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Establishing Trust in Your Workplace: 12 Highly Effective Approaches

Photo of Andy Cakebread Andy Cakebread 25 September 2023
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Imagine a workplace where the coffee machine isn’t just a place for awkward chit-chat about ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. It’s a place where everyone shares their weekend DIY disasters (who knew mounting a TV could lead to so much damage?) or the latest “fun fact” they’ve learned. 

This is what an office built on trust looks like!

Trust isn’t just the assurance that your lunch remains untouched,  it’s the foundation that turns an ordinary group of coworkers into an effective team. A team that works together to improve staff morale and achieve common goals.

Unfortunately, in the absence of trust, tensions emerge. With this in mind, join Thankbox, as we explore twelve effective strategies to strengthen trust in your workplace.

 Let’s go! 

Why should you care about trust at work?

Trust isn’t just the secret ingredient for perfect office harmony, it’s the bedrock of a thriving work environment. Considering PwC’s revelation that 64% of employees are more likely to recommend a company they trust, its significance becomes undeniable each day:

  • Better collaboration: Trust perfects workplace communication and seamless collaboration. When your team members trust each other, they’re more willing to share ideas, contribute, and offer constructive feedback without the fear of backlash.

  • Increased productivity: An environment of trust eliminates time-consuming micromanagement and encourages peer-to-peer recognition. Employees feel comfortable making decisions, leading to quicker and more effective outcomes.

  • Job satisfaction: Trust contributes to a positive work environment. When team members feel listened to, their job satisfaction soars, leading to reduced turnover and higher retention rates.

12 trust-building tactics every workplace needs

Understanding trust is one thing, but actively weaving it into your company? That’s the golden ticket. If you’re curious (and we know you are), here’s your trust-building toolkit of 12 game-changing strategies designed for every level:

1. Show appreciation

Remember that warm glow from a heartfelt compliment or a job well done? That’s the power of employee recognition. But why stop at words when there are innovative ways to make recognition even more memorable?

This is where Thankbox shines. It’s not just any e-card – it’s a personalised group e-card experience, allowing your whole team to chime in and say, “Thank you!”. Colleagues can fill their Thankbox with quirky GIFs, customised messages, and even some fun emojis. 

Thankbox work anniversary sample page

And for those milestone moments like a work anniversary? Your team can elevate their Thankbox with a gift card, adding a tangible touch to your employee appreciation.

Thankbox party popper icon Trust us - genuine appreciation works. And it's a breeze with Thankbox.

A Thankbox is the fast and easy way to shower colleagues with appreciation. And it benefits everyone. Try it - free to create and invite others. Pay when you send - even from the collection pot if you've opted for one.

2. Walk the walk and talk the talk

Ever heard the saying, “Actions speak louder than words”? Well, it’s not just a nifty one-liner for motivational cat posters. When you embody trust, it ripples through the ranks, setting the pace and mood for your entire crew. It’s the ideal way to lead by example.

3. Crystal clear expectations

There’s nothing worse than confusion in the workplace. Having clear expectations is like having an easy-to-follow manual. Everyone knows their role and how it fits into the grand design, ensuring the office feels more like a well-oiled machine and less like wonky flat-pack furniture.

4. The power of listening

Portrait of Man Listening to Conversation

If there’s a golden rule for building trust, it’s this one: “Listen more, speak less.” Invite your team to share their thoughts. Truly listening and valuing what they have to say demonstrates you respect their opinions. Your message to them is clear – their voice matters and it can shape company values.

5. Give the gift of autonomy

Giving employees the autonomy to manage tasks is a nod of trust, an unspoken “We believe in you.” And when your team feels empowered, they take the wheel with heightened responsibility and ownership. So, trust your team and watch the levels of productivity grow.

6. Team bonding adventures

Ever noticed how some of the best laughs and stories come from those unexpected team outings? Whether it’s an escape room or an online yoga session, these activities turn work colleagues into friends and foster rapport. So dive into these adventures and craft some exciting memories.

7. The feedback loop

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When you provide clear, constructive insights, it signals growth rather than criticism. But remember, feedback is a two-way street – you must be open to giving and receiving feedback from your team. 

Champion open dialogue and practise active listening. Give your team the chance to voice concerns and ask questions.

8. Lend a helping hand

Rather than idling once your tasks are complete, look around. A colleague struggling with their work or a newbie needing guidance can benefit from your assistance. Lending a hand encourages a supportive workplace.

9. Honesty is the best policy

While tiptoeing around your opinions has a place, there’s power in honesty. Whether it’s providing feedback, expressing opinions, or admitting a mistake, an honest approach builds trust with your peers. When we tell the truth, we enrich our personal credibility and inspire others to do the same.

10. Nonverbal communication: More than meets the eye

Photo Of People Talking To Each Other

While technical know-how is invaluable, the nuances of nonverbal cues are second to none. Invest in training your team on body language and interpersonal behaviours. Simple gestures, from maintaining eye contact to showcasing positivity are a great place to start. 

11. Admit when you’ve made a mistake

Mistakes are part and parcel of being human. When errors occur, acknowledging them strengthens your honesty and humanises you. This vulnerability can deepen trust, revealing a commitment to truth rather than excuses. Being accountable for one’s actions shows an extra level of authenticity.

12. Embrace the open-door approach

The open-door approach is a symbol of accessibility and transparency. When team members know they can come to you without hesitation, it creates a more open, trusting environment. Plus, an open-door policy is the perfect way to say goodbye to rigid hierarchies. 

Build trust in the workplace with Thankbox

At this point, you’ve grasped the importance of forging trust between employees and your organisation. Without this mutual respect and recognition, the very fabric of your work culture can unravel, impacting not only the professional atmosphere but also employee retention.

Don’t miss your chance to amplify trust in your workplace with Thankbox. Witness firsthand how simple gestures of appreciation can make huge strides in building trust. Create a Thankbox today and embrace a brighter tomorrow!

Thankbox party popper icon Trust us - genuine appreciation works. And it's a breeze with Thankbox.

A Thankbox is the fast and easy way to shower colleagues with appreciation. And it benefits everyone. Try it - free to create and invite others. Pay when you send - even from the collection pot if you've opted for one.

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