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Game On: 20 Fun Office Games to Lighten the Mood

Photo of Tsvetelina Hinova Tsvetelina Hinova 05 September 2023
Office games and fun with a chair

We've all seen those dazzling offices of Silicon Valley, where workspaces look more like playgrounds with slides, ping-pong tables, and unlimited slushies. You've probably gazed at them wistfully, thinking “I'd like to work in a place like that.” 

Well, who says you can't turn your office into a hub of fun and excitement? You don't need a tech giant's budget to infuse fun into the daily nine-to-five and boost staff happiness.

That's where office games come into play. With a sprinkle of creativity and embracing the lighter side of work, you can transform your office into a lively place where work meets play. 

Whether you're a manager seeking to encourage collaboration or an employee itching to spark a fun revolution, these games are your golden ticket to a more connected workspace. So, join us at Thankbox as we turn your office into Silicon Valley's fun sibling. 

Let the games begin!

The importance of fun in the workplace

With deadlines and rising stress levels, injecting fun into your workplace can't be overlooked. More than just a way to break up the monotony, infusing fun into the office lifts staff morale and creates a positive environment.

Employees who enjoy their workspace are often more engaged, creative, and productive. Playfulness fosters peer-to-peer recognition, breaking down barriers and encouraging open communication.

Remember, it's not about avoiding work – it's about enhancing it, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. When laughter echoes through an office, it's a sign of happy employees, a healthy business, and a thriving culture.

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Twenty fun office games that are sure to raise a smile

1. Two truths and a lie

  • Description: Each participant shares two truths and one lie about themselves, while others try to guess the lie.

  • Instructions: Have each participant write down two truths and one lie about themselves. Take turns reading them aloud, and have the rest of the group vote on which statement they think is the lie. 

2. Office trivia

  • Description: A quiz game with questions relating to your company, industry, or general knowledge.

  • Instructions: Prepare questions related to your workplace and divide participants into teams. Either take turns asking questions or appoint someone as the quiz master. Award points for correct answers and keep track of scores – perfect for remote teams. 

3. The human knot

  • Description: Team members hold hands in a complex pattern and must untangle without letting go.

  • Instructions: Have everyone stand in a circle, reach across, and grab the hands of two different people. The goal is to untangle the knot without breaking hand-holds.

4. Desk pong

woman playing table tennis
  • Description: A mini ping-pong tournament using office desks.

  • Instructions: Set up a mini ping-pong table on a desk or use a conference table. Use standard ping-pong rules, and have a prize for the winner. Sweatbands are optional.

5. Office scavenger hunt

  • Description: A treasure hunt where players find items around the office following clues.

  • Instructions: This game is perfect for any amateur sleuth. Create a list of items and clues leading to various locations. Divide the group into teams and provide them with the first clue. The team that finds all the items first wins.

6. Charades

  • Description: Classic guessing game with an office twist.

  • Instructions: Write down words or phrases on slips of paper and place them in a bowl. Participants take turns drawing a slip and acting out the word or phrase without speaking. Teams have to guess what it is within a time limit.

7. Coffee art challenge

  • Description: Create art using only coffee and office supplies.

  • Instructions: Provide participants with coffee and various office supplies like paper clips and paper. Challenge them to create art using only these materials. Hold a vote to determine the best artist.

8. The great egg drop

  • Description: Teams build a structure to prevent an egg from breaking when dropped.

  • Instructions: Divide participants into teams and provide each with materials like straws, tape, and paper. Challenge them to build a structure and test them by dropping the eggs from a height.

9. Office karaoke

Office karaoke
  • Description: Singing competition with a fun-loving audience.

  • Instructions: Set up a karaoke machine or use a karaoke app. Participants can sing solo or in groups. Encourage audience participation and applause. Prepare to hear lots of Abba.

10. Blind drawing

  • Description: Team members guide a blindfolded colleague to draw an image.

  • Instructions: Blindfold one team member and have others describe an object or scene for them to draw without naming it. Compare the guesses and buckle up for lots of laughter.

11. Who am I?

  • Description: Guess the celebrity or coworker from clues.

  • Instructions: Write the names of celebrities or coworkers and tape one to each participant's back or forehead, they have to ask yes/no questions to figure out who they are.

12. Chair races

  • Description: Racing office chairs through a designated track.

  • Instructions: Mark a race track and have participants race office chairs. Ensure safety by outlining clear rules and having staff supervise – especially if you have any budding Lewis Hamiltons on the team!

13. Puzzle challenge

  • Description: Teams compete to finish a puzzle.

  • Instructions: Provide each team with the same puzzle and challenge them to complete it first.

14. Paper plane competition

shallow focus photography of person holding paper plane
  • Instructions: Participants design paper planes and compete for the longest distance. Provide prizes for the best pilots.

15. Building bridges

  • Description: Build bridges using office supplies.

  • Instructions: Challenge teams to build bridges using only office supplies. Test the bridges' strength with small weights – maybe don’t test the office printer!

16. Secret Santa

  • Description: Anonymous gift exchange during holidays.

  • Instructions: Participants draw names to determine who they buy a gift for. Gifts are given anonymously. It’s a fun way to show some appreciation.

17. Virtual escape room

  • Description: Online escape room challenges for remote teams.

  • Instructions: Choose an online escape room platform. Teams work together to solve puzzles and “escape” within a time limit.

18. Cooking challenge

  • Description: Teams cook a meal with limited ingredients.

  • Instructions: Divide participants into teams and provide them with limited ingredients. Challenge them to create a meal and judge the results.

19. Office/virtual yoga session

people exercising in the office
  • Description: Guided yoga sessions for relaxation.

  • Instructions: Arrange for a yoga instructor to guide participants through a relaxing session or follow an online video. Provide mats if possible.

20. Giant Jenga

  • Description: A super-sized version of the classic block-stacking game.

  • Instructions: Set up the tower using large wooden blocks. Players take turns removing one block at a time and placing it on the top. The game continues until it collapses.

Let the office games begin with Thankbox

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