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Happy Employees, Healthy Business: 10 Ways to Prioritise Employee Wellbeing in 2023

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Employee wellbeing is no laughing matter, especially as 76% of professionals are experiencing moderate to high levels of stress at work.

As a manager, it's important to turn this stat upside down and make sure each team member is feeling supported and motivated.

If you want to improve the wellbeing of your team and show your employees you appreciate them, Thankbox has got you covered! We’ve put together 10 foolproof ways to prioritise and boost employee wellbeing in 2023

Let’s dive in!

What is employee wellbeing?

So, what goes into employee wellbeing? There are a few things.

First up – physical wellbeing. Exercise, nutrition, and sleep are all important pieces of the employee wellbeing puzzle that impact everything from productivity to happiness and fulfilment. 

And speaking of happiness and fulfilment, there’s also an element of emotional wellbeing. Your employees should feel happy, content, and fulfilled at work – which is why a thank-you card goes a long way!

Financial wellbeing is also vital – after all, nobody likes worrying about money. Social wellbeing round out the list, ensuring employees feel mentally stimulated and socially connected at work.

It’s worth remembering that employee wellbeing isn’t just about one or two things – it’s a holistic concept that should be approached with a comprehensive strategy!

Why is employee wellbeing important?

As you would expect, employee wellbeing and success go hand-in-hand. When your employees feel recognised by their peers, they’re more engaged, productive, and motivated to do their best work (with less chance of presenteeism springing up).

An image showing why wellbeing in the workplace is important.

Here are some other reasons why employee wellbeing should be a top priority:

  • Better retention: Employees are more likely to stay with a company that values their health. By securing staff loyalty, employees are less likely to seek employment elsewhere.

  • Increased productivity: When team members are happy and healthy, they’re more engaged and motivated to go the extra mile, benefiting both the employee and organisation.

  • Enhanced company culture: When you prioritise employee wellbeing, you send a message that you value your employees as individuals, not just workers. This helps boost staff morale and create a positive company culture.

Put simply, employee wellbeing directly impacts the success and bottom line of your business. By creating a workplace culture that supports and prioritises employee wellbeing, attracting, retaining, and motivative top talent is easy!

10 employee wellbeing ideas that your team will adore

Coming up with ideas to improve your staff’s wellbeing can be a daunting task. With so many options, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But don’t worry – we’ve got your back! Let’s take a look at some of our favourites:

1) Incorporate appreciation into your work culture with Thankbox

If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to supercharge staff morale and wellbeing, look no further than Thankbox! With the ability to create personalised e-cards jam-packed with messages, GIFs, photos, and videos, we make it simple and enjoyable for you and your employees to celebrate workplace achievements.

Image of the How it Works section of the Thankbox homepage

Whether it’s a birthday, an employee anniversary, or a simple thank you, sending a group e-card through Thankbox helps maintain a positive work environment that fosters amazing relationships and employee satisfaction!


2) A digital way to show you care – personalised gift cards

Thankbox also offers the option to include a gift collection, making it even easier for you and your team to show appreciation. By chipping into a collection, you can surprise them with a gift they’ll truly cherish, inspiring wellbeing and valuable connection.

Thankbox gift cards selection

Recipients have the freedom to choose how they use their gift cards. Whether it’s claiming the cash value or receiving a prepaid debit card, they have the flexibility to enjoy it wherever and however they please

With access to over 700 popular retailers globally and over 150 currencies, the possibilities are endless.

3) Daily step challenge

Staying active is crucial for maintaining good health, but many desk-bound employees struggle to meet the recommended daily minimum of 10,000 steps. In fact, according to the NHS, the average person only walks between 3,000 and 4,000 steps a day!

To encourage your staff to get moving, consider offering free pedometers or fitness watches at the beginning of the year. Challenge your team to beat their own personal best each month and offer incentives for hitting milestones. 

And if you want to get creative, walking meetings are a great way to add a little movement to your schedule! When implementing a step challenge, remember to consider the accessibility for all employees and ensure that activities are inclusive. 

