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Thoughtful & Easy Last-minute Wedding Gifts

Photo of Valentin Hinov Valentin Hinov 18 April 2022
Image of a peach covered wedding gift box with ribbon

With COVID-19 restrictions loosening up and the wedding season almost at the front door, couples are rushing to plan their special day. On top of this, weddings that were postponed will now be able to happen.

Scouting for last-minute gifts? Thankbox is here to provide a list of thoughtful wedding gift ideas that are practical and easy to purchase, and get shipped. This way, you can save time and have the items arrive at your house.

Thankbox is a no-brainer

Price: $5.99 - $9.99 (Plus funds that you want to add)

Starting off the list we have to mention Thankbox. Because, what other gift is better than money? Well, you guessed it! A personalised card with money. This is by far the best gift idea in our opinion.

Thankbox allows the users to create a personalised card. The good part is, you can create a card online and send it to multiple people to add their messages. They can also add gifs, videos, or pictures to add an extra special touch.

On top of this, everyone can contribute money as a collective. You can then send the card to the wedding couple.

An image of a sample of a Thankbox Wedding Celebration Card

Sending the card is extremely easy. Once you send the card, they will receive a link to the card and funds in their inbox.

Once they retrieve it, not only will they be overjoyed by messages from friends and families, but they will also have money that they can redeem from a list of retailers.

With Thankbox, they can have a card that they can’t lose. They can also spend the money on what they actually want to buy.



Price: Whatever you want to give

Cash is king, this is true, especially at weddings. If you’re a practical person and don’t want to waste any time, or if you are looking for wedding gift ideas for couples that have everything—this gift will put a smile on anyone’s face.

Image of $20 cash with clip

Being newlyweds can be expensive. They can use this to start life or to take it with them on their honeymoon.

Airbnb Honeymoon Gift Cards

Price: Price can vary

If you’re looking for a really simple gift with a big impact, think no further than an Airbnb gift card. This will allow couples to have an affordable honeymoon trip with a great experience in the destination of their choice.

An image of Air BnB gift cards

This will also take some of the stress of having to save up for a decent place to stay when they go on vacation.

A gift basket for a date night

Price: $98.00

With love being in the air during their wedding phase, couples will want to enjoy every moment that they can together. Date nights make an ordinary day into a special occasion—what better gift than giving them a basket that will allow them to have a great experience.

An image of a sample date night gift box incl. popcorn, wine and gorgeous sweet things

Whether they are cooking together or having a movie night, a date night gift basket can be a great last-minute gift idea to spice things up.

Luggage Set

Price: $745.00

If you feel a bit fancy and want to make sure that the newlyweds travel in style, give them a Paravel luggage set.

Paravel luggage set of large and medium suitcases

This is one of those items you don’t buy until you truly need it. It is also a gift that will actually be used for a long time. Think about it, every time they travel, they will think about you.

Scrapbook for travels

Price: $28.99

If you know the wedding couple is big into travelling, this can be a great gift for life. They will be able to fill their books with all of their memories and special experiences in the different locations that they visit.

An image of a travel scrapbook and journal

Custom engraved Mr. & Mrs. wine glass

Price: $17.75

Give a gift that puts a smile on their faces and allows them to have a good time. If the wedding couple are big wine drinkers, this is the perfect gift for them. By seeing their names engraved on the wine glass, they will be able to reminisce during any wine session.

Two glasses of wine next to a bowl of grapes

Cooking class experience

Price: Price can vary

Give the wedding couple a cooking experience of a lifetime by booking a class in destinations of their choice. Let them enjoy a cooking class in an exotic honeymoon location, cook a hundred-year-old recipe with a grandma in Mexico, or let them head into the city for a cooking experience with a master chef.

An image of a cooking experience and plating up a dish

Airbnb has opened the door for you to explore and choose a cooking class in the destination where they are headed to.

Handmade wedding card

Price: $6.19

Sometimes simple gifts are the ones with the most meaning. What better than to give the newlyweds a beautiful handmade wedding card. This card also has space to write a personalised message, which shows what truly comes from the heart.

Picture of a handmade wedding card

It also comes with something unthinkable. A bean to plant. All they have to do is plant it, and wait two weeks for a big congrats!

A chic game set

Price: $205

Give a gift that allows the couple to have fun in style and… trust me. This game they won’t want to store in the closet. This is a chic brass set of Tic-Tac-Toe that will add a flair to any area.

Brass Tic Tac Toe set picture

This is also a great decoration idea for a newlywed to bring into their home.

A DIY bouquet of candy

Price: Can Vary

One can expect to get a bouquet at their wedding. However, a bouquet of candy will put a smirk on candy-lovers face. This is a fun and tasty gift that newlyweds will be able to enjoy at any time.

A picture of a candy bouquet

This gift is also creative, easy to make, and will show you truly care.

Personalised Song Lyric Pillow

Price: $27.95

If you know that there is a song that can create a special moment for the wedding couple, make sure to put those lyrics on a pillow.

A picture of a cushion personalised with a song lyric too

They do say that love is a universal love language. The newlyweds will be able to cherish that moment with their favourite song’s lyrics personalised on a pillow.

A chic wine tote

Price: $395.00

Give a gift that makes a statement and ready your friends for an amazing picnic. With this wine tote, the newlyweds will be able to carry their wine to their favourite picnic destination in style.

A picture of a chic luxury wine tote

They will no longer need to use a plastic bag or put the wine together with the food.

Personalised cutting board

Price: $48.00

What way better way to commemorate an amazing day than to have a keepsake with the family’s name engraved on it. This is something that they can utilise or just have up as a memorable decoration.

Picture of a personalised kitchen cutting board

Champagne for a special occasion

Price: $379.97

If you want to “party it up” and splurge, so will they. What better way to enjoy festivity than with a bottle of champagne’s finest Don Perignon?

Gift box of Dom Perignon champagne image

This will be the wedding couple’s chance to live it up a little and trust me. They will thank you.

Flashy Kettle

Price: $59.18

If you’re looking to give a fancy gift, you don’t have to spend a ton of money. This beautifully designed kettle doesn’t cost a whole lot, and will wow any newlyweds when they open their gifts.

Picture of an old fashioned copper kettle

Getting a gift doesn’t have to be hard

We have made this list with easy gift ideas that have a wide range in price. We have gifts that are very affordable and there are gifts that you can spend a little more. Regardless of price, we made sure that every gift has a special meaning and —remember… Regardless of the gift, it’s all in the act of giving.

We also made sure that we provide you with a variation of gifts ideas that would fit any taste.

We hope that you can help you find that “ah-ha” moment and pick out the perfect gift. Also, remember not to stress it too much if you are indecisive. Because you can always go with Thankbox, and let the wedding couple choose the gift.

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