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Funny Messages To Write in a Leaving Card for Every Occasion

Photo of Andy Cakebread Andy Cakebread 06 September 2022
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It can be hard to say goodbye, but one way to lighten the mood is with a funny message or two.  Whether you’re writing a message in a group leaving card for a work colleague, a teacher/lecturer, or your boss, the Thankbox team has put together some funny ideas of what to include. Let’s dive right in!

What to focus on in a funny leaving card

When your office is passing around a leaving card, many people will add heartfelt and thoughtful messages. But a goodbye text doesn’t need to be sad. You can write something humorous to keep things lighthearted and fun.

But what exactly should a funny leaving card cover? Obviously, if you’re just adding to the same card as everyone else, a funny sentence or two will suffice. Keep it short and sweet.

But if you’re writing a full leaving card, here’s a sample structure worth considering:

  • Address the person.

  • Include a few funny messages.

  • Make it clear that you’re just joking if you think it’s fitting or necessary.

  • Wish them well with the rest of their career or wherever they’re headed next.

  • Sign off with a final message (e.g. All the best, Best wishes, From etc.) and your name.

While you should consider funny things to write on a card, you may still want to add a warmer, more serious note toward the end. That said, this really depends on your relationship with the person and how you both got on.


Funny messages for a work colleague

More than likely, you’re writing a goodbye card for a work colleague. In that case, what do you write in a leaving card that’ll make your colleague smile and laugh?

Here’s some funny co-worker goodbye messages you should consider:

  • Very sorry to see you go… Can I have your chair?

  • God help the new place that’s taking you in.

  • Well done on getting out of here πŸ˜‰.

  • I’ll really miss our awkward chit-chats in the canteen.

  • I’m sorry that you have to leave a place with someone as great as me. It must be heart-wrenching😜.

  • Sorry you’re leaving… Wait, what’s your name again?

  • You’ll come crawling back. I know it.

  • I’ll really miss doing your work.

  • Please let us have an office party first! I want cake.

  • Since you’re not being replaced, will your wages be divided up among the rest of us? Asking for [name of a mutual friend].

  • This isn’t goodbye forever… After all, I know where you live πŸ˜‚ (You definitely want to make sure they know this one is a joke!) 

  • Let’s hope your new co-workers don’t think you’re too strange.

  • It’s a true honour to tell you goodbye… I’m just so glad you’re finally leaving.

  • We can’t hold you back anymore. We really tried but you outsmarted us.

If it’s your boss who is moving on, here’s some ideas you could consider:
  • This place is going to fall apart without you 😟 *part of ceiling collapses*.

  • We will avoid bumping into you.

  • I’m scared of who the new boss will be 😬.

  • From now on, you get to give out to us as your friends. It’ll be more fun that way!

  • I hope your new job turns out terribly, so you have to come back to us!

  • It must be exciting moving on to an even higher position *I’ve got the power by Snap begins playing in the background*.

If you’re writing to a boss, you obviously want to be a bit more careful. Just ensure you’re confident that a funny message will land well before including it! You can always add a more heartfelt note right after a funny message to make sure they know that you’ll genuinely miss them. 

We just don’t want you to get in trouble, after all. But, if you do end up in hot water, we have some apology card message ideas for that!... kidding.

Messages for someone who is moving or headed on a long holiday

Is someone on your street about to move house? Have a family member or friend preparing for their post-pandemic journey around the world? 

Whatever the case, here’s some funny goodbye sayings for a person who is moving away:

  • I’ll miss how much of a psycho you are.

  • Without you, who will I blame for all my problems? 😒

  • Who are you again?

  • Watch out, world! Like seriously… the world should watch out if you’re travelling around it…

  • Stars always move on… so why are you going somewhere again?

  • The good ones always go. So, we really can’t tell why you’re leaving?

  • [Place they are going to] is about to find out what a hurricane is like! God help them.

  • I’m not sorry to hear you’re leaving. Have a terrible time! I’ll always forget you.

  • We’re completely screwed without you.

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Messages for a teacher or lecturer who is moving on

Lastly, here are some funny see you later quotes for a teacher/lecturer:

  • I know this is hard for you. How will you cope without your star student 😎…. Best of luck with your new job!

  • Best of luck with the future. We’ll all be pretty screwed without your teaching, but what can you do!

  • We’ll really miss your science classes. But as they say, be like proton. Stay positive. 

  • We’ll really miss your English classes like the word B in subtle.  

  • We’ve all learned so much from you. The most important thing you taught me in [subject they teach] is, eh, um… Hmm.

Again, when including funny messages for someone higher up, you should always make sure it will land well! If in doubt, leave it out.

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Have your own idea for a funny leaving card message? Let us know!

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