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How to Write the Best Virtual Birthday Card

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You know that moment of panic that ensues the minute you’ve realized that tomorrow is a loved one’s birthday? You quickly scramble to buy a card at the store, rush it to the post office in hopes that it arrives on time, leaving you little to no time to even think about purchasing a gift. But, you care about your friend, family member, or coworker on their special day. Need a fast solution? 

Send them a virtual birthday card online! You may be thinking, how do I do that? Well, you may be surprised with just how easy, fast, and simple it can be. With a platform like Thankbox, the hard work is already done for you. All that you have to do is select your card, gather your messages from friends, family, and coworkers, and schedule it to send off!  

Its as simple and easy as that. If you’re not exactly sure how to make your birthday card as meaningful as possible, or how to even make one, here’s how to add that special touch. We’ve created your all-encompassing guide to creating virtual birthday cards online, complete with our go-to tips for making someone feel special. So rest assured, you don’t have to do much. 

"Brilliant - made my daughter's day. She wasn't long in Texas for study abroad when it was her birthday. Three family generations, UK friends, old school friends, and new US friends all added messages and chipped in to the collection pot."

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Customize it! 

Virtual greeting card platforms offer you the customizability that paper cards at the grocery store can’t match. You can create your own greeting message, opening the door of opportunity far beyond just “Happy Birthday”. You can choose your fonts, colors, backgrounds and images to include in your card.

Not feeling creative? Templates take care of all the extra work by offering tried & true messaging, aesthetically appealing fonts and colors, and thoughtfully designed layouts. Essentially, templates provide the foundation for you to create the birthday card for your coworker or loved one with as much free will or structure as you’d like. We recommend some personal messaging as it always lets your recipient know you care about them.

What’s the best font to use? Each font evokes a different type of emotion, so using the best font for the occasion is important. For birthdays, you’ll want to create a happy, playful, loving mood - which you can do using different styles of fonts. We suggest Love or Lt- Feelgood for birthdays, all available to choose from on Thankbox. Here’s a sneak peek into what they look like!

Thankbox Love font sampleThankbox LtFeelGood font sample

A birthday cake icon for a Thankbox virtual birthday card It's a birthday to remember when everyone celebrates

It takes a single click to start getting everyone to add their personal birthday greetings. For the price of a little paper card everyone the world over can contribute to a unique birthday celebration. We all feel better when the world loves us right?

Make it a group card! 

Two birthday cards are better than one, right? Well, what about five, ten, or fifteen? With a virtual birthday card, you can gather messages from friends, family, and coworkers all around the world to create the most thoughtful birthday cards in minutes. Instead of passing a paper card around the office as quickly and sneakily as possible, all you have to do is email the card to as many people as you’d like and watch the responses flow in. If you’re creating a card for a coworker and know they work across functions, teams, and countries, this is especially helpful to create a birthday card with messages from all around the world. 

Add in a gift!

Sending a friend or coworker a gift for their birthday can seem daunting - from choosing the right item to making sure it arrives where it should be on time. However, going the extra mile for someone you care about can make all the difference in making sure they have the best day. But if you’re not sure what they’d like and just want to give them some cash, it can be difficult to find how to send money safely and securely. Virtual birthday cards make this process a whole lot simpler, not to mention safer. In addition to sending your card online, you can send money as a “gift” along with it on one platform and in one place. With the option to completely customize the amount of money you’d like to send, Thankbox is a safe and secure way to let someone know you care without spending too much time shopping for and shipping a gift. 

Include pictures! 

Happy 50th Birthday Balloons

Whether you’re celebrating the birthday of a friend, a coworker, or a family member, including a picture always adds a special touch. Instead of printing out a photo, cutting it and pasting it to a paper card - spare yourself a minute and do it online! A photo is a nice way to highlight a memory and let your recipient know that you care about them. Plus, you can add as many as you’d like without running out of paper. 

Add a gif! 

Happy Birthday Gif from The Office

With Thankbox, each card you send can include funny Gifs to make it that much more interactive. Maybe you and your loved one have a funny inside joke, a meme you always send back and forth, or you just want to make your birthday wish come to life. Just because you’re sending a birthday card online doesn’t mean it has to be boring or less memorable. Make it fun!

Add a video

During the midst of the recent lockdown period, you might’ve been tasked with by another friend or family member to create a short video wishing someone a happy birthday in lieu of a gathering. Or maybe, you had to coordinate one yourself. We all know how special a video can make someone feel, especially when face-to-face contact has been limited for so long. If you’re not tech-savvy or texting or emailing friends and family to send in their messages overwhelms you (we know the feeling!), a virtual birthday card may be your solution. With features that allow you to add in short videos, online birthday card platforms, like Thankbox, really take the work, stress, and coordination out of your birthday video message. Give everyone the option to add in a video when sending their birthday messages and your next electronic birthday card will be bursting with well wishes. 

Get ahead - schedule your card’s delivery! 

Happy birthday message attached to top of gift

Gone are the days of passing around a hallmark greeting card and pen to collect signatures, then sealing an envelope, finding a stamp, and sending your letter on its way (or to your coworker’s desk next door). Creating a birthday card online skips all those steps, or at least simplifies them. Once you’ve created your card, just send it to your recipient’s close friends, family, or coworkers if you’re in the office to collect thoughtful, special birthday messages, pictures and videos. Then, just schedule your cards delivery into your recipient’s mailbox. All from the start! Scheduling delivery is the easiest way to solidify on-time birthday arrival.

It’s easy to make friends, family, colleagues or loved ones feel, well, loved on their special day with online birthday cards. Time spent stressing about collecting enough messages and getting the card sent on time will be gone, leaving you with time to create meaningful messages without the rush. With the ability to send your card literally anywhere in the world to get signatures, you will be collecting messages from more people than you ever could have reached with a pen and paper. So get started today saving time, effort and stress by creating your next birthday card virtually

While there’s a variety of different virtual greeting card platforms online, not all are created equal. Thankbox allows you to make a group card with a number of features you can easily enable for a customised, unique, and personal card. Get started by creating your online birthday card with Thankbox and make those in your life feel special.

A birthday cake icon for a Thankbox virtual birthday card It's a birthday to remember when everyone celebrates

It takes a single click to start getting everyone to add their personal birthday greetings. For the price of a little paper card everyone the world over can contribute to a unique birthday celebration. We all feel better when the world loves us right?