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30 Examples of the Best Baby Gift Card Message To Send To A New Mother

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The pressure is on. You’re stuck trying to think what to write the soon-to-be mother at your office as she heads off for maternity leave. The birth of a child is a milestone in anyone’s life. You want to make an impression with a baby gift card message that leaves the recipient full of hope and warmth.

Don’t stress over trying to find the perfect message by yourself. Thankbox will help you find a message that fits the occasion and help you organize a group card too. Let’s go over what you should include in a maternity leave card and the different types of messages you might want to write.

What Is A Baby Gift Card Message?

A baby gift card message is just like a maternity leave card. This means a short message or note that might accompany a gift card you’re giving to an expectant mother.

These notes are usually short and sweet. Leave enough space to congratulate the new mum and wish her and the whole family well. Let them know that you feel happy about their new chapter of life and that you’re excited to see them thrive.

Why It’s Important To Leave Baby Gift Card Messages

Congratulate The New Mother Properly

The maternity leave card isn’t just about the gift card, it’s about offering a token of your appreciation. While a heartfelt word or two between you and the new mother can be nice, such moments are soon forgotten. With a proper card, your congratulations will be remembered forever.

It Shows You Really Care

Entering motherhood is an uncertain time in anyone’s life. It’s nice to receive some reassurance. Establish your connection with the new mum by offering a permanent message

By adding this kind of personal touch, you’ll demonstrate to the new mum that you took time to think about them and their family. That way, the gift card becomes a lot more meaningful.

Stay Connected From Afar

After seeing each other day in and day out, either virtually or in the office, it can be quite disheartening when this stops. Once they’re gone, the mother will be able to look at their card at any time knowing that they’re still a valued member of your organization. It’s nice to foster that kind of connection at your workplace.

What To Consider Before Writing A Maternity Leave Message

When it comes to writing baby gift card messages, there are not many rules. Make sure to maintain an appropriate tone based on your relationship with the new mum. Write as much or as little as you like.

Of course, if you don’t know the recipient well, then you should just send a formal yet happy message. You have more flexibility to add your own humorous touches if you know the mother well.


30 Baby Gift Card Messages To Write To A New Mum

5 Baby Gift Card Messages For Your Colleague

  • Best wishes to you and your family during your maternity leave, I’m going to think of you the whole time! Sending you lots of love and power while you’re away.

  • Your baby is fortunate to have such a caring and responsible mother. Have a wonderful time with your family!

  • Every moment with your baby is precious. Take care of yourself and make lots of memories with your new family.

  • With a mother like you, I do not doubt that your baby will thrive in the years ahead. Wishing you the best!

  • You thought work was hard! Try being a parent for seven months! Good luck! 

5 Baby Gift Card Messages For Your Boss

  • Over the years, you have been a guiding light and role model for me. That’s why I know you’ll be such a fantastic role model for your new child. I hope we see each other soon. And bring your little one with you!

  • Babies take a lot of time and patience, even more than we do! You’re going to be the perfect mother to your new baby. Let me know how I can support you during this time.

  • Time with your baby goes by quickly. Savour every moment and don’t spend a moment thinking about work – we’ve got it covered.

  • Considering you’ve dealt with us for so long, having a baby should be a cake-walk! Best of luck from all of the team! 

  • Having a baby is perfect for you boss! Teaching the inexperienced, dealing with workplace mess and being stern but fair… you’ll be the perfect parent! 

5 Baby Gift Card Messages For Your Employee

  • I’m excited about your new role as a mother! I can’t deny that it’s tough to see you leave right now, but I’ll keep you and your new child in my thoughts over the months ahead. Best wishes to you and yours.

  • Since I think of you and the rest of the team as part of my family, seeing you have a new kid is like watching this giant family grow even bigger. Enjoy the time with your baby.

  • We will all miss you at the office, no doubt. When you come back with your new baby in your arms, it will be quite the moment for everyone.

  • Congratulations! Don’t worry about work, we’ll be here when you get back! Savour the months ahead with the little one and enjoy! 

  • Best of luck to the new parent! Unfortunately, the hard work is just starting, but I know you’ll be able to handle it!

5 Funny Messages To Leave On A Maternity Leave Card

  • We’re all hoping for the best for you and your family during your maternity leave! Don’t forget to send us plenty of pictures of your newborn so we can pretend we’re living your life for a moment.

  • Enjoy your final weeks of getting proper rest at night before your baby steals that all away from you. Don’t let sleep deprivation get in the way too much. Enjoy the time with your family!

  • Maternity leave? I thought you were carrying a basketball tucked under your shirt the last couple of weeks. You didn’t fool all of us. Best wishes to you and your ‘child’.

  • As a parent, I know that wiping your baby’s bottom is one of life’s true joys. I hope you become intimate with the joys of motherhood over the next few months. Take care, and remember to send us photos! (Just your baby’s smiling face, not the wiping)

  • You might only be saying goodbye to us for a few months, we’ll still be here. Your freedom, however, is now gone for good. Relish your final days of liberty before the shackles of parenthood appear.

5 Formal Messages To Write For A Leaving Mum

  • A baby is a beautiful gift. Please take the time to appreciate all the wonders of motherhood with your child. Warmest regards.

  • Savour every bit of the journey with your newborn. They seem to grow the most over the first months. It’s magical. Take care.

  • I wish you and your family happiness and success in raising your family. Lots of love from all of us.

  • I would like to offer my sincere congratulations on your pregnancy and the upcoming birth of your child. We admire your dedication to your work, we’re all here to support you however we can during this exciting new phase.

  • Your child has a bright future ahead with a mother like yourself. Take advantage of all the time you’re getting to bond with your family. My heartfelt congratulations.

5 Quotes For A New Mother

  • “Birth is about making mothers… strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.” – Barbara Katz Rothman

  • “Maternity is a matter of fact, paternity is a matter of opinion.” – Proverbs

  • “Giving birth should be your greatest achievement, not your greatest fear.” – Jane Weideman

  • “Pregnancy is a kind of miracle. Especially so in that, it proves that a man and woman can conspire to force God to create a new soul.” – Robert Anton Wilson

  • “Feeling fat lasts nine months, but the joy of becoming a mom lasts forever.” – Nikki Dalton

Give A Proper Sendoff With Thankbox

Finding the right way to say goodbye to a mother can be tough, but collecting messages and sending gifts virtually is easy with Thankbox. 

In addition to sincere written messages, Thankbox allows you to contribute photos, videos, and GIFs on your leave card. Plus, you can collect cash for a gift simply and anonymously online. 

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