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Thankbox Celebrates its 4th Birthday by raising £5,114 for Mental Health UK

Photo of Valentin Hinov Valentin Hinov 05 June 2024
Thankbox x Mental Health UK

It's been our goal since the very start for Thankbox to have a positive impact - not just on those receiving a card, but on our world in general. So to celebrate our 4th birthday as a company, we launched a special initiative to give back and further our commitment to enhancing employee wellbeing. For the entire month, we pledged to donate 20% of all sales revenue to Mental Health UK, a charity that provides crucial support and services to those affected by mental health conditions across the UK.

We may be a small family business, but we try our hardest to have an impact. We punch above our weight. We care. That's why we’ve pledged to plant a tree for every 10th sale ever since the first Thankbox was sold.

Thankbox founders celebrating

Small but mighty is our motto 💪

Why We Focused on Mental Health

At Thankbox, we understand the profound impact mental health has on overall well-being and productivity. Both Tsvetelina and I have written about our own struggles with mental health as founders quite a few times.

Mental health LinkedIn post

In today's fast-paced work environment, mental health challenges are increasingly prevalent, affecting not only individuals but also workplace dynamics and efficiency. As we marked our 4th birthday, we felt it was essential to address this critical issue and contribute to creating a supportive environment for mental health discussions.

Statistics on loneliness at work

Partnering with Mental Health UK

We chose to partner with Mental Health UK because of their extensive work in providing mental health support and resources across the UK. Their initiatives align perfectly with our commitment to enhancing workplace well-being.

Statistics about loneliness at work

Mental health issues are a significant concern in the workplace, with one in four people experiencing mental health problems each year. Additionally, poor mental health costs UK employers up to £45 billion annually in lost productivity, absenteeism, and staff turnover. By supporting Mental Health UK, we aim to help mitigate these challenges.

“We are so grateful that Thankbox partnered with us throughout May and chose to dedicate their funds to Mental Health UK. The incredible funds raised allow us as a charity to continue working to help provide everyone with the tools they need to live their best possible life. The money raised will truly make a difference, thank you to everyone for the support."

Lewis Punton, Partnerships Manager, Mental Health UK

Our Fundraising Success

We are thrilled to announce that, through our May campaign, we raised £5,114 for Mental Health UK. This amount is enough to train 2,500 educators on how to support young people in building mental resilience. These trained educators will be equipped to foster a supportive environment for the next generation, helping them navigate mental health challenges effectively.

In light of the cost of living crisis, people with mental health issues and financial struggles can find tailored ongoing support until they find a solution and live a better, more peaceful life. More than 100 people can become a part of a support group, fostering a safe space for people of any age to share their struggles and resonate with others. Such environments have proven many times their effect on people in need of acceptance and reassurance that they are not alone in this world, and that other people just like them go through the same challenges in life.

Final Thoughts

This initiative has reinforced our belief in the power of community and the importance of supporting mental health. We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved together. Thank you for being part of this journey and for helping us make a positive impact on mental health in the workplace.

We believe Thankbox brings people closer together, even in the corporate world, where many people may feel excluded due to being newbies or the constant pressure of meeting business expectations. We are proud that Thankbox has helped our customers take their first steps in their careers by making them feel welcomed and motivated by the positive wave of messages they have received.

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