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Peer-to-peer Recognition: 16 Ways to Shout Out Your Coworkers

Photo of Andy Cakebread Andy Cakebread 14 July 2023
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Ever had a truly amazing coworker? Did you show your appreciation? Sure, high-fives and “thank you” emails are nice, but there's a better way to spread gratitude in the workplace.

Recognising and appreciating your colleagues' contributions can lead to engaged and loyal employees. And what’s the best way to do this? Peer-to-peer recognition!

From sending thank-you cards with Thankbox to publicly recognising achievements, there are tons of ways to boost productivity and morale through peer-to-peer recognition. 

Want to learn how to implement a culture of peer-to-peer recognition in your workplace? Keep reading!

What Is Peer-to-peer Recognition?

Peer-to-peer recognition means appreciating a colleague's skills, talent, or work. Recognition from peers can be as impactful as recognition from bosses. Peers understand each other's everyday challenges and obstacles, making their recognition more meaningful.

Why Is Peer-to-peer Recognition Important?

Peer-to-peer recognition has been shown to have positive effects on the work environment, including various advantages.

  • Instils positive emotions: When employees receive acknowledgement from their coworkers, it boosts employee morale and creates a sense of value within the team.

  • Strengthens relationships: A peer to peer recognition fosters a sense of camaraderie and cooperation that can strengthen working relationships.

  • Promotes company values: With a peer recognition program, employees can promote company values which helps them build an understanding and awareness of what they look like in action and how they contribute to success. 

Peer-to-peer Recognition Strategies to Shout out Your Coworkers

Here are some strategies for acknowledging the hard work of your coworkers:

1. Send Employee Thank You Cards

Providing thank you cards that employees can send to their coworkers to recognise their contributions is a great way to boost morale (and retention). These cards can be used for small or large achievements and can be sent to anyone in the company.

With Thankbox, it’s easy for employees to personalise thank you cards with backgrounds, messages, images, GIFs, and more.

Thankbox Thank You Card Sample

2. Celebrate Work Anniversaries

Recognise employee work anniversaries by acknowledging their contributions to the company and thanking them for their dedication. This can be done through a company-wide email, a small gift, or a team celebration.

Work anniversaries are milestones for you and your peers. Thankbox lets you send your coworkers a work anniversary card full of encouragement and congratulations. 

Thankbox online work anniversary card sample

3. Use Social Recognition Feed 

One of the best ways to acknowledge your coworker’s hard work is by using a social recognition feed. This is essentially a virtual bulletin board where employees can post messages of appreciation, recognition, and motivation.

Alternatively, you can use Thankbox to create a group congratulations card that is posted publicly on social media.

3. Give Personalised Gifts

Give personalised gifts to your coworkers to recognise their achievements or milestones to show that you value their contributions and appreciate their unique qualities.

If you're looking for gifts to give your coworkers, how about some gift cards from their favourite store? Thankbox has got you covered with a wide selection of gift cards from 700 retailers worldwide!

Thankbox gift cards selection

4. Hold Surprise Celebrations

Recognising and celebrating the achievements or milestones of coworkers can be done by throwing surprise celebrations like a small gathering or a surprise party. It's a great way to show appreciation for their valuable contributions!

5. Employee of the Month Programme

Start an employee of the month programme to celebrate and recognise outstanding work by your coworkers. Winners can be awarded with a certificate, a gift card, or some other form of recognition.

6. Company Newsletter

Let everyone in the company know how much you’re grateful for your peer’s hard work by giving them a public shoutout in your company newsletter. 

This is a great way to publicly appreciate your employees. It gives them a chance to get some attention and see their name in print.


7. Create a Wall of Fame

Putting up a wall of fame in your office or common area where you can display the photos and achievements of your coworker is a great way to celebrate and recognise their hard work and accomplishments.

8. Publicly Recognise Achievements at Company Events

During company events such as holiday parties or team-building activities, take the time to publicly recognise and appreciate the achievements of your coworkers.

9. Encourage Feedback and Suggestions

Encourage your coworkers to provide feedback and suggestions to each other on how to improve their work or processes. This feedback can be done through a suggestion box or a digital platform and can help build a continuous improvement and recognition culture.

10. Host a Team Building Event

Host an event that focuses on recognising and appreciating each other's strengths and contributions. This can be done through activities such as a peer-to-peer recognition game or a gratitude circle.

Team building event

11. Nominate Coworkers for Industry Awards

Nominate your coworkers for industry awards or recognition programs to highlight their achievements and contributions to increase their visibility and credibility within their industry while putting up your company for a good reputation.

12. Create a Recognition Committee

Form a team of employees from different departments who can work together to plan and execute recognition programs and initiatives. This committee can also serve as a communication channel between management and employees on recognition-related matters.

13. Hold Regular Appreciation Events

Set events such as employee appreciation days or weeks to celebrate and recognise the hard work and achievements of your coworkers. These events can include activities such as free food, games, and prizes and can help boost morale and motivation within the company.

14. Start a Mentorship Program

Let experienced employees mentor and guide new or junior employees. This not only helps new employees to learn the ropes but also provides a platform for experienced employees to share knowledge and experience while recognising their contributions.

15. Share Positive Feedback from Customers

Share positive feedback and testimonials from customers with your coworkers to celebrate their hard work and contributions to the company's success.

Boost Peer-to-peer Recognition with Thankbox

Want to boost peer-to-peer recognition in your organisation? Say hello to Thankbox!

Thankbox makes it easy for employees to shout out their peers with personalised e-cards—complete with GIFs, images, videos, and messages.

This creates a culture of appreciation that can improve morale, engagement, and productivity. Plus, by using Thankbox, you are also helping the environment by going paperless and supporting our sustainability program!

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