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Onboarding Made Easy: 20 Must-Know Tips for Welcoming New Staff

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Are you ready to make your new team members feel right at home from day one? Welcome to the thrilling world of onboarding, the secret sauce to transforming new hires into happy, productive team players.

But first, let’s break down what makes onboarding so crucial. It’s more than just a quick “hello” – it’s the blueprint for your employee’s journey. After all, organisations with effective onboarding increase retention by a whopping 82%

But how do you make your onboarding smoother than your favourite latte? Don’t worry, that’s what Thankbox is here for. So, grab your welcome packs, and let’s make sure your newbies hit the ground running!

Kickstarting your new employee’s journey

Are you ready to be the best welcoming committee ever? Think of it as hosting the most epic party for your new employee – minus the confetti and Abba’s greatest hits. Let’s take a look:

1. Surprise them with a thoughtful gift

Thankbox work anniversary sample page

Why not welcome your new employee with a special touch using Thankbox? This fun platform lets you send group greeting e-cards filled with personalised messages, GIFs, photos, and videos. It’s a fun and engaging way to make your new hire feel part of the team.

2. Clear paperwork early

Let’s face it – nobody likes paperwork. Try to get as much of it out of the way before their first day. The quicker you can move past the formalities, the sooner your new hire can get started. Use digital onboarding tools to streamline this process.

3. Create a structured onboarding plan

Ever heard of the saying, “Failing to plan is planning to fail?” It’s usually said by someone shaking their head with a little smile (or, is that just in the movies?). Well, it fits perfectly in onboarding. Outline a plan for the first few weeks consisting of training sessions, goals, and check-ins.

4. Assign a mentor

Pair your new hire with a seasoned employee who can show them the ropes, answer their questions, and generally be their go-to person. This buddy system significantly shortens the learning curve.

5. Invest in training

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Training is the backbone of onboarding. It should be in-depth, covering the company's culture and values. Tailor training sessions to their role and learning style.

6. Encourage open communication

Create an environment where new hires feel comfortable asking questions and giving feedback. Provide a space for them to voice concerns and for you to offer tips. Check out our article on mastering workplace communication to give you more insights.

7. Introduce them to the team

Organise informal meet-and-greets or team-building activities. Building these relationships early can boost team dynamics and make new employees feel like part of the family. Asking icebreaker questions is a great way to get the ball rolling.

Romance icon Welcome new employees with open arms and a personalized touch!

Make the onboarding process memorable and uplifting for your new colleagues by expressing a warm welcome and appreciation from day one. Try Thankbox now and thank us later!

8. Set clear expectations

Make sure they understand their role, goals, and company culture. This clear understanding helps reduce confusion and tailors their work with your company’s targets.

9. Offer constructive feedback

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Regular, constructive, and positive feedback is invaluable. It helps new employees understand what they’re doing well and where to improve. Remember, it’s a two-way street – encourage them to share their thoughts.

10. Provide the necessary resources

Ensure they have everything they need to perform their job effectively. This includes physical tools like a workstation (you’d be surprised how often it’s not ready), access to software, documents, and other resources.

11. Celebrate early wins

Recognise and celebrate new team members’ achievements, no matter how small. This improves staff morale and reinforces their positive contributions to the team.

12. Be patient

Remember, everyone adjusts at their own pace. Be patient and provide support as they get used to their new environment. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Give them the time and space to adjust.

13. Show them around

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Greet your new employee warmly on their first day and show them around the office. This will help them feel more comfortable. For remote employees, use video calls to connect.

14. Integrate them into your company culture

Help them understand and embrace your company culture. Whether through casual coffee chats about company values or invitations to company events, make sure they feel a part of the bigger picture.

15. Immerse them in company culture

Everyone enjoys a captivating story, your company’s journey is no exception. Sharing an inspiring tale about its history creates a deep connection with new hires. They’ll feel like they’re joining something extraordinary. What’s the story that sets your company apart?

16. Prepare the team for new arrivals

Inform your team about new hires well in advance. Share details like their names, their roles, and their start dates. This heads-up means your current employees can adjust their schedules and be ready to welcome the new members.

17. Make their first day special

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Remember your first day? The mix of nerves and excitement? Now, it’s your turn to make someone else’s day unforgettable (in a good way). Greet them personally, introduce them to the team, and throw in a new employee welcome pack bursting with must-have items.

Romance icon Welcome new employees with open arms and a personalized touch!

Make the onboarding process memorable and uplifting for your new colleagues by expressing a warm welcome and appreciation from day one. Try Thankbox now and thank us later!

18. Organise a get-together

Plan a social gathering for your new hire within their first few weeks, whether in-person, a virtual bash, or a mix of both. This event connects them with their coworkers in a relaxed, non-work setting.

19. Share a social media shoutout

Celebrate new team members with a shoutout on your social media channels! A quick, cheerful post about them joining the team can boost their spirits and make them feel valued from the start.

20. Start before day one

Why wait until their first official day? Kick things off early by reaching out with a friendly email. It’s all about setting the stage for a positive experience. Include a brief overview of your company values, what they can expect, and any necessary paperwork. 

Wrapping up

There you go – 20 essential tips to ensure your onboarding process is seamless and enjoyable. But remember, onboarding is more than just completing tasks – it’s your chance to instil your company’s spirit in new employees, setting the stage for their future success.

Don’t forget the power of a personal touch. Thankbox, for instance, is a delightful way to make your new hires feel welcomed. It’s the perfect blend of technology and personal connection, making it an ideal choice for modern onboarding.

Create a Thankbox today to add a special touch to your onboarding process.

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