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20 Great Moonpig Alternatives for Cards and Gifts

Photo of Valentin Hinov Valentin Hinov 11 August 2023
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In the universe of online cards, one star has particularly shone bright – Moonpig.

Known and adored for its extensive range of customizable cards and gifts, Moonpig has become a beloved platform for many. But there are other options available for those seeking an even greater level of personalization and truly unique gifts.

We’ve curated a list of 20 worthy alternatives to Moonpig that deserve your attention. Whether it's sending birthday wishes to a teacher or securing a perfect personalised gift, these are the best gift websites that have something for everyone. 

Let’s get started!

Top-notch alternatives to Moonpig in 2023

There are many alternatives to Moonpig available, with some probably already on your radar, while others might be delightful discoveries. We’ve taken the liberty to compile the best of the best for your convenience. 

Let’s dive in:

1. Thankbox

Birthday Thankbox

Taking the top spot as our prime Moonpig alternative is Thankbox. Thankbox is an online platform that simplifies the sending of unique and quirky group cards for any occasion with collaborative messages, photos, GIFs, and videos.

Features include customizable templates, an easy-to-use platform, and the option to add digital gift cards that can be used in 700+ retailers worldwide. Unlike Moonpig, Thankbox cards are sent directly to email, so recipients can open their Thankbox anywhere and at any time – saving you the worry of delivery times.

Compared to Moonpig, Thankbox offers a unique emphasis on group collaboration and personalisation, making it a fantastic option for the remote workplace. Two of its most popular use cases are for sending group leaving cards and birthday ecards from the whole team. User reviews frequently highlight Thankbox's intuitive design and emotional impact.

Thankbox card sending icon Create a Thankbox & really brighten someone's day

A Thankbox group greeting card lets everyone, anywhere in the world send love and appreciation. Start in seconds and immediately invite friends, family and colleagues to add wonderful, uplifting messages.

2. Funky Pigeon

Funky pigeon home page

Another excellent Moonpig alternative is Funky Pigeon (yes, the one with the catchy jingle!). 

This platform boasts a large variety of customizable cards and gifts. From t-shirts and mugs to cushions and wall art, Funky Pigeon showcases a fun and quirky way to send customisable gifts. And with the help of its online editor, customisation is super easy!

3. Zazzle

Zazzle home page

Zazzle is an on-demand marketplace that unleashes your inner artist, allowing you to create clothing, party supplies, and home decor. What sets Zazzle apart is its commitment to supporting independent artists, meaning you'll be able to discover original designs that you won't see anywhere else.

4. Redbubble

Redbubble home page

Redbubble, like Zazzle, is a global online marketplace that sells products featuring designs from unique artists. Redbubble offers a different kind of customisation – instead of personalisation, you choose from unique, artist-inspired designs for thousands of products, including greeting cards.

5. Hallmark 

Hallmark homepage

Hallmark offers a massive selection of cards for every occasion, from Congratulations and New Baby to Just to Say and Happy Anniversary, some of which you can personalise with messages and photos. As one of the oldest and most established companies in the card industry, Hallmark is a reliable option for traditional and digital greeting cards.

6. Thortful

Thortful homepage

Thortful shares many similarities with Moonpig, but where Moonpig is responsible for its designs, Thortful operates more as an online marketplace for designers. 

The platform allows up-and-coming creators to register and market their unique designs for customer use. This results in a medley of design styles and themes, providing an extensive selection for shoppers. 

7. Touchnote

Touchnote homepage

Touchnote operates as both a website and an app, offering access to over 3,000 artists, enabling you to choose the most fitting theme for your recipient. Furthermore, Touchnote lets you inject personal flair into your cards.

8. Card Factory

Moonpig alternative - Card Factory

Card Factory, which you can find on the high street and online, presents a more budget-friendly alternative to Moonpig. Their offerings begin at a highly affordable 99p! 

However, it's important to note that Card Factory's selection of designs isn’t as extensive as other platforms.

9. Photobox

Moonpig alternative - Photobox

Photobox allows you to craft narratives through your photos, which you can then transform into unique, customised gifts – fridge magnets, photo cushions, playing cards, and many more. It even allows you to print photos online and bring your photo book ideas to life.

10. Scribbler

Moonpig alternative - Scribblr

For those in search of humorous or unique greeting cards, Scribbler is worth a look. While it doesn't offer the option to send eCards, its extensive range of themed cards is sure to impress. Additionally, Scribbler lets you sift out “rude” cards and gifts or focus on them solely.

11. Cardly

Moonpig alternative - Cardly

Cardly, like Thankbox and its sustainability pledge, is committed to the environment and plants five trees for every 100 cards sent.

12. Etsy

Moonpig alterntives - Etsy

Etsy, a renowned online marketplace, caters to those seeking one-of-a-kind greeting cards made by talented artists from all over the world. The pricing range varies considerably so it fits any budget. The site doesn't support the sale of e-cards, however, many sellers offer cards you can download and print at home. 

13. Greetabl

Moonpig alternative - Greetbl

Greetabl specialises in customised gifts that double as greeting cards. The platform lets you choose, personalise, and send gifts in beautifully designed boxes. Simply select a box design and a customisable gift then you’re good to go!

14. Snapfish

Moonpig alternative - Snapfish

Known for its photo-based products, Snapfish is perfect for personalised photo cards and gifts, offering everything from jigsaw puzzles and water bottles to beach towels and plant pots. Whatever gift you're after, Snapfish has got you covered.

15. Society6

Moonpig alternative - Society6

Capturing our fifteenth position is Society6, a platform that stands out due to its unique artist-centric model. With a staunch commitment to promoting independent artists, Society6 serves as a marketplace jam-packed with distinctive, art-infused cards and gifts.

16. Lovepop

Moonpig alternative - Pop Culture

Lovepop brings a unique twist to the table with its intricate 3D pop-up cards. These are not just cards but memorable experiences for the receiver. And best of all, the platform boasts a pop culture section full of Star Wars, Marvel, and even Ted Lasso cards!

17. Paperless Post

Moonpig alternative - Paperless Post

For those prioritising eco-friendly alternatives, Paperless Post offers beautifully designed digital cards that can be customised and sent via email.

18. VistaPrint

Moonpig alternative - Vistaprint

Although most famous for its business cards, VistaPrint also features a variety of personalised cards and gifts, including calendars, headphones, and clothing.

19. Minted

Moonpig alternative - Minted

Minted sources its designs from independent artists worldwide, so you’re bound to uncover some unique treasures. Known for its high-quality paper and printing, it’s a great choice for luxury cards, designs, and gifts.

20. Basic Invite

Moonpig alternative - Basic Invite

Basic Invite boasts almost unlimited colour options and custom samples, making it perfect for those who value complete control over their greeting card’s design.

Final thoughts

As we wrap up these Moonpig alternatives, it's clear that with online card and gift shopping – variety is the spice of life. From diverse design options to customised gifts, these services make digital gift-giving a much more enjoyable experience.

Speaking of our digital landscape, the power of personalisation shouldn't go unnoticed. That’s where Thankbox comes in. Thankbox makes it easier than ever to add a personal, heartfelt touch, helping you create more meaningful connections with the people you care about. 

Thankbox Create screen

So, why not start today? Create your first Thankbox and find the ultimate gift in minutes.

Thankbox card sending icon Create a Thankbox & really brighten someone's day

A Thankbox group greeting card lets everyone, anywhere in the world send love and appreciation. Start in seconds and immediately invite friends, family and colleagues to add wonderful, uplifting messages.

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