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Boost Your Remote Working Skills with These 15 Tips

Photo of Tsvetelina Hinova Tsvetelina Hinova 19 September 2023
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The future of work has touched down, and guess what? It’s right in your living room! Gone are the days when remote work was an exclusive perk. Now, it’s a mainstream necessity. But as we swap boardroom meetings for virtual catch-ups, there’s a new challenge ahead. 

How do we turn our homes from comfort zones to bustling productivity hubs?

Whether you’re an old hand at working from home or recently swapped the office desk for the kitchen table, getting the most out of your home workspace is essential. It’s about crafting a space that fuels productivity while fostering a healthy work-life balance.

Ready to transform your work-from-home routine? Join Thankbox as we dive into 15 tips that promise to elevate your remote work game. 

Tips to supercharge your work-from-home productivity and wellness

Working remotely means deciding when and where to work and setting boundaries between your work and personal life. It involves thinking about your workspace, daily routine, and mastering workplace communication from a distance.

To truly thrive in this instance, let’s explore these top-notch tips to maximise your nine-to-five:

Level up: Boosting health and crushing goals

1. Connect with your teammates

While physical distance separates remote teams, it doesn’t have to lead to emotional detachment. Make sure to embrace virtual coffee chats or online team meetings. It’s especially significant when marking milestones like employee anniversaries or birthdays. 

A recent study by the Royal Society for Public Health revealed that an alarming 67% of remote workers feel isolated from their colleagues. 

To combat this loneliness, consider platforms like Thankbox. Beyond sending group personalised e-cards, Thankbox allows you to recognise, celebrate, and reward your team in a virtual space. 

Birthday Thankbox

Teams can consistently remind one another of their value via Thankbox gift cards and unique e-cards full of customised messages, GIFs, photos, and even videos. It’s the perfect way to remind teammates that they’re not alone.

Thankbox champagne celebration icon Bring the team closer from home!

Getting the team to appreciate someone, celebrate a colleague's milestone or life event is easy with a Thankbox. A positive action makes everyone feel better and boosts team wellbeing.

2. Incorporate physical activity

Don’t let the comfort of your home make you sluggish. Integrate simple at-home workouts or stretching sessions into your day. Remember, physical movement isn’t just about staying fit – it sharpens your mental clarity and enhances focus.

3. Stay hydrated and eat well

The convenience of having a kitchen nearby is both a blessing and a potential pitfall. It’s easy to reach for whatever snack catches your eye. Yet, constantly indulging (although tasty) might not serve your overall well-being. Opt for foods that bolster your energy rather than sap it. 

Additionally, keep a water bottle at your workstation – it’s a silent reminder to hydrate regularly.

4. Prioritise your mental well-being

Techniques like meditation or immersing in soothing tunes help reset your mind. Be vigilant and recognise early signs of burnout. It’s a very real challenge when professional and personal boundaries blur at home.

Master the art of workspace zen

5. Choose the right spot

Woman in Yellow Jacket Working in Her Computer

Picking the ideal workspace is your golden ticket to productivity. Aim for a quiet spot. It’s best to steer clear of high-traffic areas like the living room or kitchen. 

By selecting a peaceful corner, you’ll optimise your engagement and reduce disturbances.

6. Invest in quality furniture

Don’t skimp on your office furniture – after all, it’s where you spend most of your day! Ergonomic chairs and adjustable desks offer more than just comfort – they help boost your well-being and focus. Over time, you’ll realise that a little extra spent on quality can save you a visit to the chiropractor.

7. Say no to distractions

In a home environment, distractions are just a room away. Resist the allure of Netflix during work hours and set clear boundaries with housemates or family to maintain focus. And if external noise becomes a hurdle, noise-cancelling headphones are a godsend.

8. Personalise your space

Your workspace should be more than just functional, it should inspire you. Add a touch of “you” by incorporating plants, artwork, or your favourite bits and bobs that resonate with good vibes

It’s the perfect chance to create the office of your dreams – without Mandy from accounts yelling, “I don’t like that colour!”

9. Light it up

A Woman Opening the Curtains of a Window

Open those curtains and let light flood in. Natural lighting works better than coffee at making you feel awake. However, when it isn’t accessible, artificial lighting works as well. The perfect lighting makes dealing with screens easier and improves your morale.

Tech transformation

10. Use a reliable internet connection

We’ve all felt the sting of an internet drop – typically at the most pivotal moments, right? In remote work, such hiccups throw a massive spanner in your productivity levels. When dealing with video calls or downloading hefty files, a stable connection guarantees you’re not left hanging.

11. Mastering digital tools

Don’t just use digital tools, become the “Steve Jobs” of tech. Platforms like Slack for team chatter, Zoom for face-to-face interactions, and Trello for task tracking can transform how you communicate. Additionally, these tools encourage peer-to-peer recognition as no one is left in the dark. 

12. Back up everything

There’s no doubt about it, your data is gold. Don’t leave its safety to chance. Regularly backup all files and documents to reliable cloud storage platforms. This way, even if a local disaster strikes – like a computer crash – you’ll have peace of mind knowing your work is safe. 

Boundary building for better days

13. Set crystal-clear work hours

woman covering face using wall clock

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean the lines between work and relaxation are non-existent. Designate clear start and end times for your workday. With a recent report from CIPD revealing that 30% of remote workers are working for longer, sticking to a routine helps avoid burnout.

14. Take regular breaks

Staring at screens non-stop isn’t doing your brain or eyes any favours. With this in mind, align your break times with your organisation’s guidelines or, if self-employed, set intervals where you disconnect from digital screens. 

Begin with the usual lunch break and two 15-minute pauses within an eight-hour day. If your job is desk-bound, make it a habit to stand and stretch, even if it’s just for a brief moment.

15. Dress for success

Don’t underestimate the power of your wardrobe. Slipping into work-appropriate attire, even at home, can mentally prepare you for a productive day ahead. It’s more than just looking the part – it’s about feeling ready, focused, and professional.

Unlock your home office potential with Thankbox

Embracing the world of remote work comes with its unique set of challenges and opportunities. By integrating these 15 practical tips, you’ll enhance productivity and encourage a better approach to wellness and work-life balance. 

And as our work environments evolve, so must our methods of maintaining connections.

Thankbox champagne celebration icon Bring the team closer from home!

Getting the team to appreciate someone, celebrate a colleague's milestone or life event is easy with a Thankbox. A positive action makes everyone feel better and boosts team wellbeing.

Unlock your home office’s true potential with Thankbox. This platform provides an innovative way to bridge the virtual distance, ensuring no teammate feels left out.

Create a Thankbox today and make remote work feel more like a shared journey. 

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