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Unique Presents: 20 Personalised Gift Ideas That Will Stand Out

Photo of Valentin Hinov Valentin Hinov 03 September 2023
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We’ve all been in this situation. Standing in a shop, the minutes ticking away, staring blankly at aisle after aisle as sweat trickles down your face. You’re praying for a flash of inspiration to hit and illuminate the perfect gift. But all you see are commonplace, run-of-the-mill presents.

Enter the unsung hero of gifting – personalised gifts. These aren’t just a collection of items with a name scribbled on them. No, they’re your secret weapon for making the star of the show feel super special. These gifts say, “I know you and this present is as unique as you are.”

Get ready for a tour through the quirky world of personalised gifts. We’ll explore why these presents will put you in the Gift-Givers Hall of Fame. Whether it's boosting staff morale, saying goodbye, or celebrating a 50th birthday, Thankbox is here to help. 

Let’s get started!

The value of personalised gifts

So what exactly makes personalised gifts so special? To put it plainly, personalised gifts pack a punch that few other presents can match:

  • Emotional value: These gifts represent shared memories and experiences that evoke powerful emotions. Every glance at your present prompts a priceless smile or memory. 

  • Thoughtfulness: Choosing a gift and tailoring it to suit their tastes, involves a lot of effort. It shows that you care about their individuality, thus sending a clear message of appreciation.

  • Uniqueness: Today, mass-produced items are common, meaning a personalised gift makes an impact. It’s not just another mug or keychain – it’s a mug or keychain that carries something unique.

  • Bridge for building closer relationships: Personalised presents are powerful tools for strengthening relationships. They bring people closer, turning the ordinary process of giving into something truly special.

Twenty personalised gifts that make a lasting impression

1. Thankbox personalised e-cards

Claiming our top spot is Thankbox, an innovative group e-card service that allows everyone to contribute, no matter where they are in the world. Boasting unrivalled versatility, users can add personalised messages, GIFs, photos, and videos, capturing a wonderfully unique experience.

Thankbox work anniversary sample page

From celebrating work anniversaries to saying thank you, Thankbox is perfect for marking any occasion. Along with a stellar 4.8/5 rating on Trustpilot, the platform is a global favourite.

2. Thankbox gift cards

Along with personalised e-cards, Thankbox has revolutionised how we send digital gift cards. Just create a Thankbox, add a money collection (in USD, EUR, or GBP), and invite your friends and family to contribute – it’s that simple! 

Thankbox Gift Card page

Your recipient can choose a gift from hundreds of Thankbox’s e-gift voucher partners worldwide, including Amazon, John Lewis, and Marks and Spencer. And with prepaid Mastercard and Visa cards, giftees can shop at any online retailer that accepts both.

Thankbox gift icon Give the gift of love with personalised cards & digital gift cards

Create your Thankbox now, include a collection for a gift and invite everyone to share their love. It's quick, easy and gives one worthy person the perfect gift.

3. Custom illustrations

Turn an ordinary moment into an extraordinary keepsake with a custom illustration. Gift recipients a hand-crafted piece of art depicting a cherished memory or person. It’s their very own masterpiece that they can show off for years to come.

4. Engraved tech gadgets

For those who are tech-savvy, an engraved gadget adds a personal touch to everyday essentials – turning smartphones or smartwatches into unique gadgets.

5. Fun home decor

How about cushions featuring their favourite quotes or a photo frame with a special message? Customised home decor transforms a house into a super-stylish home. It also lets you flex how well you know the recipient. We recommend Anchorman or Barbie quotes.

6. Personalised books

If you’re hunting for the perfect birthday present, personalised books are a real page-turner. Imagine their excitement at finding their name woven into the narrative of a thriller or fairytale, they’ll be hooked from page one!

Collection of books

7. Bespoke clothing

Nothing spells style like personalised clothing and accessories. From monogrammed hats to custom-printed tees, these presents add panache to their wardrobe. Recipients will be showing off their inner-John Travolta in no time (while waving goodbye to Marie Kondo)!

8. Custom kitchenware

Engraved cutting boards or custom recipe books make perfect gifts for all the budding Chef Ramseys out there. It’s a great way to celebrate their culinary skills while adding something new to their kitchen – and hopefully, they don’t have Gordon's temper! 

9. Personalised hobby accessories

Whether they’ve got the gardening bug or love photography, personalised hobby accessories show you respect and appreciate their passions. 

10. Unique board games

Everybody knows a board game fanatic, and with customised board games, you can transform their game night into a special occasion. Turn Guess Who and Monopoly into a truly immersive experience.

11. Individual skincare products

Personally curate a skincare kit tailored to their skin type and preferences, and throw in a  customised bathrobe or a set of monogrammed towels for that extra five-star hotel touch. 

woman's tanned face

12. Specially designed wall art

Personalised maps showcasing their favourite places to visit – have any words sounded as sweet? Unique wall art is a fun way to bring their personality and life experience to life. 

13. Personalised wine and spirits

If you’re searching for the perfect wedding gift, look no further. Toast the newlyweds with a bottle of their favourite vintage or a premium spirit, all adorned with a custom label commemorating their special day.

14. Customised planters

If you’re on social media, you already know indoor plants are a trend that’s here to stay (unlike our unwatered succulent in the corner). Engraving their name and house-warming date makes planters the perfect new home gift.

15. Cute pet gifts

Celebrate the bond they share with their furry friends with custom pet gifts. From a personalised pet keychain to an adorable pet portrait, there’s nothing cuter than this one-of-a-kind gift.

16.  Entertaining puzzles

For cosy Sunday mornings, transform a favourite snapshot into a puzzle. Imagine their delight as they piece together a beloved memory, one puzzle bit at a time. 

jigsaw puzzle pieces

17. Personalised travel accessories

If you’ve got any globetrotters in your life, travel-themed items like personalised luggage tags are a must! 

18. Turn their musical instruments up to eleven

We all have that friend who brings a guitar to a party (whether you ask them to or not), well, this gift is for them. Personalising an instrument, amp, or plectrum with their name or meaningful lyric will surely put you at the number one spot on their friend's list.

19. Personalised sporting equipment

Enhance their fitness routine with custom sporting equipment. Whether it’s a custom yoga mat or a golf club bearing their initials, such gifts will inspire them to give 110%.

20. Exciting stationery 

Teachers shape our lives in immeasurable ways, it’s only right we should show our gratitude. So, if you’re shopping for teachers – custom notebooks, pens, or planners will make their daily planning more enjoyable.

Express your individuality with Thankbox!

There’s no denying it, personalised gifts hold irreplaceable value, transforming a simple present into something truly special. Personalisation reflects the thoughtfulness behind your gift and the willingness to go that extra mile.

The art of gifting lies not in the object, but in the emotion it signifies. And what better way to express affection than with Thankbox?

Thankbox is specifically designed to enrich group celebrations with a personal touch, shaping unforgettable memories into a single, unified gift. So why wait? Create a Thankbox today!

Thankbox gift icon Give the gift of love with personalised cards & digital gift cards

Create your Thankbox now, include a collection for a gift and invite everyone to share their love. It's quick, easy and gives one worthy person the perfect gift.

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