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Best Appreciation Gifts For Remote Employees.

Photo of Valentin Hinov Valentin Hinov 04 April 2022
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It can be easy to take the work of remote employees for granted. After all, you don't see them face-to-face every day. However, just because they're not in the office doesn't mean they're not working hard. In fact, many remote employees work longer hours than their in-office counterparts.

If you want to show your appreciation for all that remote employees do, the Thankbox team has put together this list of inexpensive gifts and virtual thank-you ideas for your remote team.

Let's dive in!

1. Thank-You Card

A simple thank-you card goes a long way. Not only is this option inexpensive, but it also gives you the option to get personal! Choose a design that will mean something to your employee, and write a handwritten note expressing your gratitude for all that they do—for you and the company. You can even throw in a gift card to their favourite coffee shop or restaurant!

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If you're looking for a more modern take on the thank-you card, why not go with a virtual gift for remote employees? With Thankbox, every member of your team can personalise their own thank-you messages with pictures, text, GIFs, memes, and videos. All of these messages get added to the “box” and delivered straight to the employee's inbox—no need for postage!

2. Gift Cards

As we hinted at above, gift cards are a great—and incredibly safe—way to show your appreciation for your remote employees. Nobody is upset when they open up a card or email and find a gift card waiting for them!

If you're not sure about what gift card to get, think:

  • Restaurants

  • Coffee Shops

  • Clothing Stores

  • Movie Theatres

  • Experiences

Finding gift cards that are relevant to your remote employees might mean learning a bit about the area they live in, but we promise it will be worth it! Alternatively, you could also choose a gift card for an online store you know they'll love.

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Get the ball rolling with your Thankbox group card and invite the whole team to contribute.

3. Subscription Boxes

There are few things quite as exciting as getting a box in the mail without knowing what's inside. That's what makes subscription boxes such a great way to show appreciation to your remote employees!

For those that aren't aware, subscription boxes are themed gift boxes that contain a set of mystery items. You place an order—either one-time or recurring—and a box gets shipped out to your employee. It's that simple!

An image of a Birchbox of goodies for a remote worker

Oh, and there are subscription boxes for just about everything these days, so you're sure to find one that your remote employee will love. Some of our favourites include:

  • Birchbox: A health and beauty themed subscription box aimed at anyone who appreciates self-care.

  • Muddlebox: A subscription box that contains all the ingredients and tools needed to craft delicious cocktails at home.

  • Degustabox: A subscription box that introduces recipients to snacks, ingredients, and foods from around the world.

  • Black Fief: The perfect subscription box for any dog-loving remote employee. Expect lots of amazing toys and treats.

4. Subscription Services

Speaking of subscriptions, why not show your appreciation by offering your employee access to a subscription service? From online tools to software to apps, there are a lot of different services that your remote employees use—or would like to use—every day!

Why not show your appreciation by gifting them a subscription to one of their favorite services? This is a great option because of the wide range of services available. You could offer them a temporary subscription to Adobe Creative Suite, Spotify Premium, Headspace, Netflix… the list goes on!

5. Home Office Makeover

If you want to really show your appreciation for your remote employees, how about giving them a home office makeover? This is a great way to show that you care about their work environment and want them to be as comfortable as possible.

A home office makeover doesn't have to be expensive or elaborate. Sometimes, all it takes is a new plant, a diffuser with essential oils, or an ergonomic office chair for a bit of lumbar support! Whatever you choose, we're sure your remote employee will appreciate the gesture.

6. Cash

Some people see cash as a bit of a cop-out when it comes to gift-giving, but we beg to differ. In our opinion, cash is always a welcome gift—especially when it's given as a thank you for hard work! If you're not sure about sending cash in the mail or via direct bank transfer, there are plenty of creative ways to go about it.

A pic of a the Thankbox gift card redemption screen

With Thankbox, you can collect funds for the cash gift by sharing a secure link with your team. Once the Thankbox is sent, the cash arrives along with all the fun, personalized notes your team has put together. Your employee can then redeem the gift as a gift card for their favourite online store or as a prepaid debit card!

7. Personalised Gifts

Personalised gifts are always a great way to show your appreciation for someone. Not only are they unique, but they also show that you took the time to find something special just for them.

For remote employees, personalised gifts are the perfect way to let your employees know that you're thinking of them, even if you're not able to be in the same room as them. Plus, personalised gifts are a great way to show your employees that you value their individual contributions to the company.

A white mug with 'Hands off Dave's mug' writing on it

If you're looking for a personalised gift for your remote employee, we've got you covered! Here are some of our favourite ideas:

  • Customised Phone Cases

  • Coffee Mugs

  • Funny T-Shirts

  • Tote Bags

8. Flowers or Plants

There's nothing like a bouquet of flowers to help your remote employees feel appreciated. Flowers are a great way to brighten up your employees home offices and let them know that you appreciate all that they do.

When it comes to choosing the right flowers, it's important to consider your employee's favourite colors, as well as the type of flower they prefer. If you're not sure what type of flowers to choose, we recommend asking a local florist or using an online service like Interflora to craft the perfect bouquet.

A home office with plants on desk and in surroundings

Tip: If your employee isn't a flower person, you can always opt for houseplant instead! Make sure you choose one that's hardy and low-maintenance—you're giving a gift, not another responsibility!

9. Wellness Retreat

A wellness retreat is the perfect way to show your remote employees that you appreciate all their hard work by giving them the chance to unwind. A wellness retreat is the perfect way for your employees to relax, rejuvenate, and recharge—all while enjoying some much-needed time away from the office… well, home office.

Wellness retreats offer a range of different activities that cater to everyone's needs, so you're sure to find one that your remote employee will love. From yoga and meditation retreats to health and fitness retreats, there's something for everyone!

10. Technology or Gadgets

If your remote employees are always up-to-date with the latest trends in tech, why not gift them with a new gadget to help them stay connected? There are plenty of options to choose from at all kinds of price points, including:

  • Bluetooth Headphones

  • Wireless Chargers

  • Smart Speakers

  • VR Headsets

11. A box of cookies

Nothing can "sweeten up" an employee quite like a box of freshly baked cookies. It's a great gift to send for after finishing up a project, taking on a new client, or nailing that big presentation. If you really want to show your appreciation, why not also gift them a supply of their favourite coffee or tea? Also what's better than a tea or a biscuit? That's right - a tea with a biscuit!

12. Gym Membership

Gym memberships are a great way to show your remote employees that you appreciate their hard work. Not only do they provide a way for employees to stay healthy and active, but they also offer a sense of community and connection with other members.

With many gym memberships, your employees will have access to fitness classes, personal trainers, yoga lessons, and even dance classes in some cases. All of these are great for de-stressing and decompressing after a hard day of work.

Tip: Some gyms offer special discounts for companies that want to offer their employees memberships, so make sure you check!

13. Office Accessories

Working from home brings a lot more opportunity for comfort than a traditional, office-based role. To capitalize on this, why not gift your remote employees with an office accessory that helps make their home office even more comfortable! This is a great way to show your employees that you're thinking of them and want them to feel comfortable and at-ease while working.

Some office accessory ideas include:

  • Foot Hammocks

  • Heated Blankets

  • Desk Fans

  • Humidifiers

Final Thoughts

There are lots of different ways to show your appreciation for your remote employees. Whether you go for a simple thank-you card or something more elaborate like a home office makeover, we're sure they'll appreciate the gesture.

Do you have any other ideas about gifts for remote employees? Let us know!

To learn more about how Thankbox can help you deliver personalised gifts straight to your remote employee's inbox, be sure to check out our website.

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