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3 Stories Celebrating the Gift of Giving

Photo of Andy Cakebread Andy Cakebread 08 December 2021
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It’s that time where giving and ‘goodwill to all’ takes centre stage as the year comes to a close and we celebrate with family and friends.  Because Thankbox is all about celebrating the good, appreciating the inspirational, and giving thanks to those most dear in our lives - at home or at work - it’s a favourite time of year for us (not forgetting indulgent feasting and sparkly lights 😉).

In our monthly look at individuals, innovations and initiatives that make us appreciate all the good going on in the world we have honed in on ‘giving’. Celebrating the selfless and inspirational acts of individuals that deserve a collective round of applause and, if we could, a huge group ‘thank you’.

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1. Luna and Her Dad Drive Emergency Shelters 

This is a heart-warming tale of a young girl and her dad. Having seen the devastation caused by the other-worldly California wildfires in 2018, Luna (then aged 6) and her dad decided (as you do!) to drive an unwanted RV from Colorado and provide emergency shelter to those whose homes had been destroyed.  Now, three years on, more than 20 RVs have found their way to firefighters, first-responders and veterans who have lost everything. Over a 100 more have been donated as word spread.  

Luna and her Dad in Santa hat with one of the emergency RVs to help the homeless from Californian wildfires

It proves that by giving you also get back. Spending time on the road together Luna and her dad have had a priceless experience and undoubtedly learned many life lessons along the way. They've made lifelong friends and resulted in a girl who has gained wisdom beyond her young years. 

Luna’s advice about making a positive difference in life? “Be nicer to each other”. It’s really that simple. See the video story here.

2. Chef’s Create Recipe for Wholesome Lives

It’s been a tough year in many ways for a lot of people. Now, rising bills - crucially heating and food - will increasingly leave many more households struggling to cope. With food poverty volleyed into the mainstream media by Marcus Rashford, we went looking for other positive stories, but ones where everyday folk are cooking up positive change.

Chefs in Schools is, literally, inspiring. All started by Nicole Pisani who stepped side-ways in her career, swapping her head chef role in a professional kitchen for a school canteen in Hackney, London. She retrained school cooks, transformed school meals and took over the cooking curriculum to teach the kids all about food. Packets and processed ingredients out, seasonal and fresh produce in - even daily bread baking.

Nicole Pasani and Chefs in Schools, London

The movement now has a team of chef trainers who visit schools, design menus and provide on-going help to participating schools.  Over 20,000 children now benefit from the initiative daily. But the value goes far beyond giving nutritious and balanced meals. Countless young people get a food education and hands-on experience that will serve them (and their future families) well in later life. That is a huge benefit to society. All inspired by one, unselfish, lady who gave her time and talents in wanting to make a difference.

3. Fashioning Humanity from Giving your Best

Here’s a story of commitment and innovation. One that rewards receiver and giver immeasurably.  A lady from Uruguay, living and working in Cambridge since 2006, speaks six languages, has lived on five continents and, in her words, is “passionate about using my immigrant privilege to help those who deserve to live here more than I do, and yet  face many more barriers than me”. 

Lockdown prevented Sol from giving first-hand refugee assistance in Calais and Cambridge. It also proved the catalyst for Give your Best - a way of unwanted fashion items finding new owners. Here’s the magic. Nobody donates. They gift. And those in need choose from the shop what they want to wear. This is more than a cold exchange of goods.  It delivers empowerment to people in a desperate, often destitute, and precarious situation. It returns a feeling of humanity through choice and connection.  Proving really that what you do is only part of the story. How you do it makes a huge difference - currently over 600 refugee women have felt empowered and had some priceless human dignity restored at a time of greatest need.

Give Your Best, Cambridge illustration

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