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Creating the Perfect 2023 New Employee Welcome Pack: 15 Must-Have Items

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Congratulations, you’ve just hired a new employee! Now it’s time to show them the warmest of welcomes and make them feel like a part of the family!

As the old saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression – and that’s why a brilliant employee welcome pack is a must! Not only will it show your new employee appreciation, it sets the stage for a strong working relationship.

Even before they step foot inside your building, every interaction with your new hire counts, especially as it’s natural for them to feel every emotion under the sun on their first day – from excitement to nervousness to feeling overwhelmed. 

That’s why at Thankbox, we’ve compiled a guide to creating the perfect 2023 new employee welcome pack, complete with 15 must-have items to make a long-lasting impression. 

Let’s go!

What is a new employee welcome pack?

A new employee welcome pack, also known as an onboarding package or welcome kit, is a collection of materials and gifts a company provides to new hires to help them feel valued from the get-go!

It’s more than just a simple gesture of goodwill – it’s a powerful tool for shaping company culture and increasing retention rates, particularly as new employees with a good onboarding experience show 18x more dedication to their employer

Welcome packs can include a variety of items, such as personalised welcome notes, company-branded swag, and an employee handbook. It’s a way for you to communicate your company’s values through the gift of giving.

Why are new employee welcome packs so essential?

A well-designed welcome pack sets the stage for a positive and productive relationship between your new staff member and your company. Here are some key reasons why it’s a game-changer: 

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  • Makes a great first impression: By providing new hires with a thoughtful and personalised welcome pack, you help set the tone for a supportive work environment by adding a personal touch from day one.

  • Reinforces company culture: Everybody wants to feel respected, and a welcome pack is one of the best appreciation gifts available. They’re ideal for showcasing your company’s culture and building a sense of camaraderie between team members. 

  • Inspiring employees: Welcome kits are a source of inspiration and peer recognition for new hires, motivating them to live up to company values. This is incredibly important as 58% of companies only focus on processes and paperwork during onboarding – not very inspirational!

What makes welcome packs so effective is their versatility. You can mix and match the contents of your welcome pack to fit the needs of your business and employees. You can even go virtual to show appreciation to your remote employees!

15 new employee welcome pack ideas for 2023!

Now that you understand the benefits of providing welcome kits to your new hires, it’s time to start creating your own. Let’s take a look at what we think you should include so you’ll hit the ground running:

1) Give a warm welcome with Thankbox

When it comes to creating a personalised and meaningful welcome pack, Thankbox is the perfect tool for adding a touch of sincerity. Our e-card builder allows you and your team to customise and write a special note that’s sure to brighten your new employee’s day. 

Thankbox homepage image showing messages, GIFs and images

Each member of your team can add a message to say hello, along with unique backgrounds, GIFs, images, and videos to make their online card even more memorable. Not only will it boost staff morale, but it’s perfect for remote workers too!


2) Make them feel extra special with Thankbox gift cards

If you want to make their first-day extra special, Thankbox gift cards are an exciting, flexible option. By setting up a group gift collection, recipients can claim the cash value as a gift card or receive a prepaid debit card to spend as they please.

Thankbox Gift Card landing page heading

It’s easy and secure for your team to contribute and with access to over 700 popular retailers globally in over 150 currencies (including ASOS and Not On The High Street), every gift is hassle-free and flexible. 

It’s the perfect way to start off a successful relationship!

3) The pen is mightier than the sword

Office supplies may seem like a boring choice, but they’re essential nonetheless. By including office supplies in their welcome kit – such as pens, staplers, and sticky notes – you’re helping them prepare for the job and saving them from having to track down these items for themselves.

4) “Water” you waiting for? Take a sip!

An eco-friendly water bottle is a must-have in any employee welcome kit. Not only does it reduce the use of plastic bottles, but it also provides a practical accessory. Take it a step further by adding a motivational quote to the water bottle, encouraging them to drink more water throughout the day. 

5) Coffee makes everything better

Let’s face it – adulting is hard, but coffee makes it easier! 

a posh coffee cup and notebook

A coffee or tea mug is a simple but thoughtful addition to any welcome pack. Almost everyone enjoys a warm cup of their favourite beverage in the morning, and gifting them a mug will make them feel part of the family. Plus, it puts a stop to all the “they’re using my mug” drama as well!

6) A personalised note from the CEO

In some workplaces, it’s easy to feel like a faceless employee. A note from the CEO changes that. 

Not only does it show that your company values its new members, but it inspires a sense of belonging. Personalising the note with words of wisdom or encouragement will make the new hire feel even more appreciated and motivated.

7) Kit them out with company swag

Including company-branded swag will make your new hires feel like a fully-fledged team member. Whether it’s a t-shirt, hat, or hoodie, company swag injects pride into your new hire. It’s also an opportunity for them to act as brand ambassadors outside of work.

8) An employee handbook

An employee handbook is an invaluable tool for bringing new hires up to speed quickly

The pages should contain essential info that employees may need to refer to daily, from locating the IT department to printer guidelines. Think of it like a Business 101 cheat sheet!

An open notebook

9) Remote work gift set

With 50 of the biggest UK employers embracing hybrid working, remote work is becoming much more commonplace. Because of this, your work from home welcome pack should include items like laptop accessories, noise-cancelling headphones, and anything that allows them to be productive – while still feeling connected.

10) Fitness bands

To combat the sedentary lifestyle of most office jobs, including fitness bands is a thoughtful and practical gift. Research has shown that excessive sitting may be responsible for over 430,000 deaths, fitness bands are a brilliant way to promote movement and incorporate physical activity into employees' daily routine. 

11) This desk plant is sure to grow on you!

Add some new life to their workspace with desk plants! These green companions are more than just a decorative addition – they help create a positive and calming atmosphere and can even improve air quality! Not only does this spruce up the office, but it also shows that you care about their wellness.

Plants in an office

12) Gift baskets

Gift baskets are a hassle-free welcome gift that comes prepackaged with items that are sure to please. From skincare products to scented candles, there’s something for everyone

Plus, it’s easy to customise your basket with a welcome note or a unique gift tailored to your new hire, making it much more personal.

13) A travel mug

For new employees who commute to the office, adding a travel mug is a thoughtful addition.

It demonstrates that you care about their daily routine and that you want to make it as enjoyable as possible. It’s also a great way to promote sustainable living in a practical, stylish way!

14) Tote bags

Speaking of an eco-friendly lifestyle, adding a tote bag to your welcome pack displays that you take your company’s environmental responsibility seriously. With the ability to be reused countless times, tote bags are environmentally friendly and ideal for daily activities outside the workplace.

A blue checked tote bag

15) Stress balls

Let’s be honest, a first day in a new place can be stressful. Thankfully, stress balls are a simple and enjoyable way to alleviate anxiety and boost creativity. Furthermore, stress balls even promote better physical health by reducing blood pressure and improving blood circulation!

Take your welcome pack to the next level with Thankbox!

By investing in a thoughtful welcome pack, companies can demonstrate their commitment to the employee’s success, foster a positive company culture, and increase employee engagement and retention. 

As we move into 2023 and beyond, it will be increasingly important for companies to create a positive onboarding experience. So, take the time to craft a welcome pack that emphasises your company values and appreciation.

Thankbox is a powerful tool that helps create an exceptional welcome pack for your new hires. With Thankbox, you can easily personalise and customise your welcome pack items to create a unique and memorable first-day experience.

Thankbox Gift Card - how it works illustration

If you’d like to take your welcome pack to the next level, create a Thankbox today and get started!

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