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Let’s Party! 20 Virtual Birthday Bash Ideas for Your Coworkers

Photo of Tsvetelina Hinova Tsvetelina Hinova 28 September 2023
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Who says you can’t throw confetti and have a blast in the virtual world? In this age of endless video calls, let’s bring back the excitement, the sparklers, and yes, the cake too (virtually speaking, of course)! 

The distance between you and your coworkers shouldn’t dim the dazzle of birthday celebrations. It’s time to put on your party hats and crank up the fun because everyone deserves a fabulous birthday bash, pixels, and all!

Virtual games night? Check! Online karaoke party? You bet! The chance to make your colleague’s special day a blast is only a click away! So, join Thankbox as we strut into 20 unforgettable virtual birthday bash ideas. 

Ready, set, let’s party!

Top 20 virtual birthday bash ideas

1. Send digital e-cards

Birthday Thankbox

As we all know, it’s not a birthday without a birthday card. Thankbox group e-cards are the perfect plus one for any virtual party. It’s not just about keeping the tradition alive. It’s breathing new life into it, even from miles away! Birthday ecards come chock-full of features that make them perfect for a virtual birthday celebration.

Have each of your attendees include personalised messages, birthday celebration GIFs, photos, and videos to create a truly one-of-a-kind card. Check out “What to Write in a Birthday Card for Every Occasion” for some extra inspiration.

2. Gift cards

Thankbox digital gift cards process

For an extra surprise? Collect money for a gift that the recipient can exchange for their ideal present. Our e-gift cards give recipients the freedom to select their own birthday treat from over 700 retailers – including Amazon, John Lewis, and M&S. You and your coworkers can even send flowers straight to their door with Thankbox

Thankbox party popper icon Get the celebrations started. Create your Thankbox

A Thankbox brings everyone together to celebrate a special person. It's easy, fast and let's everyone express themselves.

3. Virtual games night

Gather everyone on a video call and dive into a world of games. From board games to online Bingo, a virtual game night is a fantastic way to bond, laugh, and enjoy each other’s company. You could even design a quiz centred around the birthday star.

4. Online karaoke party

Prepare to transform your living room into the world’s most exclusive stage – it’s online karaoke time! Ensure everyone has access to the karaoke app or website then get ready to sing your hearts out. Grab a hairbrush, channel your inner rock star, and remember enthusiasm steals the show! 

5. Virtual costume party

Say goodbye to the nine-to-five and hello to wigs, capes, and maybe even a homemade Darth Vader or two. Choose a theme – movie icons or musical decades –  and let the creative chaos commence. Make sure to provide a reliable platform for everyone to flaunt those fabulous creations.

6. Virtual talent show

Skilled Asian musician playing flute

Roll out the virtual red carpet for a talent show extravaganza! Set the stage online for your coworkers to showcase their hidden (or hilariously not-so-hidden) talents. From jaw-dropping magic tricks to cat coordination acts, the range of talents is bound to surprise.

7. Online cooking or baking party

Whip out those aprons and spatulas for an online cooking or baking bash! Choose a recipe everyone can follow, or invite a local chef to teach over Zoom. The results are sure to be deliciously fun! Plus, it’s fun spotting the Gordon Ramsey hotheads! 

Ready, set, cook!

8. Virtual icebreakers

Before diving into the above, start the party by asking some engaging icebreaker questions. It’s the perfect way to warm up the virtual room, get everyone laughing, and set the tone for what’s to come.

9. Online movie watch party

Choose their favourite film or perhaps a cheesy rom-com (we recommend You’ve Got Mail). Utilize platforms that enable synchronised movie watching and best of all – there’s no need to worry about someone hogging all the popcorn!

10. TikTok dance party

Photography of a Woman Listening to Music

Everyone picks a trending TikTok dance challenge and learns the moves. Schedule a time for the virtual party and have everyone perform their selected dance live.

11. Virtual escape room challenge

Unite your team then solve intricate puzzles, decipher codes, and unravel mysteries online. Explore a jumble of virtual escape room experiences, ranging from detective mysteries to adventurous treasure hunts. It’s a fantastic way to practise active listening and combine fun with teamwork.

12. Virtual photo booth

Set up a virtual photo booth where attendees can snap fun and silly pictures of themselves. Make the most out of the funky backgrounds, filters, and animations available. After the party, compile all the pictures into a digital album.

13. Virtual murder mystery party

Don your detective hats and do your best Poirot impression! Transport your team into a world of virtual murder mystery parties, all from the comfort of your homes. Begin by choosing a theme and assign characters and clues ahead of time.

14. Virtual wine and beer tasting

person holding wine glass

Coordinate the delivery of the same selection of wines or beers to all participants. Then, hop onto a virtual meeting where everyone can sip, savour, and discuss the flavours together. It’s a classy way to celebrate and enjoy good drinks with great colleagues. 

15. Online scavenger hunt

Create a list of items or tasks for participants to find or complete within their homes. Share the list at the party’s start and set a time limit. Reunite on screen to showcase the finds, tally scores, and share laughs and stories. 

16. “Surprise!”

Quietly coordinate with team members to choose a date and time. Send secret invites and gather everyone online before the guest of honour logs in. As they join, light up the screen with “Surprise!” and a chorus of "Happy Birthday."

17. Virtual concert

Choose a live or recorded concert online that aligns with the birthday star’s musical preferences. Share the link and set a watch time for everyone. Recreate the “Eras Tour” feel with disco balls and lights.

18. Online craft party

child at craft party

Select a manageable craft project suitable for all, and share the materials list. During the celebration, work together on the project, exchanging ideas and showcasing creations. Plus, attendees will leave with a delightful memento.

19. Online stand-up comedy

Hire a comedian who performs virtual shows or select a willing team member to prepare some jokes. Share the meeting link, grab some birthday treats, and enjoy the show together. 

20. Online trivia quiz

Prepare a list of questions, ranging from general knowledge and pop culture to personal queries about the celebrant. Try questions like:

  • If they could have dinner with any celebrity, who would it be?

  • How do they take their tea?

  • What’s their favourite biscuit?

Use an online quiz maker to host the game.

Join in the birthday celebrations with Thankbox

A virtual birthday bash is a fantastic way to celebrate a coworker from home. Whether it’s hosting a lively virtual game night, organising a hilarious karaoke party, or sending thoughtful group e-cards, there are endless ways to make their day memorable. 

Thankbox party popper icon Get the celebrations started. Create your Thankbox

A Thankbox brings everyone together to celebrate a special person. It's easy, fast and let's everyone express themselves.

With Thankbox, it becomes even more special. Gather everyone’s warm wishes, funny GIFs, and heartfelt messages in a unique and stunning e-card. Create a Thankbox today and kick-start the celebration. 

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