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Vouchers for Employees: How to Reward Employees Using Vouchers

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Imagine a workplace where your dedication and hard work are celebrated – not just with a pat on the back or a simple thank you – but with rewards you can enjoy in your personal life. Welcome to the dynamic world of employee vouchers!

As business evolves, motivating employees requires more than just traditional cash bonuses and raises. The focus has shifted to innovative, personalised rewards that are more likely to be truly appreciated.

Whether it’s a voucher for fine dining or a well-deserved spa day, these rewards bring a whole new level of excitement to the table. So, buckle up as Thankbox delves into how voucher rewards can support employee recognition

Let’s dive in!

Benefits of voucher rewards

With over 80% of employees feeling recognition goes hand-in-hand with motivation, it’s no wonder the popularity of voucher rewards is on the up and up. Here’s a quick overview of their benefits:

  • Financial flexibility: Companies can purchase vouchers in bulk at discounted rates, providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional cash bonuses. Moreover, vouchers sidestep some of the administrative complexities tied to monetary rewards.

  • Personalisation: Vouchers cater to individual preferences, ensuring rewards resonate with each employee. This could range from clothes vouchers for fashionistas to cinema tickets for movie buffs, boosting emotional connections and staff morale.

  • Versatility and convenience: Vouchers offer a high level of versatility – whether it’s celebrating birthdays, congratulations, or top-notch performance. They've also gone digital, so they're easy to manage even in remote work situations.

  • Promoting a positive work culture: By incorporating vouchers into your recognition and rewards programmes, you demonstrate a commitment to creating a supportive work environment where employees feel valued and motivated.

  • Supporting employee well-being: Providing vouchers for wellness activities, leisure experiences, or even mental health resources, show that you prioritise the well-being of your team, resulting in increased job satisfaction and happiness.

Voucher rewards are a great way to show employee appreciation. They offer a financially sound, personalised, and versatile means of recognition that balances budgetary needs with employee morale. Everyone wins!

Types of voucher rewards

There are various types of voucher rewards that you can use to acknowledge and incentivise employees. 

Here, we list some of our most popular options:

Thankbox gift card

Step into the thrilling world of Thankbox, where employee rewards transform into personal and exciting experiences. In addition to sending chic e-cards, you can organise online group gift collections via a single link. 

Thankbox Gift Card landing page heading

Recipients choose between a prepaid card or a gift card from a selection of 700+ world-renowned retailers, including industry titans like Amazon, John Lewis, and ASOS. 

Think of it like a golden ticket to a shopping spree unlike any other!

With such a wide selection available, employees will find something to their liking, making their reward more personal and appreciated. This flexibility strengthens the bond between you and the recipient, adding that extra touch of magic to milestones such as work anniversaries


Restaurant vouchers 

Food experiences can be a delightful treat for your employees. Providing vouchers for local restaurants or food delivery services lets them indulge in a delicious meal on their own time. They can try a new restaurant, revisit a favourite dish, or even explore different cuisines from the comfort of their home or by going out-out

Health and wellness vouchers 

Fitness training on steps

A healthy employee is a happy employee. Offering vouchers for gyms, yoga studios, or exercise classes is a thoughtful gesture that showcases your commitment to well-being. By promoting a healthy work-life balance, these rewards boost both employee satisfaction and productivity.

Entertainment vouchers

In the hubbub of work life, we all need a moment to sit back and relax – and turn our brains off for half an hour. Entertainment vouchers cater to these needs, offering your employees access to cinema tickets, concerts, or online streaming services. 

They provide an escape into the world of music, film, or a television series, allowing your employees to unwind, rejuvenate, and even discover new interests – we recommend Succession!

Travel vouchers

Assortment of travel items

Gifting travel vouchers is like offering a gateway to adventure and relaxation. From local attractions and hotels to airline tickets, these vouchers provide experiences that transcend the usual nine-to-five.

Be it a quiet weekend getaway or an exhilarating city break, travel vouchers allow your employees to create memories that last a lifetime.

Educational vouchers

For team members with a passion for learning, consider providing educational vouchers. These can be redeemed for online courses, books, or webinars in their field of interest, and are an excellent way to support professional development and continuous growth.

Implementing a voucher reward system

A voucher reward system is an incentive programme that puts your employees first. Follow these steps if you want happy employees and a healthy business:

  1. Understanding employee preferences: Know what your employees value. Surveys or informal conversations provide great insights into their preferences – whether they'd prefer a Thankbox gift card, travel vouchers, or health and wellness vouchers.

  2. Choosing suitable types of vouchers: Based on your feedback, choose voucher types that cater to the diverse tastes within your workforce.

  3. Establishing reward criteria: Decide what actions or achievements warrant a reward. Be clear and transparent about this to avoid feelings of unfairness. Celebrate individual and team successes like employee of the month awards and staff milestones. 

  4. Managing the distribution: Organise a simple yet effective method to distribute these vouchers. It should be a process that maintains excitement and appreciation. Remember, always hand over your rewards in person.

  5. Communicating the programme: Inform your employees about your new system, how it works, and how they can earn vouchers. Clear communication guarantees everyone is aware and can participate.

Once your voucher reward system is in place, you'll see how it positively influences employee morale, engagement, and satisfaction.

Elevating employee rewards with vouchers

When used efficiently, vouchers become more than just employee rewards. They play a crucial role in developing a positive work culture, supporting employee well-being, and fostering growth and development. 

So, whether you're rewarding hard work or simply saying “Thanks!”, Thankbox has you covered.

Start creating your Thankbox today and take employee recognition to the next level.

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