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Top 18 Leadership Activities for Elevating Your Team’s Skills

Photo of Andy Cakebread Andy Cakebread 02 December 2023
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Hey there, team leaders, managers, and everyone in between! Ever felt like you’re playing the role of Simon Cowell, spotting hidden talents, and wondering how many more are waiting to be discovered? 

Well, you’re in the right place!

The true test of leadership is demonstrated through action, not just words – here’s where leadership activities come into play. These activities highlight those employees with innate leadership qualities and pinpoint areas for self-improvement.

But the question remains – how do you uncover the hidden leaders within your team? Join us at Thankbox as we dive into the world of leadership activities. Let’s get started!

What are leadership activities?

Before we jump into the activities, let’s unravel what makes an effective leader. Think charisma, empathy, decisiveness – the whole nine yards! Fortunately for us, you don’t need to be born with these traits, they can be developed – phew!

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So, what are leadership activities? They’re like training exercises that help you and your staff become better leaders. They’re here to improve essential skills like problem-solving, teamwork, flexibility, and active listening.

Remember, the best leadership activities don’t just talk about leadership, they give you tools you can actually use. It’s like going from knowing you should be a better listener to actually becoming a better listener!

18 leadership activities for future leaders

Great leaders change how teams work together, making everyone feel motivated and super appreciated. To experience this, take a look at these leadership activities:

Team bonding and social activities

1. Cultural exchange days

Spice up your team dynamics with cultural exchange days! It’s a celebration of the diverse tapestry that makes up your company values. From food to music, it’s a global tour without the jet lag.

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2. Team outings

Ah, the good old team outing! Whether it’s a picnic, a sports day, or just grabbing lunch together, these outings are golden opportunities for team bonding and creating memories outside the office walls.

Problem-solving exercises

3. Escape room challenges

Who doesn’t love a good mystery? Escape rooms are thrilling ways to develop problem-solving skills. Teams work together to solve puzzles and escape the room. It’s a race against time that demands quick thinking and teamwork.

4. The marshmallow challenge

This one’s a classic. Give your team spaghetti sticks, tape, string, and a marshmallow. The goal? Build the tallest structure that can support the marshmallow. It’s a fun way to encourage creative problem-solving and innovation.

Team-building activities

5. Trust falls

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It might sound cliché, but trust falls are timeless for a reason. They’re about establishing trust in your workplace and putting faith in others. When a team member falls, they put their trust in others to catch them.

6. Blindfolded obstacle course

In this challenge, one team member is blindfolded and must navigate an obstacle course with only verbal guidance from teammates. It’s a perfect blend of trust-building and communication, as success heavily relies on clear instructions.

Creativity and innovation workshops

7. Idea generation workshops

A team brainstorming ideas

These sessions are all about unleashing creativity. Team members are encouraged to voice out-of-the-box ideas without fear of judgement. This activity not only generates a pool of diverse ideas but also cultivates a culture where creativity is encouraged.

8. Role reversal brainstorms

Teams engage in brainstorming challenges from perspectives they’re not familiar with. For example, a developer might take on a marketer’s role. This shift in perspective can lead to unexpected and innovative solutions.

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Motivational and goal-setting sessions

9. Vision board creation

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Here’s a chance to get those creative juices flowing! Each team member crafts a visual collage of their aspirations and goals. It’s not just arts and crafts – it’s about getting super pumped to turn those dreams into reality.

10. Goal mapping

Goal mapping is where dreams get down to business. Teams work together to identify shared development goals and chart a roadmap to success. It’s like setting up a GPS for your team’s aspirations and mapping out the journey, turn by turn.

Emotional intelligence and empathy building

11. Empathy circles

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Ready for some heart-to-heart? In empathy circles, team members share and empathise with each other’s personal stories. This exercise deepens understanding and strengthens workplace bonds, creating a more compassionate and supportive environment.

12. Personality assessment discussions

Let’s get analytical with personality assessments like 16 personality types by Myers-Briggs. These discussions reveal how different personalities operate, paving the way for better teamwork and fewer “Why on earth did you do that?” moments.

Conflict resolution techniques

13. Mediation role play

Ever wanted to play peacemaker? Mediation role play lets team members practise resolving conflicts in a controlled, drama-free environment. It’s a safe space to develop those crucial negotiating skills, minus the workplace drama.

14. The feedback circle

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The feedback circle is where constructive criticism meets kindness. Team members learn to give and receive feedback in helpful ways, not hurtful. Think of it as a group hug for personal and professional growth.

Supercharging communication

15. Team debates

Debates aren’t just for politicians. They’re a fantastic way to sharpen your team’s communication skills. Pick a fun, non-work-related topic and watch your team articulate their thoughts and listen to others. It’s a great way to learn respectful disagreement and assertive workplace communication.

16. The listening game

Listening is as important as speaking, if not more. This game involves one team member sharing a story while others listen carefully to retell it. 

Physical team challenges

17. Obstacle courses

Ready, set, go! Obstacle courses don’t just boost physical fitness, they also encourage strategy, teamwork, and a lot of cheering each other on. It’s a workout for the body and the team spirit.

18. Sports tournaments

Man and a woman playing ping pong

Whether it’s football, rounders, or table tennis, sports tournaments are a hit for generating friendly competition and teamwork. Plus, it’s a chance to show off those hidden athletic skills!

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Wrapping up

And there you have it – a comprehensive and fun guide to the top 18 leadership activities. From the thrilling problem-solving of escape room challenges to the creative burst in idea workshops, these activities unlock a more dynamic and innovative team.

But remember, celebrating your team's achievements and milestones is just as important as the activities themselves. That's where Thankbox steps in. And the best part? Thankbox ensures same-day or next-day delivery, making it perfect for those last-minute appreciations.

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