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Writing Funny Get Well Soon Messages Together (40+ Examples)

Photo of Andy Cakebread Andy Cakebread 12 December 2022
A miniature hospital trolley and patient for a funny get well soon message

There are times in our lives when a simple pick-me-up can make us feel ten times better. This is especially true when someone is feeling poorly.

If a work colleague, manager, or teacher is sick, clubbing together as a team and finding the perfect group card with some light-hearted messaging can be tough.

So, to save you, your colleagues, friends, or your classmates precious time, the Thankbox team have put together some top tips when writing out your heartfelt get well soon card.

What Makes the Perfect Get Well Soon Message?

1. A Friendly Greeting

To start with, let’s go over your greeting. 

Your greeting all depends on the relationship you have with the receiver. If you’re sending to a work colleague or friend, you might opt for something more informal. For professional relationships, you’ll more than likely adopt a more business like tone.. 

For example, if you’re writing out a message to your boss, you might want to greet them with ‘Dear [name]’ or ‘To [name]’. Alternatively, you could just greet them with their name to play it safe.

2. Express Your Well Wishes

This part is the anchor of your get well soon message. It lets the recipient know you’re thinking of them and you want their recovery to be a speedy and healthy one. So, the messaging has to reflect!

And why not also contribute to a cash collection for a gift using Thankbox? That way, the recipient knows you’re all still thinking of them at such a tough time, and will feel even better as a result.  

3. Keep It Light-Hearted

Staying positive and upbeat is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to writing out their get well soon card. For inspiration, we’ve put a few suggestions together further down in this article.

4. A warm sign off

This could be your usual sign off, but you might want to go a touch more heartfelt and maybe use:

  • With love

  • All my best

  • Thinking of you

  • Wishing you rest

  • Best wishes as you get better


Why Send a Get Well Soon Message?

1. Let’s Them Know You’re Thinking of Them

A get well soon message lets the recipient know that you’re thinking of them and wishing them the best recovery possible. With that in mind, it’s important you know what your friend, colleague or classmate are going through to get the messaging and tone right.

2. Strengthens the Relationship

You prove that their health is your priority outside of the classroom or workplace and that adds trust and strength to your relationship. You probably spend more time with the recipient than you do with your own family at times, so a get well soon card is guaranteed to let them know how important they are to you.

3. It Puts a Smile on Their Face

You want to make sure that the recipient feels better after reading your card, not worse! Funny get well wishes, get well soon jokes, and light-hearted humour is bound to pick them up.

Get Well Soon Message Ideas for Different Occasions

Funny Get Well Soon Messages

  •  You were always a sick human being. Now you’re just sick. Get well soon! 

  •  Are you sure this isn’t just the longest hangover ever? Get well soon!

  • We always knew you were a sick puppy! Hope you feel better soon!

  • Don’t worry, even your sickness will get tired of you soon!

  • Get well soon, just not too soon… 

  • Get better soon - so I won’t have to feel guilty when I’m making fun of you

  • They say laughter is the best medicine. So look in the mirror, my friend, you’ll be cured in no time!

  • I hope you get better soon! Until then, pretend it’s 2020 and stay at least 2 metres away from me.

  • I hope you get better soon! Not just in terms of health. Generally. 

  • Get well soon! I’m burning my clothes after giving this to you. 

  • By the look of you, I’m surprised the virus didn’t have the sense to stay away! Get better soon!

  • Take advantage of all the meals from bed and all the fuss! It doesn’t last long - Get better soon! 

  • Now you’ve got an excuse to stay in bed all day. Hope you feel better soon!

  • Don’t make me admit that I miss you! Just get better! 

  • How long are you looking to play on this one? Get better soon! 

  • Apparently there is rest for the wicked - Feel better soon! 

  • I could use some time off work too, so send it over my way when you’re done. Get well soon! 

Funny Get Well Soon Messages for Colleagues

  • I know you wanted some time off work, but this is a bit extreme

  • Wishing you feel better soon, mainly because I’m doing all your work

  • Turns out you’re not a hypochondriac after all

  • Hell won’t take you until your work is finished up here, so get well soon! 

  • Maybe next time you can get sick on the weekend? Get well soon! 

  • Look on the bright side, you don’t even have to use your holidays! Get well soon!

  • Work isn’t the same without you… We get so much more done! Get well soon!

  • Get well soon! Rest up, relax and do nothing. So just do what you usually do here.

Funny Get Well Soon Messages for Partners

  • You’re on dish duty once you’re better! Get well soon!   

  • Don’t worry, I’m not planning your funeral yet! Get well soon!

  • I hope you feel better soon, but don’t dare come near me looking for a kiss! 

  • I wish I was the bed you lay on… So I could kick you right out of it! Hope you feel better soon!

  • I love you, but your corpse-like pallor is starting to freak me out. Please get better soon!

Get Well Soon Wishes for a Boss

  •  In all your years, the only thing you’ve managed is to get sick. Get well soon boss! 

  •   Work is hell without you managing the team, so get better soon!

  • Hope you feel better soon boss! It’s getting quiet in the office without you shouting at us!

  • Rules are rules boss! We’re counting your sick days too and we’re expecting a doctor’s note when you’re back! Get well soon!

  • Get well soon boss! And do remember this message when you’re looking at promotions! 

  • We’ll all be calling in sick when you’re back. Get well soon boss! 

Funny Get Well Soon After Surgery Messages

  • You’ve got to stop putting bottles where they don’t belong… Get well soon after your surgery!

  • So you made it out of surgery? I clearly didn’t pay the doctor enough! Get well soon! 

  • When we said you needed to go under the knife, we didn’t mean to get your appendix out! Feel better soon!

  • At least you’ve got a cool new scar to talk about! Get better soon!

  • Hope you feel better after your surgery, you’re a real CUT above the rest!

  • Did they manage to locate your heart while they were in there? Hope you feel better soon!

How Thankbox Can Help Get It Right

We know that organising a thoughtful card shouldn’t be difficult, but when it’s coming from a group of people, getting everyone involved is tough, especially if they’re based in different locations.

At Thankbox, you can create an online get well soon card in minutes and share it with the group for their contributions. Your card can include GIFs, photos, and videos so you can add your own personal touch to their well wishes.

To put your perfect get well soon card together, head to our create page, fill in the recipient information and get inviting everyone to start leaving their get well soon messages. Simple.

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