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Celebrate for Free: Where to Find the Best Free Birthday Cards Online

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Forget sprinting to the postbox in your dressing gown or queuing for stamps on your lunch break – e-cards have changed the game forever. In the digital era of 2023, staying connected with our loved ones has become as easy as pie!

Whether they’re living next door or in another part of the country, free online cards offer a fantastic way to let friends and family know you’re thinking of them. And the best part? You don’t have to spend a single penny to brighten someone’s day!

That’s why here at Thankbox, we’ve cherry-picked the best websites that provide top-notch, completely free online birthday cards. From heartfelt messages to Beyonce-level celebrations, we’ve got you covered!

Why are online birthday cards the way forward?

In our fast-paced, tech-savvy world, digital birthday cards have carved out their special place alongside traditional greetings. Let’s uncover their unique benefits and why they’ve grown so popular:

  • Instant delight and delivery: In just a few clicks, you can send a virtual birthday card that arrives within seconds. This ensures your heartfelt wishes arrive promptly, most likely before they’ve tucked into their breakfast in bed. And best of all, there’s no need to worry about delivery times!

  • Eco-friendly and sustainable option: By adopting online congratulations cards, you minimise paper waste and your carbon footprint, elevating your eco-friendly principles. Take Thankbox’s sustainability pledge – we plant a tree for every 10th Thankbox sold. To date, we’ve planted enough trees to fill over 180 tennis courts! We also raised over £5,000 for FFI in honour of Sir David Attenborough's 96th birthday!

Thankbox Sustainability Pledge
  • Limitless creativity: Online platforms provide an array of visually captivating designs, animated elements, and multimedia features. The ability to personalise greetings with fun animations and embedded music offers an immersive experience that takes celebrations to the next level.

It’s easy to see why people are hopping on the digital bandwagon and celebrating with flair, speed, and a touch of eco-consciousness. While there is a delight to opening a physical card, nothing compares to unleashing your inner Banksy and creating a digital card they’ll receive in a flash!

7 Popular platforms for free online birthday cards

When it comes to finding the best free digital birthday cards, several platforms offer a range of basic cards and customisable options. Here are seven websites that offer free digital birthday cards: 

1. Thankbox

With Thankbox, our group birthday e-cards are truly one-of-a-kind. 

It’s not just a card – it’s a collaborative effort where everyone adds a unique touch to their well-wishes. From heartfelt messages to funny GIFs, individual personalities shine through. Check out our online birthday cards page to find out more info.

Thankbox Birthday landing page

While Thankbox isn’t free, if you’ve added a collection pot for everyone to contribute for a Thankbox gift card, you can use the gift collection balance to cover the cost of a Thankbox e-card. 

So, if your collected amount covers the entire expense, you won’t have to pay anything separately. And since everyone can contribute to the same pot, it’s a real win-win situation!


2. Canva

With its extensive collection of free digital birthday templates, Canva is a go-to destination for vibrant and creative designs. From cute and whimsical to elegant and modern, they offer a wide range of styles to suit every recipient's taste.

Canva birthday card example

Canva provides a user-friendly service, making it ideal if you prefer an effortless approach. With helpful guides and detailed how-tos, you’re in safe hands if you’re new to online templates.

3. Greetings Island

Known for its customisation tools and diverse collection, Greetings Island offers an assortment of free entry-level digital birthday cards. 

With easy-to-navigate categories and filters, finding the perfect card is as easy as one, two, three! Plus, they frequently update their selection with fresh and trendy designs. 

Greetings Islands example

Greetings Island presents endless possibilities for customisation – whether you want to start from scratch with your own design or utilise their existing templates, the choice is yours. FYI, avoid cards that say premium as they require a fee. 

4. Blue Mountain

For those who appreciate minimalist and modern designs – Blue Mountain is a treasure trove. Their free digital birthday cards feature clean lines, bold colours, and eye-catching fonts, making them perfect for sending sleek and stylish birthday wishes.

Blue Mountain Cards

While Blue Mountain requires a membership fee, we’ve included it in our list as it offers a complimentary seven-day free trial. So, jump on the offer before it slips through your fingers!

5. 123Greetings

If you’re looking for a combination of customisable templates and ready-to-send digital cards, 123Greetings can help. They provide a range of options that can be personalised with images and even video greetings.


With the flexibility to send your card immediately or schedule it for up to two months in advance, you’re in the driving seat in terms of delivery. Additionally, you even have the option to send to multiple recipients at once.

6. Punchbowl

With a focus on fun and playful designs, Punchbowl offers a good selection of free digital birthday cards that’ll bring a smile to anyone’s face. From adorable animals to quirky illustrations, their cards capture glee perfectly – they even offer pet birthday cards!

Punchbowl cards

As with Blue Mountain, take advantage of Punchbowl’s seven-day free trial while you still can! 

7. WWF (World Wildlife Fund)

Discover the wealth of adorable free e-cards from WWF (World Wildlife Fund) that showcase captivating animals in their natural habitats. WWF offers a variety of unique cards that’ll captivate the hearts of adults and children alike.

WWF birthday cards

Step into a world of wonder and celebrate the recipients and the incredible wildlife inhabiting our planet. While the cards are free, you must provide some personal details, such as name, address, and email.

Show some love with free online birthday cards

In just a few clicks, creating personalised and visually captivating e-cards that highlight your appreciation is easy. With these free cards, you can unleash your inner artist and add a new layer to birthday celebrations.

So, why wait? 

Ditch the dressing gown and stamps and embrace the convenience and creativity of digital cards. Speaking of creativity, Thankbox’s stylish e-card designs and personalisation options make it the perfect tool for leaving a long-lasting impression. 

And remember, adding a collection for a gift-card and paying for the card from the balance effectively makes a premium product totally free!

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Create a Thankbox today and start celebrating!

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