsake box

A customised keepsake box offers retirees a special place to store tokens from their working years – awards, photos, or even their favourite pen (everybody has one!). Craft with care and adorn with their name or a meaningful quote.

4. Engraved watch or clock

Engraved wooden watch

An engraved watch or clock isn’t just about tracking time but honouring years of dedication. With a personal touch, it’s a stylish nod to the hours they spent with the team.

5. Personalised retirement book

A retirement book, bursting with pictures, stories, and inside jokes, is a heartfelt compilation of a retiree’s journey. Each page resonates with gratitude. We guarantee this is a book they’ll finish – we’re looking at you “War and Peace!”

Confetti icon Make your colleague's retirement truly special!

With Thankbox, everyone on your team can easily contribute, no matter how busy their schedules are. It's as simple as sharing a cherished memory, photo, or personal message, and at the end, you will create a truly personalized and touching gift they'll treasure forever.

Experience-based retirement gifts

6. Weekend getaway

A weekend getaway, whether to a countryside B&B or a bustling city, is a refreshing change of scenery from broken printers and the office biscuit run. It’s a chance for the retiree to explore, unwind, and make new memories.

7. Spa day

Woman in a bathtub

Retirement is about unwinding and what better way to start than a day at the spa? From deep-tissue massages to rejuvenating facials, a spa day is a token of relaxation. Best of all, they spend the whole day in a dressing gown (minus the guilt!).

8. Hobby classes

After working alongside them for years, you’ve got a good sense of what makes them tick. Gifting a hobby class related to their interests – pottery, photography, or ballroom dancing – can be a delightful surprise. 

9. Concert or theatre tickets

Do you have a co-worker who’s always humming show tunes or performing air guitar to boost staff morale? Here’s their chance to see the pros in action! Gift them tickets to a concert, play, or musical.

10. Wine or beer tasting experience

Man pouring wine into a glass

If they used to swirl their coffee like they were in the film Sideways or claimed they could “taste the hops” in their canned lager? It’s time to put their taste buds to the test with a wine or beer-tasting experience!

Practical retirement gifts

11. Travel essentials

After years of being desk-bound, your colleague might be itching to explore the world or even the neighbouring towns. Gift them a quality luggage set or handy packing accessories.

12. Gardening kit

For those swapping boardrooms for allotments, a gardening kit paves the way for a green-thumbed adventure. Just watch out – they might return to the office boasting about their marrows and tulips!

13. Audiobook subscription

A couple sharing earphones while using the same smartphone

An audiobook subscription is perfect for the retiring bookworm. Now they can delve into countless stories without the weight of heavy books or late library fees. After all, a retirement bursting with plot twists and cliffhangers sounds pretty good!

14. Fitness tracker

Retirement can be an active chapter! Gift them a fitness tracker to encourage steps, swims, or even paddleboarding. It’s a nifty way to motivate a healthy retirement and perhaps beat their personal best  – which is hopefully more than just walking to the fridge.

15. Polaroid camera

Say “cheese” to memories in the making! With a Polaroid camera, your colleague can instantly capture their retirement shenanigans and adventures. Plus, there’s no need to wait for digital uploads!

Thoughtful retirement gifts

16. Digital gift card

Amazon gift card

Dive into the world of digital gifting with Thankbox gift cards. From global retail giants like Amazon to boutique stores, Thankbox partners with over 700 retailers, ensuring the retiree finds their perfect pick.

Confetti icon Make your colleague's retirement truly special!

With Thankbox, everyone on your team can easily contribute, no matter how busy their schedules are. It's as simple as sharing a cherished memory, photo, or personal message, and at the end, you will create a truly personalized and touching gift they'll treasure forever.

17. Retirement survival kit 

Pack a whimsical box with fun items – think of board games, a “retirement for dummies” guide, or some of their favourite treats. It’s a fun, lighthearted way to step into retirement, one chuckle at a time.

18. Donation to a chosen charity

Recognise their values and causes by donating in their name to a charity they hold dear. It’s a thoughtful gesture that extends the impact they’ve made at your workplace.

19. An assortment of coffee

Man sitting at a table and drinking coffee

Celebrate their newfound free mornings with a curated box of gourmet coffee blends. Perfect for those lazy days or for fueling new adventures.

20. A cookbook of office favourite recipes 

Everyone remembers those dishes that were the talk of the lunchroom. Compile those beloved recipes into a cookbook so they can recreate the flavours and memories of the office.

Wrapping up

Retirement is both an ending and a new beginning. As we bid adieu, offer a gift that shows your appreciation and captures shared moments. From tangible tokens to memorable experiences, our suggestions bridge the gap between coffee spills and future thrills.

For those looking for a contemporary touch, consider the digital world of Thankbox. It’s more than just a gift – it’s a treasure trove of memories and wishes. Make your farewell unforgettable and create a Thankbox today.

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