4) Put health first – relay the importance of sick days

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there. You wake up with a cough, a runny nose, and a fever, but you still force yourself to go to work. But here’s the rub, coming to work sick isn’t just bad for your health, it’s bad for your colleagues’ health too. It’s a phenomenon known as presenteeism.

Worryingly, around 35 workdays in the UK are lost annually to presenteeism, that’s why urging sick employees to stay home is so essential! Moving forward, reassure your staff that taking a sick day isn’t a sign of weakness or lack of dedication, it’s a responsible decision.

5) Switch up the work week with remote options

There’s a reason we’re in the middle of a hybrid working revolution, and it’s not just because there’s no daily commute – it offers a better work-life balance. So, break up the monotony of endless desk hours by offering your employees the chance to work remotely at least one day a week.

Money and time saved through remote working

For example, allowing remote work on Fridays can help employees unwind and recharge at the end of a busy week. Plus, it offers flexibility and saves costs associated with commuting and time spent away from loved ones.

6) Snack smarter, not harder!

A balanced diet does wonders for our overall health and wellbeing, but it can be challenging to prioritise healthy eating in our busy lives, especially with the snack drawer so close! But as the old saying goes, “We are what we eat.” 

To support your team's health, consider offering nutritious snacks such as fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, smoothies, and yoghurts in your staff room. Not only will this demonstrate your commitment to employee wellbeing, but it also guarantees easy access during busy workdays.

For remote employees who may miss out, consider arranging healthy lunch deliveries a few times a week or providing vouchers for nearby healthy retailers.

7) Boost employee wellbeing by setting up volunteering days

Volunteering may seem daunting for busy workplaces, but its benefits far exceed the potential downside. With volunteering proven to enhance personal wellbeing – happiness, self-esteem, and physical health – setting up volunteering days is a no-brainer.

By offering volunteering, you give your employees a chance to give back to the community while improving their mental and physical health. Additionally, group volunteering activities reinforce team building and communication. It’s a chance for your team to work together outside the workplace.

8) Combat the negative effects of sitting with standing desks

To counteract the harmful effects of sitting heart disease, obesity, and diabetes – standing desks come to the rescue! Whereas sitting is one of the most passive things we can do, standing requires our muscles to work for balance, resulting in burning more energy. 

A person at a standing desk

So ignore Winston Churchill’s famous “never stand up when you can sit down” and invest in standing desks. Trust us – by allowing employees to alternate between the two, employees will experience better physical and mental wellbeing in the face of a sedentary lifestyle.

9) Plan fun and engaging team-building activities

Even though some team-building activities are considered cheesy, it’s a valuable tool to have in your back pocket. New hires, in particular, often feel overwhelmed stepping into a new environment, team building activities are a perfect way to break the ice.

Some popular team-building activities include team hikes, quizzes, and cooking classes. While providing an opportunity for team members to learn about themselves and others, they also ensure a fun and relaxed atmosphere, where employees can leave their worries at the door.  

10) Improve your office environment with natural light

Working in a windowless room may be acceptable for some people, especially those living in Transylvania (apologies, we couldn’t help ourselves), but there’s no denying the incredible health benefits of natural light in the workplace. And with research showing natural light is the attribute all workers want, opening up your environment should be a top priority. 

A naturally lit office

You don't have to break the bank to bring more natural light into the office. Some simple improvements include adding mirrors to reflect the natural light you already have, removing any large objects that obstruct existing light, redistributing office space to seat employees closer to windows, and even using natural-light light bulbs.

Prioritise your employee wellbeing with Thankbox

It’s safe to say, the benefits of investing in employee wellbeing go beyond just happier and healthier employees. As we have shown, they’ll increase productivity across the board and reduce presenteeism, leading to a better overall company culture (one that your arch-nemesis will be jealous of!).

Thankbox homepage image showing messages, GIFs and images

As we have shown, to prioritise employee wellbeing, you must recognise and celebrate their dedication and hard work. And at Thankbox, we understand the significance of acknowledging employee milestones such as work anniversaries, birthdays qnd other key life milestones.

Click here to create your own Thankbox and prioritise your employee wellbeing today!

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