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Outstanding 50th Birthday Gift Ideas: Selections for Everyone

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Welcome to the fabulous fifties! 

The big five-0. Half a century. It’s a milestone that calls for more than just a few streamers and a Colin the Caterpillar birthday cake (even though they are delicious). It’s a celebration of life, wisdom, and adventures yet to come.

But how do you find a gift that embraces the spirit of this golden jubilee? A gift that perfectly captures the recipient's persona and adds that extra dash of joy to their special day – whether they want to admit it or not! Fear not, Thankbox is here to help.

We’ve curated a list of 15 remarkable 50th birthday gift ideas, each brimming with the potential to be a showstopper. So grab a cup of your favourite brew, make yourself comfortable, and get ready to become the best gift-giver in town. 

Let’s get started!

The best 50th birthday gift ideas in 2023

In this collection, you’ll discover gift ideas for every personality, from adrenaline-pumping adventures to heartfelt mementoes. So, forget your run-of-the-mill birthday list and let’s dive in:

1. Thankbox online birthday card

Dive into the digital age with our top pick – Thankbox birthday ecards. Not that we’re ones to toot our own horn, but our chic, easy-to-create e-card offers a unique and personal way to share birthday wishes online, and best of all, it’s collaborative!

Thankbox Birthday landing page

Invite friends, family, and colleagues to add personalised messages, birthday celebration GIFs, photos, and videos to their e-cards. And if you’re struggling with the right words to say, check out our article, “How to write the best virtual birthday card,” for some winning inspiration.

Our group cards are a deeply personal way to celebrate a 50th birthday, with all well-wishes and happy memories in one place. It’s a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

2. Thankbox gift card

Alongside your digital birthday card, you can collect money for a group gift in a single click. So, while adding heartfelt and personalised messages, everyone can chip in towards a gift – making it a shared and joyful experience. 

Thankbox Gift Card landing page heading

The lucky recipient can choose a digital gift card from a collection of over 700 stores worldwide – including Amazon, John Lewis, and M&S. This ensures they receive a 50th birthday gift they’ll love and more importantly, use!


3. Luxurious weekend getaway

A 50th birthday is a great excuse to indulge in luxury. A weekend getaway at a high-end resort, boutique hotel, or fancy Airbnb provides a relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With stunning views and comforts befitting Downton Abbey, this is a gift they’ll never forget.

4. Vintage year wine

For wine lovers, a bottle of vintage wine from their birth year makes a sentimental gift. As they uncork their well-aged bottle, they’ll find a connection between the wine’s age and their journey. This gift celebrates their milestone in a unique and, more importantly, tasteful manner.

5. Skydiving experience

If the birthday person is Tom Cruise or has an adventurous streak (we’re thinking the latter), a skydiving experience is the ultimate thrill ride. There’s nothing quite like the adrenaline rush of free-falling through the sky. 

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that's the perfect answer to awkward team-building exercises – you know, the ones that involve sharing “fun facts” about yourself.

person wearing blue-and-white VANS looking out of aircraft

6. Personalised star map

A personalised star map is a present that’s truly out of this world. This unique gift shows the alignment of the stars at a specific time and place - such as the recipient’s birthday. Check out these custom star maps from Etsy and take a snapshot of their past.

7. Customised photo book

A customised photo book is a lovely walk down memory lane. Fill their book with photographs spanning the five decades of their life, capturing milestones like their 18th birthday, achievements, and fun moments they can look back on and say, “What was I thinking wearing that?

8. Jewellery

You knew it was coming – a thoughtfully chosen or personalised piece of jewellery to celebrate a 50th birthday serves as a heartfelt and lasting memento. After all, jewellery is more than just an accessory, it tells a story – a story that shines.

9. Gourmet cooking class

Consider booking a gourmet cooking class for food enthusiasts and budding Gordon Ramseys (minus the temper and swear jar). Learning to create delicious culinary delights under the wing of a professional is not just educational but incredibly fun. Especially as cooking classes are the gift that keeps on giving!

salmon and sauce fine dining

10. Garden tool set

A high-quality gardening tool set could be just the ticket if they have a green thumb. This practical gift can include anything from ergonomic trowels to pruning shears, making their gardening tasks much more comfortable and efficient.  

11. Artisanal cheese-making kit

If they love trying new things in the kitchen, an artisanal cheese-making kit takes the cake (or, more likely “cracker”). This hands-on culinary experience not only results in delicious homemade cheese but also a fun new skill to master! Take a look at these artisan cheese-making kits from Cheese Monkey.

12. Personalised novelty items

Everyone enjoys items that reflect their interests. From custom puzzles showcasing their favourite artwork to novelty coffee mugs with their most-used catchphrase, personalised novelty items add a fun and unique touch to their special day.

13. Classic vinyl records

There’s no denying it – vinyl records are back! For the audiophile who cherishes the nostalgia and warmth of records, gifting classic records is a great way to show you care. Whether they’re into rock, jazz, pop, or classical, your gift will enrich their music collection.

Vinyl records in a store

14. Spa gift set

As we all know, some birthday celebrations can be stressful. Thankfully, pampering comes to the rescue. These spa gift sets from Not On The High Street are filled with luxurious items like essential oils, candles, and face masks, encouraging relaxation and self-care – all from the comfort of their home.

15. Afternoon tea experience

Speaking of relaxation, an afternoon tea experience promises a delightful mix of finger sandwiches, scones, biscuits, and enough tea to sink a ship. It’s an elegant respite and a charming opportunity for warm conversations and laughter. 

Add extra sparkle to their 50th with Thankbox

Turning 50 calls for a gift as unique as the individual marking it! Whether it’s a nostalgic trip down memory lane, an exhilarating adventure, or a personal treasure, the perfect gift lies in understanding the recipient's preferences and adding a personal touch.

So, as you embark on the journey to find the ideal 50th birthday gift, celebrate the gift of giving and create a memorable experience with Thankbox. With Thankbox, you’re not only toasting their big day but also the relationships they’ve made along the way. 

Birthday Thankbox

Ready to make their 50th birthday unforgettable? Start creating your personalised Thankbox today!

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