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Our 18 Proven Tips for Boosting Your Company Culture

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When we talk about “company culture,” we’re diving into the heart and soul of a business. It’s more than just policies – it’s the vibe you feel when you walk through the doors, the values shared, and the everyday behaviours shaping our work lives.

But why does this matter so much? The truth is, a dynamic and positive company culture is more than a nice-to-have – it’s absolutely essential. After all, 88% of employees believe that a strong workplace culture goes hand-in-hand with success.

This magical ingredient can skyrocket employee happiness, boost productivity, and guarantee your team’s loyalty for years to come. So, join Thankbox as we delve into 18 proven tips to supercharge your company culture.

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What is company culture?

Company culture is the personality of your business – it’s a blend of shared beliefs, values, and practices that define the working environment. Think of it as the unwritten code to how a team interacts, solves problems, and manages the daily nine-to-five. 

A well-cultivated company culture is a balancing act between prioritising employee wellbeing and ensuring a healthy business. It’s the invisible pull aligning individual goals with your company’s mission.

Building a better company culture in 18 steps

1. Recognise and reward good work

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Celebrating employee success is key to boosting morale and motivation. Programmes like “Employee of the Month” and social media shoutouts effectively acknowledge those who go the extra mile.

Another innovative way to celebrate your team is by creating a Thankbox. This online group greeting card allows your entire team to express their appreciation in a personalised way. Whether it’s sharing Nicolas Cage GIFs or writing heartfelt messages, Thankbox is a unique game-changer!

2. Listen to your team

Behind any strong company culture stands open and honest communication. Start by encouraging regular team meetings or round-table discussions where everyone can speak their mind – regardless of their position in the organisation.

3. Promote a healthy work-life balance

Championing a healthy work-life balance via a “no work after five o-clock” policy or flexible scheduling enhances well-being and productivity. Such measures show respect for your team’s personal time, leading to a more positive and engaged workforce.

4. Invest in employee development

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Boost skills and morale by offering training and personal development opportunities, like funding online courses and organising in-house workshops – demonstrating commitment to your team’s growth.

5. Create a welcoming environment

A welcoming workplace plays a critical role in employee satisfaction and productivity. Focus on creating a comfortable, inclusive physical space that feeds on collaboration. After all, a well-thought-out workspace impacts the overall mood and energy of your team.

6. Host team-building activities

Building solid relationships among coworkers requires time. Thankfully, team activities easily break down barriers while building rapport from the get-go, allowing employees to discover shared interests and experiences. We recommend escape rooms or team lunches.

7. Practise transparency

Build trust by keeping employees in-the-know about company goals and progress through regular meetings, that way everyone feels involved and aligned with your direction. This open line of communication guarantees you’re all on the same page.

8. Lead by example

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As a leader, you should actively participate in team activities and demonstrate a healthy work-life balance, setting a positive example for your team. When leaders practise what they preach, it builds trust and inspires employees to follow suit.

9. Cultivate diversity and inclusion

Your company’s workforce should ideally mirror the diversity of the community it serves. With this in mind, ensure everyone feels valued and free from discrimination, particularly regarding promotions and workplace treatment.

10. Provide constructive feedback

It’s important for your feedback to be both frequent and helpful. Constructive feedback should be precise, highlighting specific strengths while also addressing areas for improvement (in a manner that focuses on behaviour or performance).

11. Deliver meaningful work

Make certain your employees feel their work has significance and contributes to the larger picture. For instance, by regularly explaining how each task plays a part in your company’s overall success, they’ll see the value and impact of their work. 

12. Inspire innovation

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You can’t have a dynamic and innovative workplace without encouraging team members to express new ideas and take risks. Initiatives like “Innovation days,” where employees work on personal projects, significantly boost creativity as they know they can actually make a change.

13. Implement strong onboarding 

A well-structured onboarding process is perfect for welcoming new hires effectively. This could include structured programmes with mentors or taking time out of your day to introduce them to the whole team, ensuring they feel welcomed, informed, and prepared to start their new role.

14. Build a community

Focus on crafting deeper relationships and community among employees beyond just professional interactions. Organise non-work-related activities, such as clubs or interest groups, and build stronger, more meaningful connections.

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15. Continuously evaluate and evolve

Regularly revisit and refine your company culture strategies so they remain effective and relevant. Implement practices like conducting annual reviews to identify areas for improvement – keeping your workplace forward-thinking.

16. Establish clear company values

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Clear company values guide staff morale and decision-making. By defining and communicating your company’s core values and principles, you offer employees a crystal-clear understanding of what the business stands for and what it aims to achieve.

17. Support employee autonomy

Encourage self-management by giving employees more control over their work and decision-making. Move away from rigid structures and promote self-directed teams. This shift from mere accountability to ownership improves motivation and productivity.

18. Prioritise mental health

Mental well-being goes hand in hand with physical health for employees, whether they work in-office or remotely. Regularly check in to prevent burnout and discourage a relentless work culture. It’s important to balance ambition with realistic goals.

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The heart of a successful business lies in how well it nurtures the needs, values, and aspirations of its employees. From welcoming open communication to prioritising mental health, each tip is a building block towards a more inclusive and dynamic workplace.

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