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Top Tips for Gay and LGBTQ+ Birthday Cards

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A slice of rainbow cake to celebrate an LGBTQ+ birthday

Everyone knows the grand celebration the LGBTQ+ community puts on for Pride Month in June. Another time for celebration are birthdays — a special time — regardless of a person’s orientation.

However, according to Ken Howard, founder of Gay Therapy LA, birthdays are especially important for the LGBTQ+ community as they boost self-esteem and act as a barrier against oppression. Besides being a time for celebration, LGBTQ+ birthdays are an important time for reflection of identity and goals.

One of the best ways to show appreciation to a gay person on their birthday is to send them a virtual birthday card from Thankbox. A personalised message on a gay person’s special day is the ideal way to set the right mood and tone and create the right vibe.

Gay birthday cards can range from funny, insightful, and touching and remind the person why they’re special.

But before we learn how to send a gay virtual birthday card, let’s understand the importance of LGBTQ+ birthdays.

The importance of celebrating birthdays in the LGBTQ+ community

Ken Howard provides reasons on why celebrating a birthday is important for the gay community. The key takeaway is that they improve mental health as celebrating who you are is important, especially if you’ve been suppressed for years.

Benefits of a LGBTQ+ person celebrating a birthday include:

  1. Time to experience joy - nowadays, people forget to make time for themselves, but being able to enjoy the moment is important.

  2. Recognition of gender identity and sexual orientation Coming out is not easy even if a person is surrounded by family and friends as society still does not completely accept LGBTQ+. Hence, celebrating birthdays is a way to appreciate the obstacles LGBTQ+ have overcome.

  3. Highlighting past milestones and getting ready for new ones A birthday is a great time to think about someone’s accomplishments and where the next ones might come from.

  4. Identifying current routines and behaviors that should continue or cease Birthdays are an excellent time for self-reflection. Not only is this good for mental health but creating new routines, and removing bad habits, are both imperative for growth.

  5. Opportunity to take stock of who is important Gay people face different challenges than others, so birthdays are a great time for people to show they truly care and support them.

If you have an LGBTQ+ friend or relative with a birthday coming up, don’t underestimate how important it can be. When considering your options for a gay birthday card, choose something that allows for customisation such as a personalised ecard from Thankbox.

Thankbox LGBTQ+ icon Everyone smiles better with a Thankbox

Get your world smiling more in seconds. Start your birthday Thankbox, invite all your friends and family to add their lovely messages and make someone's special day a little extra special.

Create your own virtual gay birthday card with Thankbox

The main benefit of sending a virtual birthday card is that anyone can join in from anywhere in the world through an invite link.

To send a Thankbox group card, simply select a custom LGBTQ+ background - or one most appropriate - enter the recipients details, write your title, add who it's from and then you're ready to invite others.

Note that a premium subscription allows the more cash to be collected and gives the sender access to additional features such as custom fonts and backgrounds, and video message integration.

Here’s a sample Thankbox group gay birthday card:
A selection of messages on an example Thankbox gay birthday card

Once you know how many people want to contribute to a virtual group birthday card, send each person the link. From there, you can customise the design and add your own messages. Once happy it's a question of sharing the love. Need some ideas on what to write? We’ve got you covered! (more on that in a bit).

Every Thankbox card has the option to collect money for a group gift. Your group can send money in three currencies: USD, GBP, or EUR. Upon receiving the card, the recipient can redeem the amount for a digital gift card of their choosing.

How it works - the Thankbox gift collection option

Thankbox has a wide selection of retailers to choose from in many countries. To check which retailers are available in your recipient’s country, visit the gift collection page here.

With Thankbox, friends and family can express their sincere wishes. Moreover, there is a big selection of media to choose from, so get your creative hat on.

Another benefit of using Thankbox is that it lets you combine messages from different people, so while some might write inside jokes, there could also be emotional messages that can be saved and cherished.

Gay happy birthday message ideas

You should always add a personal twist to a birthday message, but in case you’re stumped, we have some suggestions to help you get started.

Don’t forget that with Thankbox, you can include creative and fun media like photos, GIFs, and videos, so always try to find something to go along with your quirky message!

Humorous birthday messages for a gay friend or relative

  • Gay best friends aren’t made — they’re born that way! Thank you for always being a friend and allowing me to support you throughout your journey. Happy birthday!

  • I’d ask you how old you are, but I know I’ll never get a straight answer from you. Happy birthday!

  • Hope your birthday celebrations are as gay as you. Happy birthday!

  • I was going to ask what you wanted for your birthday, but I knew I’d never get a straight answer — so here’s a gift card! Happy birthday!

  • I wouldn’t usually give it to you straight, but the truth is, you’re my best friend! Happy birth-gay to my bestie!

Thoughtful Birthday Messages

  • Watching you be strong in who you are gives me the confidence to be myself. Thank you for being a great friend and example. I hope you have an amazing birthday!

  • You might not realise your effect on people, but your presence makes the people around you stronger. It has been amazing to see you grow into the person you are today. I hope this next year is even better, happy birthday!

  • Happy birthday to the most courageous person I know. You are so resilient and committed to who you are and I feel so lucky to learn from you. I am a more confident person because I have you in my life. Thank you for being you!

  • Today is extremely special to me . It is a day to honour one of the most special people in my life. I don’t know how I would navigate this life without you, so I’m just going to thank my lucky stars I have you! Happy birthday to my bestie, I hope your day is everything you ever wanted!

  • Your birthday is a day to honour everything you have accomplished and everything you will achieve in the future. It’s a time to recommit to your goals and set out for even greater heights. I can’t wait to keep following you in your journey. I know it’s going to be incredible. Thanks for always letting me be a part of it. Happy birthday!

Feel free to copy or edit these messages when creating your group gay birthday with Thankbox. Your friend will surely be overwhelmed with joy when they open and see personalised wishes from not just you, but a whole group of people.

Remember, these virtual birthday cards can be digitally stored, so if the messages have an impact, show the recipient how to save it.

If you have any questions, please take a look at the contact page.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, birthdays are meant to celebrate a person. However, birthdays can also create pressure for friends and family. Instead of worrying about the perfect gift, focus on reminding your friend or relative how lucky you feel to know them.

When you’re celebrating a gay or LGBTQ+ birthday, remember the stakes are higher. It’s likely this person went through some challenges while cultivating their identity, so you want a birthday card to reflect that. Luckily with Thankbox, you can create a gay birthday card that's as unique as the recipient.

Thankbox LGBTQ+ icon Everyone smiles better with a Thankbox

Get your world smiling more in seconds. Start your birthday Thankbox, invite all your friends and family to add their lovely messages and make someone's special day a little extra special.

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