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The 13 Best Birthday Celebration GIFs

Photo of Andy Cakebread Andy Cakebread 31 March 2022
Crazy zebra birthday dance

Birthday celebrations. Everybody, everywhere in the world celebrates a birthday. Different cultures celebrate according to their traditions and values. Now, the birthday celebration featuring cards, cakes, candles and gifts is a common tradition across the world - often with an out of tune rendition of 'Happy Birthday to You' sung in many local languages.

In a more digital world, birthday celebrations are changing. Families and friendship groups are often spread around world. So, while celebration traditions remain, how we celebrate a birthday has evolved.

Online birthday cards are more and more popular. And they're fun. An online birthday card is so much more than a short written greeting - with video, images, and the ever popular GIF enabling a huge number of creative options. Family, friends, and co-workers can let their creative juices loose by joining in the fun with a group card.

Include a gift collection pot for an e-gift card and birthday girls and boys really can get their cake and eat it. With candles! Hosting an online birthday celebration is easy and enables everyone, anywhere to join the fun.

A very common way to personalise ecards is through the humble GIF. They reflect shared experiences, character traits, and personalities. The birthday GIF is hugely adaptable and relatable. A winner all round.


Here’s our celebration curation of, well, birthday celebration GIFs.

How many of the following do you know?

1. When the excitement fuses totally pop - source
A baby very excited about a birthday present
2. There's got to be a birthday diva (and a cat) right? - source
A diva cat stares at a birthday cake
3. Grandad had too much magic party punch? - source
Crazy dancing birthday celebrations
4. 'Open mine, open mine' trying hard not to let on what the gift is - source
Two cats with crazy chattering teeth

Birthday cake icon Get those creative juices going.

Start your best ever birthday card for a family member, friend or co-worker now!

5. The 'save some for others' cake lover - source
Baby cannot keep face out of cake
6. Those pesky birthday forgetting parents☹️- oh wait 😮- source
Crazy zebra birthday dance
7. Be caaaaalm and soak up the birthday love - source
A pug staring at a birthday muffin with candle
8. The healthy one, kind of missing the point of birthday cake! - source
A GIF of a healthy birthday cake option!
9. The cool dude now grown up dab meister! - source
18th birthday celebration dab
10. The temperamental, hard to impress, type - source
Dog pawing a birthday cake in disgust!
11. Go on then, just another cheeky one - source
GIF saying just another tequila
12. What's all the fuss about? Oh, me! - source
GIF downplaying a birthday

And finally....

13. If it's your birthday - have a good one 🎉 - source
Bill Murray wishing you a happy birthday


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