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50+ Funny Maternity Leave Message Examples

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In their latest census, Statista reported there were 681,560 live UK births in 2020 which also means there were at least 681,560 expecting parents.

So, how do you make sure your expectant parents don’t receive the same repetitive maternity card as all the others have in the past? Try humour!

That’s right, being funny doesn’t have to be saved for the birthday, retirement, and wedding cards, you can also poke fun at parenthood.

At Thankbox, we know just how important it is to make each, and every employee feel special. So let’s explore some ways you can make your expectant mothers smile when they receive their maternity leave card.

What Is the Point of a Maternity Leave Card?

A maternity leave card is a way for the team to wish their expectant colleague well as they’re introduced to parenthood. It’s a nice sentiment for the new parent to look back on after they’ve had the baby, and reflect on some of the kind words their colleagues left them with.

If you’re lost for words, luckily for you, we covered what to write in a maternity leave card in a previous blog so you’ll be confident when it comes to putting a message together.

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Why You Should Send a Funny Maternity Leave Card 

It Calms Any Nerves

Parenthood is a scary ride and no doubt your expectant colleague is feeling a little nervous. By leaving a humorous joke in their maternity leaving card, it’s bound to help them relax and see the funny side of mother/fatherhood.

You Can Share Funny Experiences

If you’ve got children, you’ve probably experienced some funny moments you know your colleague will want to hear about. Whether it’s a poo-nami experience at your GPs office, or you’ve put the nappy on back to front, these funny moments will show your colleague what’s yet to come and you can wish them good luck!

Offers Reassurance

Your expectant colleague will have a lot of uncertainties right now and they might not know which way is up. But, by offering some light-hearted humour in their maternity leave card, they’ll feel reassured that you’re there for them – something we all need to hear from time to time.

Examples of Funny Maternity Leave Messages

  1.  Oh so chuffed you’re up the duff!

  2.  Congrats on the bun in the oven

  3. We know you didn’t want to work anymore but having a baby is a bit extreme

  4. Good news…you won’t need to set an alarm for work anymore. Bad news…you’ll have a brand new one!

  5. No, don’t leave! I can’t cope with these idiots alone

  6. Congrats on your successful breeding programme

  7. Welcome to the no sleep team

  8. Cheers to another financial burden

  9. Many nappy returns

  10. So now you’re eating for two, I’ll drink for two on your last day at work

  11. Your laundry is about to get super cute!

  12. Wishing you a safe pregnancy and smooth delivery ahead! It’s mostly downhill from there!

  13. Happy maternity leave! Take care and enjoy the cake.

  14. Happy baby break! May you suffer with sleepless nights like the rest of us had to.

  15. Being a parent is an exceptional joy…until the baby is handed back to you.

  16. Enjoy this time with your baby before you come back to us immature adults.

  17. Babies bring such joy and happiness to a family…along with a heck of a lot of crying!

  18. There’s a reason it’s called ‘maternity leave’ and not ‘maternity holiday.’ Because it’s not a holiday, it’s training for the worst!

  19. In just a few weeks/months time, you can wave goodbye to freedom forever! And look, everyone including you is super happy about it. Congratulations!

  20. Now’s the time to eat without regrets and blame it on the baby before they arrive. So, gain weight without fear and have a comfortable maternity leave!

  21. You are finally allowed to have intense mood swings at random times in the day without facing any consequences! Congratulations!

  22. You’ve been pregnant forever! The time has finally come for you to pop this baby out so best of luck.

  23. Here’s to more crying at ungodly hours and more kicking inside your tummy! May you have a smooth delivery.

  24. Enjoy the luxury of being able to sleep, eat, and poo properly before the little one arrives!

  25. Be prepared to never have privacy again.

  26. Sleep as much as you can now because soon, you’ll be up all night cradling or wiping poo!

  27. Motherhood is great apart from the lack of sleep, endless tears, sudden weight gain, mood swings, short-term memory loss, and random cravings. Other than that, it’s great and you’ll be great. Good luck!

  28. Now that your stomach is flat again, you can work on toning your abs when you’re not cleaning, consoling, cradling, changing and feeding.

  29. You might as well get used to the frustration while you’re off because I hear there’s a reason they call it the terrible twos. 

  30. May your newborn sleep peacefully when you’re sleeping and not poop when you’re eating.

  31. As you hold your baby in your arms and feel their bottom vibrate, know that it’s not their phone calling someone in their back pocket.

  32. Thank God you won’t be throwing up after you give birth. Instead, you’ll have a newborn to do it.

  33. We know you were dying to take time off work but we never thought you’d go this far!

  34. Good luck squeezing them out!

  35. Look at this way, your parents didn’t have a clue what to do either and you turned out just fine.

  36. Did you make a baby just to get out of work?

  37. A word of advice: be a bad parent…they’ll move out sooner!

  38. Motherhood is powered by love, fuelled by coffee, sustained by wine

  39. Behind every successful new mother is a whole lot of vino

  40. A new baby? Couldn’t you just bake banana bread like the rest of us?

  41. Congrats on your maternity leave. I mean your new baby!

  42. Parenting tip: When your kids act like brats in public, just shout “wait til I tell your parents”, and pretend they’re not yours.

  43. From here to: Maternity via: Push Avenue, Gas and Air Street, Breathe Road, Contractions Crescent, Midwife Mews, Labour Lane

  44. Being a parent is mainly just googling how to be a parent. You’ll be great!

  45. The most expensive part of having a baby is all the wine and coffee you have to drink! Enjoy!

  46. Congratulations on making a smoother, cuter, more likeable mini you.

  47. You’re going from an office full of child-like adults to parent your own, good luck!

  48. Maybe there’s a reason the Stork leaves them…

  49. I pray that one day, you’ll be able to enjoy a full cup of coffee without you forgetting about it.

  50. I can’t believe you got knocked up for some time off!

If the above suggestions still don’t seem right for your maternity leave message, check out our blog on what to write in a maternity card.

Create a Funny Maternity Leave Card with Thankbox

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It's free to start your maternity leave Thankbox. Then simply invite your colleagues to add their (funny) messages. Add a collection for a gift with one click too! It's easy, fun and guaranteed to make any new mum feel wonderful.

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