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Our finance and Excel wizard. Tsvetelina dips her head into everything numbers related and makes sure Thankbox is running smoothly. When not working on making Thankbox better, you'll find her practising the piano or exploring beautiful Scottish hiking trails.

NEW: Send Flowers with your Thankbox

Photo of Tsvetelina Hinova Tsvetelina Hinova 03 August 2023
Bouquet of flowers

We all know when a group of family, friends & coworkers get together to celebrate, appreciate & let someone know they are in everyone’s thoughts gives them a lift. We also know everyone loves flowers. Now put the two together for an unbeatable way of really showing someone everybody loves them...

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Making Business Personal: Corporate Gift Ideas for Clients and Employees

Photo of Tsvetelina Hinova Tsvetelina Hinova 24 July 2023
handing a gift

Building strong relationships with clients and employees is a must in business. It leads to increased loyalty, more frequent referrals, better retention, and better outcomes all around. Here we explore one tool in your arsenal for building these relationships — corporate gift-giving.

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The Best Gift Websites to Find the Ultimate Gift

Photo of Tsvetelina Hinova Tsvetelina Hinova 11 July 2023
Giving a gift wrapped in brown paper

Finding the perfect gift takes time, effort, and money - especially if you’re hunting through bricks-and-mortar stores. Luckily, there are thousands of great gift websites that give you access to hundreds of thousands of amazing gifts in one click. Our Thankbox guide shares some of the best...

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Teacher Appreciation Gift Collection - How Much Do I Contribute?

Photo of Tsvetelina Hinova Tsvetelina Hinova 27 June 2023
Teacher in primary class

Teachers' skills, imagination and experience shape the future of society. And they don’t just 'formally' teach. They stimulate and develop kids. So, what to gift the teacher and how much to contribute to any teacher gift collection? The 2023 Thankbox Teacher Survey provides some answers.

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Staff Morale: What Influences It and How to Improve

Photo of Tsvetelina Hinova Tsvetelina Hinova 20 June 2023
Smiling woman - high staff morale

We all know that Monday feeling. So, picture this – an organisation where employees bounce out of bed in the morning, travel to work with a hop, skip, and jump, and tackle tasks with infectious enthusiasm. That’s the power of a thriving workforce! Here's our insight into boosting the team.

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15 Thank You Gift Ideas for Any Budget to Express Your Gratitude

Photo of Tsvetelina Hinova Tsvetelina Hinova 02 June 2023
A wooden Thankful sign

Gratitude – the secret sauce that turns a frown upside down and makes friendships blossom! In a fast-paced world, it’s essential to pause and show appreciation for those who brighten our days. Here's our 15 heartwarming and awesome thank-you gift ideas for any budget.

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Thank You Teacher Gifts 2023: Your Guide On What's Best & What to Avoid

A Thankbox teacher thank you card

The end of the school year is a time when pupils and parents want to show their collective and individual thanks to their favourite teachers. We explore the best and worst gifts according to teachers themselves.

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20 Welcome Home Gift Ideas to Show Them They Were Missed

A welcome home gift

“There’s no place like home.” Especially when you’ve been away for a while and your loved ones are counting down the days until your return. Welcome them back with an unforgettable gift - we’ve gathered 20 unique and heartfelt gift ideas to show your loved ones how much you care.

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25 Message Ideas to Write in an Engagement Card

A couple happy at the news of engagement

An engagement – that magical time when a couple’s love story becomes a Disney-esque fairytale, and friends and family find the perfect ways to say, “Congratulations!” At Thankbox, we’ve compiled 25 hilarious, heartwarming, and downright swoon-worthy messages to make your engagement card memorable.

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Happy Employees, Healthy Business: 10 Ways to Prioritise Employee Wellbeing in 2023

Photo of Tsvetelina Hinova Tsvetelina Hinova 25 April 2023
An image of someone in total balance at sunset - wellbeing

Employee wellbeing is no laughing matter, especially as 76% of professionals are experiencing moderate to high levels of stress at work. As a manager, it's important to make sure each team member is supported and motivated. See our 10 foolproof ways to prioritise employee wellbeing in 2023. 

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